$1-1.5K DAC for BAT Amp/Preamp System?

Hello, I'm looking for a DAC and was hoping for some input/opinions on DACs that might be a god fit in my system.

My system consists of an OPPO BDP-93 with unbalanced connections to a BAT VK-31se preamp. A balanced connection from the 31se runs to a BAT VK-55se amplifier. An unbalanced line out from the 31se goes to a Velodyne SMS-1 and then to a Rythmik F15HP-SE. My speakers are Ascend Sierra-1's (original, non nrt).

I'm looking to be able to stream MOG and music files from my iPad and/or MacBook Pro to my 2-channel system, so I'm looking for a DAC (will get an Apple TV also). I was hoping for some recommendations for a DAC that might be a good fit for my system from people who have heard a lot more equipment than me.

I listen to mostly light Jazz like Diana Krall, Blues, and Ambient electronic music (The Orb, Massive Attack, etc). Also, I listen at low to moderate levels, as my listening room opens to the upstairs where my children are asleep in the evenings. Vocals are important to me, as is accurate, tight, deep bass.

Balanced outputs would be a plus, and staying around $1000 would be nice, but I am willing to increase my budget some if I get a lot more performance for my money. I keep coming back to the W4S DAC-1, but then figure I should upgrade the caps, then I figure why not just get the DAC-2.

I was hoping someone with a system somewhat similar to mine could give me some opinions. I think I'd say I'd lean more towards a musical presentation that be concerned with every last ounce of detail retrieval. I'd say my biggest wish compared to what right now would be a deeper soundstage. Thanks for any input,

Doesn't your Oppo 93 have digital inputs? If your budget is only around $1000...get the New Oppo 105...use it's balanced outs to your BAT and the Oppo's digital inputs for your Apple TV (which can do double duty for streaming)

Then sell your Oppo 93 here on A'gon...Just a thought...
The 93 has no digital inputs unfortunately.

The 93 does everything I need right now (plays Pandora, and BluRay movies for the kids), and I don't think the 105 would outperform a standalone DAC in the +$1K range considering it is similar in price and has to have a transport, video processing, headphone amp, etc? I don't listen to headphones at home, so the 105's headphone output is of no benefit to me currently.


Hi Mike. As you know, you have almost the same amp/preamp combo as I did. I used a PS Audio Perfectwave DAC mk I with the VK-31SE/VK55 combo, and it was outstanding. I have since upgraded to the mk II DAC. You should be able to find a used Mk I in your price range, and you could upgrade the digital board to the MK II as I did sometine down the road. I don't think you can go wrong with the DAC IMHO.

I'm in a similar spot but looking 1.5 - 2k. I was considering an Anedio D2 or a AN 3.1 sig on here.
Thanks for the input, Jim.

I came across the PWD when I started looking for DACs, then read a negative thread about it (about the mkii upgrade being so superior it made the mki sound "broken"), saw the (new) price was out of my range, and didn't look at it again. I did see it come up in many of the other reviews and threads I read while researching other DACs. I spent a good bit of time today reading reviews on the PWD mki, and looked at used prices, and it is in my pricerange, used. Plus, I like the fact it can be upgraded to mkii status (and beyond in the future?), plus I can get the bridge and not have to use an Apple TV to steam audio to it. Nice.

I'm going to do more reading on it.