$1,500 upgrade budget/what would you do?

system:HK FL8380 cdp as transport> Micromega Mydac> Hafler100
pre> HaflerDH220> B&Wdm303's w/B&WsubASW300.Also,but offline
PinkTriangle tt(awaiting belt).Listening room is living room/
12x20.stereo at one end/me at other.Listen to/rock,blues,jazz and other eclectic.I have upgrade bug.Haflers are 30yrs.old and never re-capped or other so one thought is modify..Van Alstine/Musical Concepts.Other ideas:new/used speakers-Triton 7's,Maggie SuperMMG..Possibly replace Haflers w/integrated..Musical Fidelity or other.Also tube curious.As it stands,I like what I have,very happy but worried a bit about Haflers/age...Love the B&W's but want to check out a few speakers anyway.Audio Den on Long Island is nearby so will start
there first.Also..cabling is old school Monster. WireWorld from
cdp to dac(starlight .5m).So that's the story.Any ideas,advice
is greatly appreciated.
Buy a used integrated amp made in the last ~5 years.

If you want new, the Marantz 8005 is highly recommended and has phono stage.

If working the Haflers are easily sold.
Treat yourself and the room! Try five boxes of the Synergistic Research HFT tunning bullets. The improvement in imaging and sound quality will be a best bang for the buck. Plus they come with a thirty day trial, are easy to install, and if you do not like the change the shipping costs to return them is about $6.00.

I have them in two different rooms and am quite happy.
I agree a modern integrated amp would be the best bang for the money. My choice at your price point would be the Rogue Sphinx at 1295.00. You get your tube preamp and powerfuel class D output in one package. It's also American made which is another plus.
Class D integrated a very good idea.

Rogue Sphinx would be a great place to test out the modern high end audio amplification possibilities at an afforable price point, with its tube/Class D hybrid design. That's where its at for something that applies the best of old and new amplification technology in an affordable package that has a very good chance of pushing the limits compared to older Class A/B SS amp technology.
First,thanks for the feedback...integrated is a frontrunner
for me...lost out on a bid on Musical Fidelity A300 not long ago on Agon.One of my problems is lack of familiarity with
different components hands/ears on, so I rely on lots and lots of online research...web threads especially.And with a tight budget I will probably forego the Synergistic Research for now but thanks for input.Looking at both Marantz and
Rogue I see both have mm phono,a definite plus.Checking out the Rogue further as we speak.And I don't know a whole lot
but enough to know that listening is the best way to decide
along with system compatabilty.Anyway,I'm excited because
I finally have a few bucks to spend more or less guilt free
my kids are grown and my wife has given me the green light ....thanks again