103r Stylus replacement?

I broke the stylus trying to straighten it after I bent it by accident. Any suggestions as to what to do with the body will be highly appreciated. --Jose
Another excellent retip & repair service: (http://www.eugenehifi.com/VanDenHul/htm/van_den_Hul_Cartridge_Retip_Repair.htm)
Thanks very much for the pointers, really appreciate it. See if it works. --Jose
Retipping may cost as much as a new replacement. Get the numbers.
It should be noted that most re-tipping services will not return the 103R to stock but will re-engineer the cartridge to a higher performance standard.
Brf is right! I had a retip done on a Technics MC310 and it changed in entire character of the cartridge. Not in a bad way but it is different.
There is an excellent chance that the sound will be significantly altered from the original if the cantilever or dampers/suspension are changed.

Replacing the stylus only will alter the sound by a far lesser degree.

hth, jonathan carr