10 bit video dac VS 12 bit video dac

Does anyone have any first hand experience testing or viewing a dvd player with a 10 bit video dac against a 12 bit video dac? If so, can you comment on the difference. One would think the higher number would be better, then again, that might not be necessarily true.

Also, can you explain the number after, such as: 10bit/54mhz or 12 bit/108mhz
would there be that much of a difference in the picture? What do the numbers mean?

Thank You
I'm considering an older model Denon that doesn't have sacd since I don't want it and I think the older models are built better.
I have a Pioneer DV-09 with 10 bit and Philips DVD 963SA that has a 13bit. The 13 bit is way better, No Match!

Do you really think that is a fair comarison? The DV-09, which I also own, is ~5 yr old technology, and not progressive, while the 963, which I also own, is both newer and a progressive scan DVD player.

I personally have a DV-50 that just got back from it's upgrade from 12 to 14 bit technology, whilst adding a DVI output.
The picture is definitely better, though nt by that much, and I don't know how much is due to the digital out vs analog....

I will try the analog outs soon, and try to compare to see what is the real upgrade..... in the mean time, I love the looks of the upgraded player...

I would definitely like to get your opinion when you try the analog connection.


A higher Bit/Mhz Video DAC is definitely a plus for your DVD player. It simply means a lot more information can be processed a whole lot faster. Also a more powerful DAC processor affords your DVD player the opportunity to deploy a much more sophisticated algorithm in order to achieve a better progressive scan (a rather complicated task) which should translate into a better picture with smoother motion. High Definition/Up Converting DVD players generally require more proccesing power.