"10 Recommended Turntables"....

...although they only list 8?  Maybe I missed something in the article....this 'old age' BS is getting old...*L*

Anyway, the only one that likely won't draw total jeers and catcalls is the Rega IMHO...and it'll be borderline for the AG Collective, no doubt.  Anyone feel like added two to their list? ;)


there is a couple there for entry level people getting into Vinyl that are not too bad. Rega, maybe the better crossly ( maybe) and the  Fluance RT81 looks promising for $250. so not all bad but remember the buyer here is either just starting out or getting back into vinyl.

These aren't better than vintage DD Technics decks and they're far-far away from PL570, PL535, PL518, PL41 Pioneers.

How about AR-XA? Marantz 6300, 6350...?

I listed them as substantially better alternatives vs. this list of 10.

*L*  Wino, no kidding.  But, after all, this is from a rag that's not 'audiophile oriented', so slack needs application. ;)

But some of that stuff....damn, my original AR manual was comparable, and all it really needed was a arm lift or a steady hand...*L*  It's a mixed bag of 'newbie' stuff one sees at Barnes & Ignoble, Pest By, and the like.  At the end of the day you can't give it away when and if one moves up 'n on.

I would hope 'the kidz' starting with vinyl go google and find a newbie site that'll give them some better direction and suggestions on how to 'go good' from the get go.  Not necessarily the esoteria we play with, but how to start 'basic' with selections more like the Rega, which IMHO is the only one of the '10' that I'd consider.  The rest seem 'trendiod' stuff...and a Crosley?!  Please....*cringe*L*
I cannot even get to the list, because of the crap about what stocks I should buy.  If you click on the URL for the list of 10 turntables, you get to read more of such crap.  Anyone who would take advice from this source deserves what he or she gets.
lewm, I'm not surprised by your experience...some of the stuff related to 'current audio' that pops up smells like 'click bait' for the newbies or those curious about the 'new trend'.  Pity 'bout that....those whose interests lie in stocks should be well aware that one who wants to dabble in that sandbox should be prepared to watch their money go *poof* when the stock yo-yo goes south for their fave.  If an ad for TT's is in the same pages, I'd get suspicious.  But I'm just an old jaded AH. *L*
The stock market should be relocated next to Vegas IMHO, but....same rational from the same source... ;)
VPI player.., costs 1 k but still WAY COOL. Shinola run-well, costs more but still an ultimate retro choice. The Cliffwood is also sweet. Crosley... maybe their take on the Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit might work. Rega RP1- probably among the few good choices they DIDN'T miss.