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Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life Do you know of one
new 5" digital format that'll make SACD sound like nails on a chalkboard! He wouldn't let me take my LaScala's though...said they're too damn big and may catch

Best Amp to drive my Apogee Stages
re the same vintage. Apogee and Rowland sound wonderful together. A lot has changed. D'Agostino is gone from Krell, Madrigal is getting picky about repairing

Opinions on Wyred 4 Sound ICE amps
These are somewhat new and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these high powered amps. Specifically if they are a good choice for Magnepans.

Wyred 4 Sound Anyone
Has anyone experienced Wyred 4 sounds stereo, multichannel or pre amp models. How do they compare to say, Parasound, Bryston, Nad, Boulder, Krell, Anthem, Cary

The Emotiva Challenge
which is not mine......! Def Tech BP7004 speakers Paradigm Studio 20 version4 on Skyland 4 post stands Rogue Metis preamp-stock tubes Denon AVR series receiver

Best Amp for Magnepan 1 7
r sure. All will give you a very solid sound presentation. You have your job really cut out for you on those choices. I'd look at the McCormack or Moscode

SET vs ICE vs GAINCLONE vs HYBRID vs other
rated at 45W. I traded it in toward a Wyred 4 Sound ST-500. This amp is very nice. I have no real complaints although I do notice the slight loss of intimacy and

D Sonic vs Wyred vs
About to pull the plug on new amps to replace my Parasound HCA-1500's Anyone have any opinion on how these companies compare & for that matter anything

bel canto and wyred 4 sound
i am looking into going class d amplification and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these manufacturers. also wondering if the price differences

W4S ST 1000, How Loud Should It Play
W4S DAC-2 as a pre-amp and Dynaudio S1.4 speakers I recently turned up the volume to almost maximum (65 on a scale of 70 on the DAC-2. Granted, the sound was

Amp suggestions please need some power
deliver 250-400+ish wpc into a 4 ohm load and can be had My system is evolving from an integrated to separates and will probably mate with a tubed

Upgrade path the same for cables
equipment is put into the system, the sound is suppose to improve ( if all things are equal ). Does the same thing apply with cables ? What changes in a

VTL ST 150 vs
VTL ST-150. It has a big expressive sound with great, rich texture and natural timbre, but everything has faults and for me the VTL could use some more focused

Magnepan 1 7 w/ Tubes & lots of Class D Power
Mundorf Silver Oil Capacitors and Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 (class d) monoblocks. A Lexicon RT-20 Universal Disk player is my primary source. I also use a Velodyne

Help Me Save A Few Bucks On New Amp Purchase
Wyred 4 Sound ST-500 or STI-500 (integrated version) -- probably just as good sounding as your amp with the same power capability but way

Anyone with W4S amps and preamp
I'm using a pair of Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 monoblocks along with a Dodd Audio Battery tube preamp. The music sounds wonderful. I have also used a Plinius

which not too expensive amp for Maggie 1 7
Innersound ESL-300, supported by the designer, Roger Sanders at Sanders Sound Systems. Sounds great, 600WPC @ 4 ohms.

Amp for Gallo Ref 3 1 and Modwright swl 9 0se
I run the Wyred 4 Sound 250WPC amp, class D, and it sounds great with my 3.1s. No complaints here, a much better match than a pair of Cary

Wyred4sound STI 500 for Magnepan speakers
Has anyone heard the Wyred4sound STI - 500 used with Magnepan speakers? I have listened to a Krell s300i with Maggie 1.2's and thought that the 300 wpc

amp for VMPS RM/X
VMPS -RM/X,,I like clear,,detailed sound..not very found of warm sound i reckon,,I like the detail and clearness of my i think i

PS Audio PCA 2 upgrade replacement options
and could spend up to 5k. The amp is a Wyred 4 Sound ST-500 which I just got and really like. Synergy would of course be important.

Cables for Wyred 4 Sound STI 500
My Wyred STI-500 is breaking in nicely - very nicely - sweet plus detailed plus deep controlled bass - and it is looking like a keeper. (Also I like the look

Upgrade amp for Infinity RSIIs
use vinyl and cd. I was considering the Wyred 4 sound St-500. Any input would be

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