103 inch plasma

Panasonic just unveiled a 103 inch plasma.

Here it is BigPlasma
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Wait til they hit the big box stores.
It's funny, because I was just thinking what size TV I'd buy if I had your studio space, and then you post this.

You're son will be the only kid on the planet playing his PS3 through Pass Labs X-600 monoblocks and a 103" HD Plasma.

How much does it weigh?
It weighs 400 lbs. and wait untill you see your electric bill.
This was unveiled at CES and there were two of them. They are very impressive I must say. You can be amazingly close and still not detect the pixel structure. The quality is far far above and beyond any and all Front Projectors I have ever seen.
I'm sure the electric bill would pale in comparison to the initial investment.