100 tube watts=200 ss watts?

Is it right?
it must be 100tube watts=276.897 ss watt
But why ? Saka.

Saka is just having some fun with you. Actually, watts are watts -- in that context there is no difference between tube and SS watts. People sometimes say that a tube amp of a given rating will play/sound as loud as a SS amp of twice its wattage rating. This is because tube amps generally clip more softly and gracefully than SS amps and many can be driven into sustained high levels of distortion without self destructing. Most SS amps, when overdriven will not only sound obviously bad, but will often oscillate and eventually fail, sometimes frying a tweeter or two in the process. And remember, the difference in volume level when doubling the power (wattage) is only 3 dB anyway.
Plato is dead right. There is no more to be said on this topic in MO. One question though Plato: Am I right in assuming that generally tube amps have better dynamics and wallop than SS-amps in the 50-1O0watt range or is that an outdated conception?

Many lower-powered tube amps offer a great sense of dynamic contrasts when used with speakers of high enough efficiency (especially mid-bass through lower treble). Some of what makes them sound more dynamic is their tendency to bloat the midbass somewhat. I think that most properly designed modern SS amps with adequate power supplies can and do compare well with the best tube designs. And, if your speakers have very low bass capability SS may rule that subterranian region below that bouncey mid-bass area that tubes seem to do so nicely.
Thanks Plato, excellent!
Bigboy - You are right on in thinking - the guys at Martin Logan told me that to push my Odysseys I would need 200wpc solid state or 100-125 in tube power.
Thx Guys