1 song you never get sick of?

Name 1 song no matter how many times you heard it, or how much others are sick of it, you still love it!

  There are a lot for me, but if I had to pick one, it would be

 Lobo: me, you, and a dog named Boo.

there are tons, but this song, every time I hear it, the world stops, and I must sing along. 

“Revolution” by The Beatles...the version that debuted on the B side of the “Hey Jude” 45 rpm single.  Not the track from “The White Album”.  Definitely not the last word in SQ from an audiophile standpoint. Nonetheless, it never fails me as a sort of “musical counterpart to a good cup of coffee”...
 Lobo: me and you and a dog named Boo.

I got sick all over again just reading that.

Funny story. That song came out in March 1971. That summer I am 14 years old when some distant relative or other I never met before comes and stays with us for a night. This guy, or maybe it was the girl- never met them before never saw them again- were hitch-hiking across the country. Kind of a thing back then. Had to be there I guess. 

Anyway, even being an inexperienced kid, just to look at them, they were a living breathing walking talking cliche. Acting for all the world like they are all special and individual, but actually conforming and stuck in the same rut as everyone else, maybe even more so.

What brings this to mind is they were traveling with a dog named Boo. I'm sure they thought this was so original.  

Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya

I don’t care who sings it... Patsy, Willie or Lynda. Sing it to me!!!

I always have to listen to "King of the Road" too. 

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Happy Birthday! .....means I get one more year to enjoy all my favorite music.😃🎶
Very Best Years - The Grays by Jason Falkner. 

Also I get chills everytime I hear Sail On - NRBQ by Joey Spaminato.

The only Crazy I like is written and recorded by ARS.

"Crazy times make a crazy man"