+1 Radio Shack

Just when you think Radio Shack has nothing to offer an audiophile, I come across an electronics wizard who not only helped me diagnose my power supply problem, but fixed it also. Thanks Radio Shack, and thanks Welborn Labs, for puttin up with my, ahem, crap. All is good in my Audio World.

Gotta add, I started a thread awhile back asking what my weak link was and that I was looking for a certain sound. Well, I have achieved that sound, thank you very much, with the addition of 4 gik 244 panels, a light speed attenuator, and a power supply from wel born labs for the wadia 170i. Now we're talkin; I'm finally gettin somewhere :-)
"Now we're talkin; I'm finally gettin somewhere :-)"

For now.
Just for our own curiosity, tell us exactly what it was that the "Wizzard" did. Lucky you, no Electronics Wizzard at my R. Shack. Just the Phone Wizzard.
You're lucky to get anything but ripped-off from Welborne Labs. About a year ago, I ordered over $100 worth of wire, and have never received it. At first, they answered with some lame excuses, and then, just ignored my messages.

A Pox an Welborne Labs!
Lol Islandmandan! I had to look up what a pox meant.
Actually, my experience with welborne hasn't been so peachy; they charged me twice and still haven't refunded the second charge of $170, my pacjage sat at ups for a week, and when I got my power supply it didn't work.
I took it to radio shack where A gentleman tested my stock power supply, and then the welborn unit and found that the ground pin was in the wrong location so he pulled the umbilical cord apart and resoldered it correctly.
I haven't given up on welborn just yet, and even though it sounds like a really bad transaction, Pam and Steve at welborne have been pretty helpful throughout the process, and crap happens; if they are willing to make it right then no love lost.
I've given them every opportunity to make it right, I think most complaints wind up the same "ignore it file", and that's where it stays. It still irks me, they got my money, but I don't have my product. It's just not right!
Thought I should update the thread. I did recieve my refund from welbourne labs yesterday for the double charge and I also recieved a check for $25 from them in the mail for the overdraft that resulted from them charging me twice, so they made everything riggt and we are square now. Overall it was a pain but I feel like I got a great price on my power supply for my wadia. I ended up paying $165 for a refurbished, built power supply. I think that had I bought it anywhere else it would have been at least, close to double that price so all is well. My main source is streaming spotify premium on the wadia so I really wanted an upgraded power supply. Next up will be mods to the actual wadia 170i.