1,500 tube preamp which one?

I've budgeted $1500 for a tube preamp. I've a Threshold T-100 SS Amp, Spendor 1/2 speakers and a digital front end. I'm leaning towards a preamp with balanced outs. New or used it doesn't matter. I'd like some feed back.
It will cost a little more than 1500, but I would go for a bat vk-5i. Reference grade sound. Beware the unity gain button (you can easily disconnect this on the remote).
There is one up for auction right now.
Try an Audio Research LS-15 for around $1200.00 used. the reviews say it all.
MFA Magus, Audible Illusions Modulus Series, Counterpoint SA-5000
kora eclipse tube, used.
I think you can not go wrong with a Audible illusions modulus 3. I have one with NOS tubes wonderful sound Telefunken CCa's in the phono and Siemens CCa's in the line stage My audiophile buddy also has one with used Telefunken 6922 in phono and Siemens halski 6922 or Valvo red label 6922 nice tubes great preamp you also might like a Cardas power cord with it lake513
I think the Sonic Frontiers Line will work nicely. Tubes, balanced out (2x)and RCA (2x), DC coupled, low out-put impedance(for tubes), well built, nice remote, and IMHO neutral sound.
Any of the pass labs aleph or x series. Certainly worth an audition.
Thanks everyone.
I found a ARC LS15 with NOS (70's) Sovtek tubes. I couldn't be happier. It's sweet.
My system is now complete. I don't see any changes in the foreseeable future. That is unless I upgrade speaker wire to something better than six bucks a foot wire.
Any suggestions? Remember I'm not Fort Knox.
I cable all my ARC gear with Nordost Quatra-fil interconnects and Nordost SPM bi-wire speaker cable. This stuff works great! If your not ready to dump that kind of cash you might try the Nordost SPM-Ref interconnects with matching speaker cables.
You should also add the Power Modules 20A to your audition list. Good luck!