$1,000 - What amp?

I have been looking at them all. The McCormack DNA 125, MF A3cr, Aragon, Krell 300iL, PS Audio HCA-2, and some others. I am just not sure what to buy with a grand. I have a Jolida hybrid right now, and I like it a lot, but it doesn't have enough power and is too sloppy in the bass.

I do want something that is musical, and detailed with tight bass, and lots of gas. I have Michael Green Chameleons which aren't that hard to drive.

Thx for any ideas!

Even if you found out from Michael Green himself, you still won't know what sounds the best to you, with your gear, and your cables, in your room, for your tastes, until you try some different amps!! YOu'll STILL have to experiment with amps...that's part of the process I'm affraid. No easy lunch for the audiophile quest! You must walk it out yourself.
The one's with the best sounding systems, ALWAYS ALWAYS try different gear, tinker with their set ups, rooms, etc. You'll have to do the same if you REALLY want to know what's best for you! Try one amp you think might work, then sell it for another if you're not satisfied...no big deal really. Good luck
Well, I have had both the Aragon 8008, 8002 and the a3cr..
driving mirage speakers.. om9s... the A3cr was a nice amp and very musical.. compact size , nice to look at, great binding posts, supposedly class a... but something about it was a little difficult to listen too... I could not put my finger on it. I then bought an Aragon 8002 dual mono for around 700.. What a difference.. Much more airy, better bass by far, tighter, more accurate, gobs of power... needless to say, I know own 2 8002 dual monos, and a pair of Aragon Palladiums.. I was sold.
If you go with the 8002, upgrade the binding posts to a nice pair from cardas... very easy upgrade and cost effective! The 8008 will set you back a little more.. frankly , I like the 8002 better!
Good luck,
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I am a big fan of the Conrad Johnson MF-2250. Used it can be had for right at $1000 and has all the qualities you require above.
If you can get by with 30 watts the Pass Aleph 3 is an amazing amp at around 900.00 used, one of the biggest bang for the buck out there.
Bryston 3B-ST or Blue Circle BC-22. Maybe reach for a Bryston 4B-ST
I agree the aleph-3 is great!
I had one with 92db speakers and it plays loud,trust me.
No amp mentioned above equals the aleph-3
You may want to take a look at upscaleaudio.com. I bought a Anthem amp.2 special edition from him for my Totem forests. 200 wpc with a tubed input. I think he has an open box unit for around a grand. I like mine,but that is not always going to work for you.
You have great and very unique speakers.Whatever you do,never sell them because if the sound is not good enough they are not to blame.Opinions you heard so far come from those who have no idea what this is all about.Now, to get the sound the Chameleons are capable of you will need to spend more than $1000 on amplification.I have Mchael's Revolution 80i speakers and use them with Audiolab integrated.It is a good match, but I will at least double the power in the future and go with Rowland,Gryphon or YBA.Chameleons are much much better than what I have and deserve the very best.If you are on a budget at present I would suggest trying Audiolab 8000P,100watt/ch( there is one on ebay.com now);Audiolab 8000M monoblocks(125watt/ch). Other possibilities could be Monarchy Signature monoblocks or,though it is only 60watt/ch,Rowland model1.I would stay away from valves, but if you are curious you might try Aronov or something else with a good bass.These speakers must be tightly controlled,or you will get a sophisticated boombox.Bryston could be an option,but ,I believe, not the best one.In any case,if you have time try a few amps.
Under a grand to fit your specific tastes perfectly: Odyssey Stratos (around $900 used).

Go to their website (www.odysseyaudio.com), read the specs and the reviews, 'nuff said!
While foreverhifi's point about still having to experiment with amps is well taken, it is not the Michael Green approach. To paraphrase the MGD approach, one achieves audio nirvana not by frequently swapping out components to find the best synergy for your tastes, but, by choosing components based on their "tuneability". Then tuning your entire system, electrically, mechanically and acoustically to your tastes. Michael would probably recommend the now discontinued Marantz MA-500 monoblocks because of their tuneability.

Mark H