10 best jazz SACD's ??

I'm seriously considering buying a new Marantz SA 8001 player, as it sounds amazing with "Redbook CD's." However, since it also is a great SACD player, I want to start buying music in this new (for me) medium. Where should I start ?? Give me a list of the "ten best" jazz SACD's.
I don't know about "best." But you should consider Coltrane's "Blue Trane" and Miles' "Kind of Blue." I would say they would make many top 10 lists.
Both "Yo Miles" SACD's are must haves. They are native DSD recordings and I have heard nothing better. I have plenty of reissued old Miles recordings and like them but they don't hold a candle to new native DSD recordings.

I already own "enhanced versions" CD's of both Blue Trane and Kind of Blue. Are the SACD versions still worth buying ? I don't want to go crazy "analyzing" the very last bit of resolution. I simply want to sit back and enjoy the tunes. I listen to my music through Vandersteen 1C's, Rogue Cronus, and Marantz CD deck... Thanks.
I'll add Brubeck's-Take Five to the small but growing list. Herbie Hancock's-Headhunters has an interesting/active surround mix and it's good music.
Just my opinion, but if I already had enhanced versions of the Trane and Miles disc mentioned, I'd look elsewhere to add to my SACD collection. The differences are not as great as all that.
Thanks for your opinion, Foster-9.....I'll take your advice.