10" sub.... 500 price barrier....

All things being equal...most subs in this range are 100- 150 continous power/200-250 peak...so would a 200w/600 peak design with MOSFET power on paper be the frontrunner?
PS>..mainly for music
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I wouldn't pay too much attention to the power of the sub. The sub will be designed with an amp that will be fine with it, at least up to crazy levels. And if you are mainly listening for music, you will be fine. Instead, for music find a sub that will integrate well with your main speakers. REL has always excelled in that area. I loved my Storm III when I needed a sub. But even if not REL, the question you want to be asking is about integration, not power.
Not sure what you can get used, but if you'd prefer new these might be worth a look (not sure if you were looking for ported or sealed):



Personally I'd spend an extra 99 bucks for this if possible (more power, better driver, etc.):


Agree with Roscoe on the power (at least for subs from reputable manufacturers) and integration points, especially since this is mainly for music. Best of luck.
You should be OK with used Vandy 2wq if you find it within your budget.

A great deal on a very musical 10" sub(one 10" active, two 10" passives) is over at the Klipsch forum. I know Klipsch is not that famous for their subs but this RT-10d is one of the exceptions. It also has onboard automatic room correction.


Hurry before he puts it on Ebay.

I'm a Klipsch dealer. The sub Bill mentions isn't bad for the money. We've sold lots of them. The same money would get you a PSB (also a dealer)I like the PSB's better myself. Really musical. Better suited to 2 channel than the Klipsch IMO.