10 questions about computer audio

great reading for everyone. Greg
Thanks for posting that link.
Great picture! There are nuclear submarines that have controls panels that look less intimidating.
My home computer looks nothing like that. I guess I'll need to get a chrome steering wheel for it.....

Steve N.
Chrome steering wheels have been proven to be too jittery.
Agreed..... Most want a tiller with a good hiking extension

Great article BTW... thanks!
That's funny. You ask 10 people and get 10 different answers...Now I'm even more confused!

One guy said optical connection is bad because of jitter, another one said optical is the best, yet another said they are all the same, and yet another one said they are all bad. What is one to think......

Optical does have the worst jitter, but it is best at 'isolating' electrically the computer from the dac, and if the dac can deal with the jitter, then they are all the same.
No, No, no! The steering wheel thing is a vairiable out + tone control for the desk top speakers (which were too big to be in the picture). This type of volume control + tone control worked in the mechanical domian.

Oh... and did you notice the big iPod hanging on the wall to the right of the CPU?