10" subwoofer around $500, used or new?

I'm looking at a 10" sub for a 20'x11' room (in an apartment, hardwood floors).
Mostly for music (and 5% for movies). 

How much has technology improved?

Should I got for a used $500 sub which were original $1,000+ ? Eg: 
- Rel strata
- Boston PV1000
- Totem Dreamcatcher
- MJ Accoustics 100 Mk II
    ** OR **
Today's subs around $500 new will give a better sound? 
- SVS PB1000 10"
- Martin Logan Dynamo 
- Klipsch R10SW 10" 

Any other suggestions for new, or used sleepers to look out for?

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My recommendation is Gallo TR 1D 595.00 new.  It is a sealed design and is much smaller than any of the box design subs. 
" Since you say it's primarily for music, I suggest you consider sealed subs. It would also help a great deal if you stated what speakers and electronics the sub will be used with "

Currently using JBL L5s and Cary Audio SLI-80. I may not stay with this setup though, so a sub that is not to picky (is that a thing?) would be a better choice.
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Thanks Bob, the level should be variable (I assume you mean volume will impact the sub volume). And yeah no crossover in the SLI80, so the L5 will be full range. 

BTW are you affiliated with SVS?

Oh also, I may end up placing it on another system: Neat Iota & Bel Canto DAC 1.7 & REF S150. Iota high base is really weak, low base does not exist. Currently using a Velodyne DPS 12. Would the SVS offer a noticeable improvement?
Why settle for a 10" when for $539 shipped you can get a Rythmik L12, with not only a 12" woofer, but a servo-feedback controlled one?!
I’m very happy with a pair of SVS SB1000. A sealed design with cabinet under 14x14x14". The driver is 12 inch. As Bob Reynolds mentioned, the SB1000 allows for speaker level or line level hook up. It also has continuously variable adjustments for crossover, phase & gain. SVS offers a 45 day in-home trial with free shipping on returns. So, while I have no idea how it would compare to your Velodyne, you could decide for yourself. 5 year warranty too.

And, NO, I’m not affiliated with SVS other than having been a paying customer; nor am I being coerced, induced or otherwise motivated by them to reply to you.

Sure. Lots of options out there. You can definitely spend more and might even get something audibly better as a result.
I’ve owned this with Spendors. You can’t go wrong with SVS!

SVS SB12-NSD - $399 delivered.

Amazon or One Call. SVS has a 5 year unconditional warranty.

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Hey keithtexas, thanks for the heads up, just ordered a pair on amazon. 


Check out Speedwoofer.. They have an excellent sub @ $399.00 shipped that is incredible. I purchased one for my Magnepan .7's and was more than impressed. I plan on purchasing a second. Their customer service is outstanding, I talked to the owner on the phone for set up advice. Don't let the low price fool you..

@jetter - you're welcome.

I'm not sure what the difference is between that one and their SB-2000, other than the SB12-NSD has a 400 watt RMS amp vs. 500 watt on the SB2000.  I think they must be clearing out the SB12-NSD to make way for new models. Regardless, 5 yr. warranty is great and they have a 45 day trial after which SVS will still pay for shipping for you to return them. Tough to beat, everything considered.

My fabulous (!) REL Q150e was bought for 200 bucks (Ebay) a few years ago and except for a missing grill cloth (easy fix) it was perfect. A great sub. Made my own Neutrik Speakon plug cable from some good wire and saved some bucks there also (love Speakon plugs by the way).