$100 Speakers

I'm sure this post has no place on this forum, but ... oh well. I just replaced my aging $1000 PSB Stratus Bronzes with a pair of Pioneers. No, not the TAD Reference Ones. The SP-BS41-LRs.

Our cats ate the Stratus Bronzes (another post), and while I had my eyes on the PSB Imagine Minis, I supposed to be remodeling our kitchen and saving for college, so ... I cheaped out. I bought them on the strength of the Sterophile review.

And you know what? They ain't too shabby. I think the Bronzes had a cleaner midrange and maybe a bit crispier high end, but for a hundred bucks, I am happy.

I still have my Outlaw LFM-2 to help with the bottom.
I've posted several times on this forum about the same Pioneer speakers. They're very good for the money. Give them about 100 hours of break-in and they are even better. I love mine!
You need a cat-a-pult.
$100 would have been better spent on a pair of CS-88's, that's what I paid for mine.
You should check out Dali speakers at pricedumper.com
They are not worth anywhere near their list price, but at these blowout prices they are tolerable.
the pioneers were designed by phil jones (acoustic energy, platinum audio, etc.) and got a big rave in stereophile, so i checked 'em out at best buy (admittedly not the optimal listening environment). they actually are very listenable, with a nice clean high end and midrange, if not the world-beaters stereophile proclaimed--sorta like the $5 wine you get a trader joes which tastes like it could be a $7 wine. nice looking and pretty well built; in the same class i'd also look at the entry level energy and mordaunt short
The Pioneers were designed by Andrew Jones, not Phil Jones. As you mentioned, you heard them in a Best Buy. In a real world room, they perform WAY beyond their price and once they are broken-in, they are even better. I agree completely with the reviews of these. EXCELLENT.
Contact Bill at Millersound and find out if he can repair your speakers. He doesn't rebuild tweeters any more but may be able to fix your woofers. Then strategically place rat traps around the speakers to teach the cats a lesson.