$1000 bookshelf speakers with "recessed", "laid back" or "flat" mid-range?

Dear all,
As stated above, I am looking for a bookshelf speaker with a mid-range that is laid back, recessed or flat. I currently own a pair of Elac Uni-Fi UB5, and I find their presentation quite forward in the mid-range, which I don't appreciate, especially at moderate to high volumes. I also own a pair or Pioneer SP-BS22, which I find more pleasing sounding (particularly the more recessed mid-range) than the Elac.
Since I can't audition speakers where I live, I am asking for your recommendations on bookshelf speakers that have a more "recessed" or "flatter" presentation in the mid-range. I have a budget of $1000. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Too bad you don't have an extra $1500 or so to spend.  Harbeth makes a line of speakers that are quite easy to live with.
Goldenear Aon 3. 
I love my Wharfedale 225. I can listen for hours with no fatigue.  I'm buying a second set...... Everything else gives me a headache.