1 Room 2 Systems

Greetings fellow Agoners.I'm getting ready to move into a small condo & am wondering how a big screen tv on a med.height, wide equipment cabinet would affect the sound of 2 channel listening.Basically I have a 5.1 sub/sat system with surround receiver & dvd player for movies/tv & an integrated amp,cd player, floorstanding speaker system for 2 channel listening & am going to set the sats/center on the equipment cabinet with the tv & the floorstanders out 3' to each side & about 30" out from the back wall.Any comments on how this set up will affect the sound while listening to 2 channel material.Thanks in advance for any comments.
I have 2 systems (2-channel and 5.1 HT) on my equipment rack and have a 42" plasma mounted on the wall above the lowboy equipment rack. It works great with the plasma because it gets the bulk of the TV back out of way of the speakers.

I have tried drapeing a heavy blanket over the plasma to cut down on the reflection off of the hard glass surface. I can hear a slight difference when I use the blanket. However it is not great enough to cause me to use the blanket all the time for 2-channel listening.


Since every room is different it's a difficult question to answer. Knowing how well your speakers produce a sound stage and how well those speakers are placed within the room is your baseline. After that it's simply trial and error.

Every time I've tried this the stage my Eidolons produce is greatly effected so I gave up. Fortunately I have another room for the HT. The 7.1 HT is in a corner of a horribly shaped room but since the upgrade to room correction it's simply a non issue.
Optimally, nothing (except power amp(s) on the floor) should be between your speakers. Also, there should be absorbency on the rear of the speakers even though they are pulled out from the wall. I would think a hi def LCD which has a soft screen and is much less non-reflective is a better choice.
Even with the speakers 3-4' off the front wall and 8' apart, upgrading from my 32" Wega + stand to front projection was the best thing I did for my sound stage.

Although a blanket in front of the TV may help the highest frequency reflections it doesn't do anything or low frequencies.