10-15k budget in a 6m x 4m room. Please help.

Totally new to home audio world, nice to be joining soon :). I have some limited experience in the headphone audio world, and would like to create a home system. I have around 10-15k budget at the moment to start from scratch a home system. In my country, its hard to properly audition equipments, so require some advice. Also audio choices are limited..so please if possible just stick to the choices ive found available :)

My dedicated audio room will be 6 meters x 4 meters with no treatments whatsoever. The floor will be wood.

My audio preference are quite versatile, but i like to hear instrumental jazz (ecm), alternative rock (radiohead, coldplay), rock, new age music and alot of instrumental music..and basically trying to find a system to suit all needs. Due to connecting the system to my mac as well, i was hoping for the system to be able to hear some 320kbps mp3s without sounding like crap. So help me start and please give any advice or warnings in regards to my choices. and anything i should be worried before starting this new hobby.

The choices so far

-Sonus faber cremona m - $8000 brand new
-sonus faber cremona auditor m - $5000
-Rockport mira demo unit - $8500
-monitor audio gx300 -$5000
-proac d28 -$5000
-proac d18 -$2800
-proac studio 140 mk2 -$2500
-dynaudio c1 -$8000
-dynaudio focus 260 -$5000
-other dynaudios
-other sonus faber
-other bower wilkins


-Krell s-300i integrated - $3100
-krell s-550i integrated - $ approx $6000
-Moon audio w5 power amp + KRELL KAV-280P used - $4500
-roksan caspian m2 - $2500
-other krells to fit budget
-other moon audio amps within budget
-other audiolabs, marantz, rotel, cyrus within budget. (please state model name )
-any others to reccomend most probably not available in my country :) Im totally new to this

-audiolab 8200cd -$1000
-used MCINTOSH MCD 7009- $1600
-MOON CD 1 - $1300
-naim dac-v1 - $2000
-others (please specify and within budget)

Sorry if my choices are weird, but these are the few ive found in my country. Please help me with my new quest in the home audio world :)

nothing's weird, except b&w are different from the speakers you've mentioned above that are somewhat sharing similar sound qualities ie. dyns, sonus, proac.
to your room sonus fiber grand piano/krell 400 will get your music rockin' + your choice of source, wires and tweaks.
What did you like in the "Headphone World"? Those choices may help drive what you would like best in room audio. I am also left wondering why you can't order things that aren't listed. Are the things you list available locally, and thus for audition?
Of the items you list the Rockport Mira struck me as an unusual and speacial opprtunity even if it does eat up a lot of funds. You can build your system around them. I still think you must find a way to listen to them so we know how you found them to sound like (i.e. warm , analytical, bloated, clean etc.). It is rare when any two people are in complete consensus about the sound of an item in audio.
If you buy used you will have already saved on the immediate depreciation loss and in many cases can sell for about what you paid.
I really like the Sonus faber cremona m, heard them at a local shop and I was very impressed. You might want to check some of the internet direct companies that deal internationally out there for some of the components might open up you selections a bit and make your budget stretch a bit further.

As far as amps and DACs i think it will really depend on what type of sound you are going for: warm musical (usually something tubed) (Warm with lower noise floor for better imaging) Class A or A/B amp, (neutral dead silent noise floor) Class D. I personally like the dead silent noise floor and neutrality of class D, or warmness of tubes depending on the mood I am in. I would go with something from Van Alstine Ultravalve www.avahifi.com, I think he ships internationally or maybe the d-sonic m2-600m mono blocks 975 a piece from www.d-sonic.net. DACs are tough but there are so many good ones out there I love the stuff from empyrical audio, the overdrive SE is the best DAc I have ever heard but might be out of your price range www.empyricalaudio.com. There are a bunch of other speaker designers out there that deal internet direct check out salksound.com or vaporsound.com for more good stuff. I know vapor ships internationally for sure, and I pretty sure salk does too, I own Vapor audio's cirrus and I will take these things to the grave with me, I have yet to hear anything better at many many audio shows. Sorry for the long post, hope it helps out a little bit.
I think you can get much better answers if you can list what type of equipment that you've heard in the past and what type of sound you are looking to get. If you are really new and have very little experience listening to gear, I would recommend that you don't spend your whole budget on a system. You can get something that sounds great for well under 5k. The reason I suggest going this route is that, once you get some gear and start listening, you're bound to find things you like and things you dislike. For example, you may find that you don't like metal tweeters. Its better to find out on a $2000 pair of speakers than a pair that goes for $8000. Theres many other factors to consider, as well. Thats just 1 example.
If you don't have much experience in selecting or setting up a system and where you live doesn't offer a wide range of choices, then I would recommend you be very conservative and find a dealer who will literally hold your hand through the entire process. Getting decent to good sound is fairly easy, but getting great sound requires knowledge, a decent ear and attention to details. A good dealer will present you with options, help you choose and then provide after sale setup and service. Unfortunately finding a good dealer can be hard. A bad dealer will sell you whatever he stocks and leave you high and dry when the inevitable issues arise. Are there any local audiophiles or audiophile clubs in your area who could provide you with dealer recommendations?

