$1000 (used ok) Streamer Dac recommendation please

My vinyl is down for a few months so I thought I'd maybe grab a streamer dac to listen to.  Separates or one piece doesn't matter. Any suggestions? Is there an older dac that's a good value. 

Thanks in advance!


There are few streamer DACs until you get to big bucks. There are many many cheap ones with even cheaper built in DACs.

No recommendations in your target range. The Bluesound is the perfect starter. It will play most anything.

Best deal I found for quality streaming for around a grand is the ProJect Stream Box S2 Ultra combined with the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital (DAC/Pre).  These need to be found pre-owned to be under a grand, otherwise they would cost about $1400 new.  I use these in my office system with great results. Best of luck in your search.

agree with fuzztone that bluesound node (current or 2i) is a very good starter streamer/dac - streamer is quite good, dac is decent, but can certainly be bettered in terms of sound quality

others to consider used are innuos zen mini and auralic aries mini, both excellent values for the money for one box streamer+dac, cambridge makes a decent one too

Lindemann Limetree Network - Tidal connect, Spotify Connect, Deezer, Qobuz, High Res Audio, Bluetooth, Roon ready, Internet radio and podcast, USB for thumb drives, HDD and even lets you use a CD-ROM drive as a CD player through the USB input. Oh, WLAN & LAN and a headphone output.

Very well built, small form factor,, the reviews on the company site will describe it better than I can:

I have one and it’s brilliant for the price (around $1500 AUSD)

Best deal is the ProJect Stream Box S2 Ultra combined with the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital (DAC/Pre). 

Managed to find a used Pro-Ject Stream Box Ultra 2 for $530 in October incl postage.

I’m finally sticking my toe into streaming and just ordered a Node n130, the new for 2021 one.  It’s supposed to be here Wednesday. 



@dhcod  Cambridge Audio CXN v2 . Very nice and musical for the price range. Everything you could need at at 1000 bucks ish . The Dac isnt bad and the app for it is very simple and is also roon ready. Very practical and enjoyable. The sound is on the warmer side.  I do use a simple all tube set up. Primaluna EVO 400 pre amp and the Mcintosh Mc1502 with a slightly forward sounding Speaker Elac FS249. They all balance out.

Very happy with Cambridge Audio CXN (CD transport disappointing though) and Project S2 with USB from computer is surprisingly good

Chord Qutest on battery power with some nice cables changed my life. I use it near field on desktop speaker setup, but it's a modular setup and can be connected to the bigger system when I feel like doing so.

It's a bit north of 1k, but a good value used.

Regardless, I still use and love the vinyl sound.

Bluesound Node2 for $600 new.  Very listenable streamer/dac for the money. You'll be surprised, it's that good.

@dhcod - What are you going to stream? Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify? Just curious. I just purchased a WIIM Mini streamer for $89 from Amazon. Super easy to use. Will stream Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and most other services. I'm using it connected via its optical digital output to my DAC and it sounds pretty darn good. Have not tried it using it's internal DAC. But heck, it's really inexpensive and if you don't like it, send it back to Amazon.

Lacking a DAC  the latest Bluesound would be a good way to go. Put the remaining $4-500 into DAC piggybank for a future upgrade. 

Another option would be to purchase the ifi Zen streamer for $400 and purchase a used DAC. There are many that come up used here and other sites that represent great value. 

+1 @mesch

i have a zenstream now, in addition to using sonore's optical rendu setup as renderers w roon... one usb out one clean spdif coax out, both are excellent

there are numerous youtube vids on the zenstream, it is a very very nice sounding unit, but some issues experienced by many (which may have been resolved now, via firmware updates) when using wifi

i myself use ethernet, the unit (while admittedly looking a little like a martian toy) works very well, sounds very pure

i still have my trusty nodes (2i and 3) but they are relegated to back up duty, will move to other lesser applications as endpoints as occasion arises

@jerrybj Managed to find a used Pro-Ject Stream Box Ultra 2 for $530 in October incl postage.

That's excellent! I've ordered another Stream Box Ultra S2 and Pre Box Digital dac/pre for the patio.  One is preowned from Portugal, the other is an open box from Turntablelab.com in the USA -- let's hope these transactions are trouble free.

I'll hook up that steamer and dac to powered outdoor speakers on the patio.  Speakers aren't great; I can always upgrade them later if the need arises.

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Auralic Aries G1, I'm using the G2 in a $100K+ system and it's not holding anything up. You can also upgrade the power supply later should you choose to.

Do a BS node and there is a Peachtree iDAC (32 bit 9016 ESS Sabre) over on USAudiomart for $250. Make and nice little toe dip. IMO the iDAC is a good value at $250.  Also a wired 4 sound modified Sonos gen 2 connect over there for like $175.  I been running one of those for years on a 2nd system and they work well. 


on usaudiomart