$1000 HT System? Can it be done?

Was looking for recommendations on speakers, an amp, and probably a PCI card. I have a few months to shop around and wait for steals on audiogon. Most of my music-related audio needs come out of my computer(Mac G4), but I'd like decent surround for dvds and xbox and such.

An amp with a good headphone out would be very very nice, as I have some Sennheiser HD600s that could definitely benefit from a decent amp (Currently have a DIY Tube amp that's just a big headache)

Lastly, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to get great sound out of my Mac (New G4 desktop) and into an amp, that'd probably be an important component to include in the $1000 goal.

(Incidentally, I have a Yamaha YST-SW120 subwoofer. Not sure how it compares to others, but it does seem to do at least a decent job of filling in the bass of my current system, if not loudly.)

Thanks for any help you can give me!
Check out the Acoustic Energy Aego 5 home theater system at www.aslgroup.com. I have the 2 channel version in my kitchen and it's truely awesome for the money. It has also received excellent reviews from Stereophile (2 channel), TAS (2 channel), & What-HiFi (5 channel).

I have a friend named Guido from the Bronx, he knows how to beat the $1,000 limit.
Funny stuff Celtic66!...

Is this set up primarily for around the computer or are you setting up an HT system around a larger monitor?..and just connecting your computer for background feedback?(understand?)
If around the "puter", the Aego's sound fine indeed for ready to go cheap stuff. But, are you indeed simply flanking your computer with speakers, or is the set up more traditional "whole room" HT style? Otherwise, you have different options to consider
Adding a 27" TV and hoping to try and set up a real HT system
www.soundcity.com has closeout packages ! try to spend a little more if you can it makes a big difference. 12-1500
Buy a refurbished Marantz amp(5300 is $399--4300 is $299) at their official outlet accessories4less.com. Then pick up 3 NHT SuperOnes($137.52 ea) across the front and a couple SuperZeros($87.32 ea) for surrounds at onecall.com. This will give you a nice budget system. Upgrade the subwoofer later.
Also, while I've never done business with onecall I have read many positive posts about transactions with them. The other thing I've read is that if you call them it isn't uncommon for them to give a better price than what is on the web site.
What's a good place to do research on various speakers and amps and such? Are there any places with extensive reviews and stats on these sorts of things? (Can't seem to find very many of people's suggested buys in audiogon's reviews section)
You're not likely to find a site with "extensive reviews and stats" but ther are many audio/HT forums out there to read and ask questions on. Try avsforum.com and hometheaterforum.com from there you will discover many others. The hard part is weeding out the bad posts/posters and finding forum communities that you like. Also some of the HT/audio mags have their own forums to try.