From your list I would go with the smaller Sonus Faber and match it with a Marantz PM15S2 integrated/SA15S2 SACD/CD player. It's at the low end of your budget.
Thanks for the responds :)
Its very difficult to get audition in here, but i do like the sound of the sonus faber cremona m the last time i heard them some time ago, but that is powered by krells monoblocks that is far beyond my budget. As for the rocport mira...the seller have no amps to try out since its a private seller and he already sold his amps. Im interested in this as i heard good things about this speaker, but was a bit scared that the side woofers might not suit my 6m x 4m room.

In terms of sound that i like, im actually looking for something big and spacious sound instead of the more intimate sound. (thinking HD800 over LCD2s) since i owned a lcd2 at the moment for some intimate listening. Also i like something with a nice bass kick and oomph and extension as im spoiled with the lcd2s bass.
Musical over analytical (not sure how to explain) that is non-fatigue as i like long term hearing (3-4hours at a time)
WOW factor that can WOW at listen instead of the super detail and accurate oriented sound. Accuracy is not veriy important to me. Hope you get what i meant hehe.

To get some information, heres my headphone rig
mac/pc(flac) --> centrance dacmini --> Wooaudio WA2 -->lcd2/beyer T1
To be honest with you, if you use your headphone as your reference point, you will be disappointed with your 2 channel unless you go for panels, horns or bigger boxes. I have same room size as you and I listen to very good headphone sets at work. I tried so hard to create a 2 channel set to equals my phone set and have not been happy until I got horn and single ends. I suggest you buy 2nd hand to start with as your 2 channel road to success will be a long one! Read threads in speaker sections to see if those speakers can do what you are looking for. To me, 15k can bring you very good if you can take your time to find each items carefully.
Hmmm..i actually liked my multimedia desktop speakers (dynaudio mc15 +sub250mc) connected to the centrance dacmini more than my headphones :D Its more fun and also i can feel the bass in my liver instead of just hearing it. Also the staging is much bigger. Of course for intimate listening, i prefer my lcd2s. So im actually creating a system that is opposite of headphones (big staging, imaging and non fatigue listening) Thats the main reason im thinking to create a home audio system :)
Desktop speakers are also near field listening like your phones. You are right that 2 channel will sounds very different form your headphones. The room effect could be a nasty surprise! It took me so long to tame the room. I had Proac D28 and heard cremona M. Their bass is too slow compared to headphones. Have you hear of Theils CS2.4? They have the best staging in my room and very clean and fast bass. 2nd hand Theils CS3.6 is a steal and D38 is very good too.
Of the speakers you mention I would go for the Rockports.

The amps I favor are Arions:

Don't like Krell stuff personally - but the Arions are the best SS amps I have ever heard - even better than much more expensive Mac 501's.

For DAC's I like the new Chord QuteHD:

But do get an upgraded power supply:

Thiels are extremely analytical. Don't touch em!

Proac, Dynaudio are much closer to your requirements and description. For years I had Proac response 2.5, which were just replaced by Dynaudio c1 signatures. Both are very musical, and you can listen for hours without fatigue.

Started with Thiel 2.3, and they could never be tamed. Couldn't even listen to half of my cd collection. Way too harsh.
If you like Rock musics and bass slamming speakers with 10K budget I suggest you to look for USED revel studio 1 with used Krell KSA 250. DO NOT buy the studio 2.

It will definitely beat all the speakers you just listed.
If limited to the choices on your list and given your stated sonic/musical objectives. I would make an effort to hear the Rockport.The amplifier you choose must mate well with the speaker,you can`t seperate the two,they work as a team.
When you write that it is hard to audition equipment, do you mean there are no dealers? If that is the case, I guess you can try to do your best research. But if there is a dealer anywhere near you, go there first. Even if you don't buy anything from him in the end, you will learn something. Also try to find some audiophiles who live near you and listen first hand to systems. That will get you started.
I would not touch any SF speakers that are not design by Franco Serblin. If you want SF speakers, look for older model.
A used SFGH is the best Choice if you insist SF.