02 x bat vk55 monoblocks an overkill for Harbeth?

am powering a pair of harbeth M30 anniversary edition with


haveing a choice now to upgrade to vk75 or add in a pair of vk55 monoblocks...

cost of upgrading is not that much different ... am thinking that with a pair of vk55 monoblocks, the power / pre hunt may be then completed...

any comments frm BAT or Harbeth users ...

M30 seems to like power though...
The BAT mono's sound pretty good (improves on the single-it's not just more power).

This is a tough choice.

The vk55 uses the 6sn7 on the input which gives some beauty in the midband. The 75SE likley has more control and extension on the extremes and I suspect better,wider, deeper image-but a little cooler tonally.

Wish I could help more, you won't make a mistake either way!
Neither would be overkill. I would go for the pr. of 55s.
Art I am jealous. Wish I could afford to be in your dilemna :) The only downside to the mono's would be the additional cost of interconnects and a powercord. Either way would sound wonderful. Don't you have the 75SE on loan right now? If so, what do you think about it?
I could hv a vk75 on loan but not the monoblocks hence can't really tell how they would sound. By itself, I realize tat vk75 & vk55 are really quite different sonically. Cannot really put athumb to it.

I could also trade in my vandersteen 2ceSig2 + M30 with reasonable cash topup for a pair of dealer's demo vandersteen quatro.

I suspect that a single vk55 wld hence be insufficient...
Any more comments appreciated ;)
2 x VK55 would not be overkill for the M30s.
The M30s do like power & more seems better up to about 150w/speaker.
Good luck.
thank u nolitan!!!!