1 channel Krell FPB-200

Can a Krell FPB-200 use as a one channel amplifier? I was think of getting another used Krell FPB-200 so that i can run as a monoblock.

You can use only one channel of the FPB 200. However, you'll get more out of it if you used two of them for bi-amping. Use one channel for the mid/high and the other channel for the bass. No point in wasting the other channel.
I agree with Sfstereo.

You might also consider selling the one FBP200 and getting the 300 or 600. You will be loosing the advantages of the monoblocks but will be getting smoother sounding amps.
Sfstereo, what do you think?

Richard (in SF)
i think what you are asking can you use a 200 as a bridged monoblock with both channels run into one for more power, the answer is no. the above posts are right on how you could improve sonics and power.

Don't encourage Josh to sell his FPB200. I am hoping that he would buy my FPB200. Seriously, I have compared the mono FPB250 to the 200 and the monoblocks are much better but it also cost alot more. In my current system, I have 3 FPB250M and a FPB200.
I have heard the 300 but not the 600. The 300 is better than the 200.

Are you a DDS in SF? I remember seeing your name a few years ago when I was looking for a dentist in the city. BTW, I have root canal procedure tomorrow morning.
My name is also Richard - great name.

Thanks for your help, Richard. I am going to follow your suggestion on using one channel for high/mid and the other for bass. Sorry i already have a local dealer that i am going to purchase it from. It is a store demo and has a blank warranty card that i can fill out so that i can claim the 5 years warranty.

You might search the internet for a pair of FPB-350mc. They as I'm sure you know are being replaced by the 450mcx so, if you don't mind doing a little shopping you can get a really good deal on a pair.