1 Gb RAM enough with Mac Mini?

Am I good for ripping and playing with 1 Gb? Machine will be dedicated and run nothing but iTunes.

[I was using a Mac Mini as my digital transport, then decided I should just use one of the two MacBooks always in the area (mine & my wife's). I found that ripping to my 2 Gb 2 Ghz MacBook, Lossless with error correction, I get an average of one dropout every 2-3 tracks if the machine is running ANYTHING else at the time! What a PITA.]
1Gb is fine. Don't run anything else when ripping!
Paulfolbrecht: 03-13-08: /snip/...I get an average of one dropout every 2-3 tracks if the machine is running ANYTHING else at the time! What a PITA.
you get a dropout of WHAT?
...un-ripped songs from ripping session?
...songs during playback when hardwired to output?
...songs during playback when using wireless?

All would be a PITA to me.

(I've used a PPC PowerBook Titanium and (now) an Intel MacBookPro and never had erroneous rips from CD only dropouts during APExpress playback)
ram is cheap...I put 2 gb in mine..runs much faster...
I get dropouts on (wired) playback, which is due to ripping errors, because they occur in the exact same spots every time.

$100 for another Gig is really a no-brainer. I'll get it with 2 Gb if I order another one, which I may well do. Having the computer useless while ripping is too much of a PITA.
Mac's seem to do better with 2 Gb, and all the magazines tests confirm this, so buy the extra RAM. As for the dropouts, DAMN that sucks!

Do you have the error correction in the preferences panel set to on???

I just ripped a few hundred more discs and have yet to find an error in mine with this one...

Oh, BTW I hope you are ripping to a lossless format as if you aren't, you'll just end up doing it all over again some day..... Trust me from someone who's done his entire music collection twice, it aint fun!
I have 4 Gb in my Macbok Pro, which came with 2 Gb installed. Bought the additional 2 Gb here for a silly low price compared to what Apple charges. Installing it is a breeze.

I would agree that 2 Gb is preferable to 1 Gb.
In an absolute sense nearly any computer will work more efficiently with more RAM installed. The Mac OS X system can do more things quicker with the extra RAM. That said, if the computer is being used solely to run iTunes, then 1 Gb is more than sufficient for ripping and playback purposes. iTunes is not a RAM intensive program. But then again, I agree, RAM is cheap. If anyone can point to test(s) showing added RAM significantly decreasing rip times, please post.

One more time -- don't do anything else on the computer when ripping.
Machine will be dedicated with iTunes only, but once again I will order 2 Gb because there's no good reason not to.

I think it's worth the $700 to not have to stretch a USB cable to the couch anyway.
Is the drive a CD only or a DVD-CD Combo? DVD drives tend to do a better job of ripping without errors, so consider getting an external usb drive just for ripping if the internal is CD only. Plextor drives are fairly acclaimed for ripping accuracy.