100w tube vs ss for Mag 3.6s

Newcomer to high end question.

I have a pair of new Maggie 3.6s -- my dealer wants me to match them with Cary Audio products that will drive them with about 100 watts of tube power. Would I be better off to use a 200 watt solid state amp like the ARC 100.2? My listening room is large (24' x 33' w 13' ceiling).
If your dealer will let you try the Cary out at home do it. That will tell the tale. I don't know the two amps directly but have always liked Maggies with tube amps. I also am confident that the ARC is a good sounding amp based on the findings of a friend whom I trust in such matters. There is always the possibility of bi amping using poweder subs. There are many advantages to this sort of set up and allows you to mate a smaller amp than you could otherwise. I hope you are close enough to the dealer to be able to try it before you buy it.
I will say no to Cary audio tube amp. However, try to post this question or do a search at http://www.audioasylum.com/forums/mug/bbs.html

This is THE site for Mag fans.
I use 120wpc OTLs in a room abut half your size and it's JUST enough, high 90's. I also have sub-woofers but I run the 3.6s full-range. If 100wpc tube power isn't enough for you, I wonder if 200wpc solid state is going to go that much louder cleanly. Try it all before you buy, and that's my 2 cents worth.
Look for a used Mesa Baron for less than $2K and have your cake and eat it too with 150wpc.I am in opposite direction problem wise.My Mesa was great for a pair of 89db monitors but now I have 93 db efficiency so am tempted to go to SET's.But too much headroom just means using less of the volume control and I may want a pair of 3.5/3.6's or other speakers that want current and am therefore loathe to get rid of amp.Maddening little hobby eh what?
P.S. the Baron can be run Pentode for 150 wpc but run triode in thirds for 90/120/150 on the fly so you may want more seductive harmonics on some music and full punch on others.
STOP! I've owned the 3.6s. I'm only going to tell you this once. Buy an Sim Audio Moon W-5. I've owned and tried MANY amps and the W-5 is THE amp for the Maggies. I could go on and on, but a 100 watt tube amp (like the ARC VT-100 and the Power 2, both of which I've owned), will not provide the current to produce the bass you will want.

If cash is not an option, use the tube amp on the mids/highs and use a high current SS amp on the bass in a bi-amping configuration. That would be the best bar none.
I use the ARC 100.2 with my Maggie 1.6's and find the combination to be amazing. The 100.2 replaced my Ayre V3 of which I never thought would happen! The 100.2 with a good tube pre (I use the Audible Illusions M3A) will give you all the authority you are looking for coupled with a liquid and smooth midrange. No listener fatigue here...Set yourself up with a good analog front end and some good cables and you can forget about everything else and just enjoy your music collection. All the best-Gary
Would you mind being more specific about the amps you tried that the W-5 killed with the Mag 3.6s? I'm interested.
Buy the Innersound amp or The Moon W-5 as suggested above.
I agree with Scubadaddy123 (maybe it's because we're both divers). I have Maggie 1.6s in a second system. They need current and bottom end control that you won't find with tubes. I'm a tube guy, by the way. These are just very demanding speakers. Magnepan's designer uses Bryston amps. A friend of mine used 7Bst monos with his Maggies, and thought it was too aggressive. That's why the Moon W5 works so well. Read the Stereophile review of it. They also recommend the Moon with Maggies.
That's very helpful -- and a new name or two.
We heard a David Berning ZH270 with 3.6's a couple weeks ago in Chicago at Audio Consultants. We had taken the 270 in to hear with the 1.6QR's but we thought we'd throw it on the 3.6's just for kicks. It was awesome to say the least, the 1.6's were knocked silly with dynamics and the most bass (I had actually owned a pair for a short period about 1.5 years ago) from any solid state or tube amp I've heard mated with them. A single ZH270 (70Wx2 @8ohms, 84W at the onset of clipping) sounds much more powerful than the SimAudio 4150 (150W x2) that we used originally with the 1.6QR's.
The match concerning the 3.6's and the Berning was just incredible as well, it allowed all the virtues of the 3.6's to reveal themselves in spades. You would have thought the Magnepans had been injected with pure life energy, they sounded amazing, the soundfield was deeper and wider than I thought possible with the Maggies. I understood then why the designer of this amplifier is so fond of these speakers, the match is amazing.