100v mono blocks in series on 200v w/o transformer

I am going to purchase a pair of 100 v mono blocks but my mains voltage is 200v. I want to avoid the 200v-100v step down transformer.

Can i just wire the power of the mono blocks in series and put them to 200v?

They sould be of simliar resistance so that should do right?

Anyone tried?
Could it be that you are referring to a pair of 100 WATT monos instead of VOLTS?

I ask only because my monos are rated at 350 Watts (@ 8 ohms) each and are plugged safely into 20 amp dedicated circuits. I never knew you had to concern yourself with volts. Just asking.
Don't do it!

The resistance "looking into" the ac input of each amp will be inversely proportional to the amount of current drawn. If the amps are not pure Class A, that current will fluctuate widely with the music. At times when there is a high volume note in one channel, and low volume in the other, you will wind up with much too high an ac voltage into one channel, and much too low a voltage into the other.

If the amps are pure Class A that fluctuation would not occur, but there still would be problems. If the timing and magnitude of the current surges that occur at turn-on are not absolutely identical for both amps, you could wind up with much too great an ac voltage being momentarily applied to one amp. Likewise, there could be problems at turn-off. And if the amps have a standby mode, during instants of time when one amp is in standby and the other one is up and running, there would be huge inequalities in ac resistance.

Your idea, while certainly imaginative, does not sound to me like a good one.

Best regards,
-- Al
I agree with Almarg.Don't even try it!
Thanks for the good answers - now i got it.

The amplifiers may have a 110V to 220V jumper around the power supply transformer. A lot of manufacturers build in the ability to run their products all over the world. Take it to a technician or an authorized dealer. It may be a simple service to convert it to the 230(?) volts where you live.
World voltages and frequency if anyone is interested.Link[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mains_power_around_the_world]