1/8" mini to male RCA's

As an experiment, I connected my laptop as a source (Pandora internet radio) to my home stereo system by using a cheap Radio Shack 1/8" mini on one end from the laptop headphone jack with male RCA's on the other end to connect to either my preamp or amp directly. I was amazed at how good the sound was.

My question to you is: Have any of you compared this cheap Radio Shack cable to the more expensive ones available from Kimber, Audio Quest, Cardas, etc?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments.
In the earlier days of PCs and digital before I got a CD player, I used to use my computer's CD player. I would just run a cheapo Radio Shack cable. It had a 1/8" pin on one end for the line out on the sound card and a pair of RCA's for the amp end. I though it sounded pretty good. You can get audiophile quality interconnects now with this arrangement, but I've never compared them to the cheaper interconnect I used.
I have not done any comparisons, but Radio Shack also has a little jack that has the eighth inch mini on the one end and two female RCA jacks on the other end and this allows you to use the interconnect of your choice, at the cost of another break in the signal path.
I have done a comparison, at least if my Montreal RS store carries the same
cable as yours does.

I compared it with a Zu Pivot connected to my work system at the time, a
Harman Kardon HK930 receiver driving Mission 762 speakers. The source was
my PowerBook G4 laptop's earphone jack.

I found the result very interesting.

With the Zu cable, the music became clearer and sweeter, with a bigger

(The comment on soundstage does not refer to MP3 source material. It is a
bit ridiculous to talk about soundstage with reference to MP3s. Although
improving MP3 playback was not my objective, I did notice that MP3s became
much more listenable.)

I recommend the upgrade.
I've compared the Radio Shack 1/8"/RCA to Signal's silver 1/8"/RCA and found Signal's cable more detailed.