1/2 Meter Interconnect Good Idea?

I have heard that in general a 1/2 meter IC will not sound as good as a 1 meter. Can anyone confirm? I am considering Audience.
I have found the opposite to be true. I have always believed the shorter the better. Less degrading wire for the signal to travel.
I use 1/2 meter & 1 meter audioquest amazon cables with no noticeable differance in sound quality between the two.
I think this whole discussion started with digital interconnects 1.5m vs. 1m, with some claiming the 1.5m to be better. I don't know about the validity of the claim because I've never tested the theory. As far as I can tell this argument never applied to analog cables. I think Bigtee has it right. I would be very surprised if anyone could hear the difference between a 1/2m and 1m length of the same cable that was broken-in. If you only need a 1/2m length why not save the money?
NO! Absolute bunk.