1 tonearm 2 cartridges

Hi All,
need some help, I have a Graham 2.2 tonearm for which I cannot get an additional arm wand. So if I was to sell the tone arm what would be an equivilent toane arm but with the ability to easily swap cartridges? It would be on a Scheu turntable with either a Shelter 90x or a Koetsu red.
Many thanks
Dear Theupis: There is an Audiocraft 4400 in the Agon ads that can works wonderful with both cartridges you own.

Btw, the original Graham tonearm design came as a " copy " of that Audiocraft tonearm. The Graham over time develpment was around the Audiocraft design.

Regards and enjoy the music,
The Graham Design is unique for that. When you want something similar, think about the Graham Phantom.
The Helius Omega can be purchased with removeable headshell, as can the SME 309. The Omega is the equal of any Graham, IMO. For a lower price, the Helius Aurora is also available with removeable headshell.
I would just get a new table that would accept two tone arms. Plenty of arm choices out there. Then you could compare the performance of the new arm to your existing.