$1,500 to spend on a tubed full function pre

I was wondering if it is possible to get a full function tubed pre for $1,500 or less on the used market. I am looking for the pre to be as neutral as possible, but if it must go in either direction, a little to the warm side. I need the phono section to be better than my current phono stage (EAR 834p).

My current system consists of the following gear:

Silverline Sonata II speakers
Kora Cosmos Reference Monoblocks
EAR 834P w/ NOS Mullards or RCA 5751's
Linn LP12/Valhalla/Ittok/Glider
Theta Miles Balanced
Coincident Speaker, IC, and Power cords


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Rogue 99 magnum.Comes with remote too.
I think you should keep the EAR though unless you decide to upgrade to a better stand alone phono section.
The Rogue 99 Magnum is great, there are tonnes of other pre's out there too which I haven't heard also. I've owned the 99 and it worked well in my system and also in other systems I've tested it in.
With your Cosmos, I'd get the Kora Eclipse pre and call it a day - and a very good match! You'll have to spring for just a bit more than the $1500 you mention, though. The phono stage portion (SS), in my opinion, is at least equal to the EAR in sound quality and will allow both MM and MC. About as full-featured as a pre gets, too. Make sure you find one with the newest internal features - Auricaps and Jena labs silver wiring - some try to peddle older versions at the same prices and the newer versions are DISTINCTLY better. Roll some good NOS tubes and you will really like the Eclipse with that Cosmos.
If you can stretch, there's an Air Tight ATC 1 out here for 2K. I have one and it's a great sounding preamp with a MM phono stage using 3 12ax7's.
A used Counterpoint SA-5000, if you can find one. The Audible Illusions pre's may also fit that description.
Phild, I second the Audible Illusions suggestion.
Check out the impressive Antique Sound Labs AQ2002DT. Brand new for $1200. May not be a flashy name but the music is there in full glory. Arthur