$10K-15K short list?

Hi all,

I have a budget of $10K-$15K for a pair of full range towers. I am open to used or new.

What should be on my short list to audition or consider?

Currently have a Mcintosh amp/system.
I did a 2 month study and audition 
The new Martin Logan Impression, or expression Loudspeakers are exceptional 
With powered front rear dual  powered ZBass and 24 bit DPS, is completely seamless and by far the best speaker  combo on the market  very natural sounding and dissects every nuance of the performance. I bought the impression. 
11A, the expression 13A has a 13 inch panel  4- 10 inch drivers.
From $10k to $15k.  Well worth the effort I  could Not be happier.
I sold the excellent Sonus Faber Olympica-3  Loudspeakers for these.
The Revel's Ultima2 line came out almost ten years ago. Not much has changed, and they continue to be a reference. MSRP for Studio2s is $16k while Salon2 is $22k. I have been leisurely looking in this price range and have heard all of what has been suggested, expect Zu, without finding something particularly outstanding.
I like projecting, dynamic speakers, although some other models have a particularly captivating midrange (too me). Those in your range would be JBL Synthesis line (which bizarrely but not surprisingly sound like horn-version Revels), Avantgarde Zero TA XD ($15K, I think) and Audiokinesis Dream Maker, which is a great deal. I also really like TAD Microevolution One, but it is a three-way bookshelf for ~$12k. Its sports a beautiful, easy-on-the-ears and well dispersed midange/tweeter. Bass is robust, but its portedness is very audible. It also plays on a smaller scale. It is tempting as I type this, though. So is YG Acoustics, heavily discounted on used market. 
Another vote for Vandersteen Quattro CT
but I am biased...
go listen to some stuff but for more than a bit...

BW 802d3 gets my vote.
I really liked pairing Acoustic Zen Crescendo speakers with my McIntosh gear. Listen to them if you get a chance.