1 Sub, 2 Functions

I have a completely separate 2-channel and Home Theater system in the same room. I'm looking to get my first Subwoofer and I want it to function in my 2-channel system as well as my Home Theater set up without reconecting each time I change systems. The only sub I know of that can do this is a REL. Are there others that offer the same flexibility?
I suppose you could connect 2 systems to a Velodyne...and the nice thing is Velodyne gives you up to 8 modes that can be memorized...audio, video, etc. So you can do all your settings for one system (Mode 1) and just click on it when using 1 system...and use Mode 2 for your other system.
I just hook my sub up using the high-level inputs on the sub, right off my separate two-channel amp. It is set up so it powers the front speakers no matter whether in two-channel or multi-channel through the pre-pro, just deselect the sub in both your player and your pre-pro.

This will work with a five-channel amp as well.

Dan; If you hook up your sub that way; only receiving as source the signal to the mains; how do you access the .1 LFE, which really helps enhance the HT experience on many movies. Don't you need that to come into the sub from the HT processor; and have room eq? Most Blue ray movies don't have a lot of info coming thru the main L/R speakers; more from center, rears, and subs...in my experience....
I want to use a sub the same way; for both HT and two channel listening..Velodyne in their manual clearly states to NOT hook up to seperate source inputs, it can damage the unit.
Well, first of all, my main objective is two channel. I have two systems, integrated together, with separate preamps, and amplifiers. Using just the .1 channel in my pre-pro was just too limiting for me in available options. (My pre-pro is an older Fosgate model, without the features currently available for bass management as in the newest models available).

I do watch the odd movie once in a while, but on satellite, I don't have a Blu-ray player.

Quite often, when I play multi-channel music, the front channel level is set using my stereo line stage, and center and surrounds (fed by a pass-through in the line stage), are set through the pre-pro. I feel this arrangement affords me the most flexibility with my set up. Most often, I don't use a sub, as the one I've had (an old Velodyne 1250X), could move my listening seat from 15' away, but was not very musical sounding. I feel I get the best sound quality from the main speakers this way.

I am not using different sources, at least in the way you mean. The sub is hooked up only one way, from the speaker outputs of my two channel amp. The switching is done via my line stage.

I hope I have explained myself adequately. I may be all screwed up in what I'm doing, but it works for me.

Per Lloyd w/ one twist,

You can use any sub you like with Velodyne's subwoofer controller called the SMS-1 (+/- $400). It provides digital room correction (DRC), a pretty basic low cut (80hz/6 dB per octave fixed) for your main speakers, a VERY flexible high cut for your subwoofer, and multiple presets, as well as both RCA in and XLR in.


A) you can use both sets of inputs - that is, one of your systems has XLR connectivity


B) You're good with the ADC/DRC/DA process

this is a great way to integrate 1 sub into 2 systems.

You can fine tune each set-up with the DRC and careful tweaking of the high-cut and store each of the final solutions into 2 different presets. One touch of a button when you switch systems and the sub is optimized for that system's playback characteristics.

Good Luck


BTW - IMHO, the DRC is stunningly good.
I believe the mj acoustics subs are similar to rel in offering both dual inputs. But you have to double check. Im considering the same issue for my smaller room. Id like to buy and REL if its not made in china but not sure if the smaller models are UK made.
I do this right now with my Epik Valor sub which has both a single separate LFE input and 2 line level inputs (L/R).

I have a MF A5 Integrated amp with HT Direct capability with preouts which I connect to the sub's line level L/R inputs.

I connect, at the same time, the sub out from my AVR to the LFE input of the sub.

When watch movies with all that very dangerous and scary LFE stuff, the AVR sub out provides the bass managed .1 output to the sub and the MF Int Amp is put into HT Direct mode and the L/R pre-outs from the AVR only sends the high passed signals to my front speakers.

When listening to music, the AVR is turned off and my source components are connected directly the MF A5 Int Amp. The preouts from the A5 are connected to the sub's line level inputs and I use the sub's low pass controls to integrate the sub with my mains.

Works great - no cable swapping and I can have dedicated 2-channel components working in the same rig as my AVR.