100W+ solid-state amps known for beautiful mids

Quad 909 back in the day had a reputation for the best mids running up to $5000. I've used it in the past and I would definitely say that the mids were the highlight on that amp. It wasn't overly coloured, a hint of warmth, but it had a purity and sweetness to its mids. Unfortunately, mostly everything else was okay at best, kind of rolled off at both ends and congested stage-wise.

I'm looking for that same purity and sweetness without sacrificing the rest of the sonic traits. What have been your guys' contenders for 100W+ solid state power amps with the best mids?
Ayre strength of the topology is balanced, i would look elsewhere for single ended.

As for SMC, you got bad advice as Steve ( yes i am a fan ) advise to call him w serial and model BEFORE buying used.

Any of the older Mark Levinson 3 series 331, 332, 335, 336. When recapped they are amazing for mids and highs. Not bad for bass, but there are better for that. 
You might like the Circle Labs A200. Here's a recent review in Positive Feedback: https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/circle-labs-a200-integrated-amplifier-thank-y...

If you prefer separates, the M200 is the equivalent power amplifier.

Heads up that I import Circle Labs products into North America.
+1 for the Brown Electronic Labs model 1001.  Get a pair and run them as mono blocks!