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Wadia 9
Hi guys, I've a problem that my Wadia 9 remote control can not call out the "Video mode" or "Audio mode" according to user manual...!

Pre amp for VTL450's and Wadia 9
I have VTL MB450 sig monoblocks fed directly by a wadia 7 & 9 combination and Wilson Benesch ACT1 speakers. I have heard several opinions that beter

Wadia 861 VS Wadia 270 + 27IX VS Wadia 7 + 9
Can anybody describe me the difference between those 3 excellent CD players ? Wadia 861 VS Wadia 270 + 27IX VS Wadia 7 + 9

Has anybody had the chance to audition the new WADIA 9 Decoding Computer System? I wonder is it a downsized 790?

Wadia 7 +9 users, which powerchords are you using
Wadia 7 +9 users, which powerchords are you using? With other words, if you have this combo which powerchords you got the best results ?

Classic Wadia 9 DAC
Question for the owners of the original Wadia 9 DAC out there: do you consider the sound of unaccompanied violin (especially the high register) very natural

Wadia 7+9 compared with today's reference
Wadia 7 transport and 9 DA were considered state of the art when they were introduced 10 years ago. I am curious if anyone has compared them to the current

Preamp Deal of the Century

Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Listening Room: 19'x14.5' Speakers are centered on the long wall, about 8.5' apart and 18" from front wall to the back of the speakers.

High Fidelity Cables CT 1designed by Rick Schultz
ted Ed. amp. Leading the charge is a Wadia S-7I Gnsc Shultz power module and further refining Avanced Vibration control all sitting on custom RS Brass stands.

Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em
ot into high-end audio back in the mid-19 80s (move the left speaker a quarter of an inch one way, tell in the right speaker 10 the other way...) I don't

The best speaker you ever heard
ill came to Barclay Recordng back in 1979 to set them up. Absolutely the most bizzare product in audio history. But the sound...ah that was memorable, it will

Synergistic New Tesla Line Any comments
? Thanks for the info.

Lightspeed Attenuator Best Preamp Ever
gon. I agree with both Pubul57 and Clio09 the Lightspeed is truly special. It is the only passive that I have owned that outshines all other preamps passive,

Audio Horizons TP 2 0 Preamplifier
with tube upgrade. It works well with Wadia 581. This is my first tube preamp, the only downside is I need to turn it off after listening to save the life of

Tidal Speakers owners
in the way you imagine or mentioned in 99% of the reviews. Musical in a very transparent and FLAT way. The Sovereigns are as musical as the music itself is...At

The best CD Player for the money
D500-SE List $450 available new for $349 to $399. This is 24bit so it has a future. The original D500 is also excellent (20bit).

Zu Soul Superfly
progressed to the Essence in summer 2009. Although I have not heard the Soul Superfly, yet. My experience with Zu speakers is that they show up anything

Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
as source with Jplay and JRiver Media 19 and the outstanding Tellurium Q BLACK DIAMOND Reference USB Cable. The rest of my system is below. I listen to Classic

The future of preamps
hered digital attenuation via JRiver MC19; it works and sounds excellent. From what I'm able to assess it's not digital volume controls like the one I'm using

Bidat vs Perfect Wave vs Weiss and others
Dcc-1 (a rarely known digital preamp 19 bit dual differential type) using glass Tos on both and then glass on the DCC1 vs a very expensive (can't name it yet

Any better DAC then dCS Scarlatti
I would suggest that the Wadia 922/931 with modifications from Great Northern Sound belongs towards the top of the list. It has taken me over a year

Is this the END of DAYS for the high end CD player
cBook Pro, the "Ayre" is a QB-9, and Pure Music is a program that piggybacks on iTunes and offers better playback and many other powerful options (

how can a line cord affect frequency response
[quote]04-29-06: Mrtennis i have listened to robert's latest interconnect cable in my stereo system. i would say it is a decent

PC Audio vs High end CD Player GAME OVER
I traded a Wadia 861 for a Wavelength Brick Silver. Prior to obtaining a MacBook to drive the Brick, I used a very old Dell

Magnepan Service HORRIBLE
anyone is interested. Tom

What is the best DAC ever made
I originally was using the Wadia 32 and later DAC's with a PS Audio Lambda II transport. I switched to the Mark Levinson 36S (then to 360) with a great

Best Component Ever, for the money
k Levinson 335 Running a Mark Levinson 39 cd player direct. The sound is so Natural.

Can you get "bookshelf sound" from a floorstander
has been out of production for at least 9 years. the millennium, the mm and the mme were listened to extensively with ss and tube amps and sound very different

Has anyone heard the new OPPO BDP 83SE
the price/performance ratio of this $899 player (as listed on OPPO's web site) is comparable to their past offerings this should be the mother of all giant

the magic of power cords
or 10 years, a change that gets you to 99.2% is for that person a substantial improvement, perhaps transformational.

Behringer DEQ2496 worth using in hi end system
for the following system:GNSC modified Wadia 850 / Atma-Sphere MA1s or Pass Aleph3 / Talon audio Hawks + a set of 4 Entec LF20 subwoofers. The system is very

Best preamp is no preamp: always true
tem, components, and match-ups. I had a Wadia 16 based system directly driving a pair of Clayton monos and Quadrature DSP-5a's which was really nice. Currently, I

How to fix my detailed, accurate but BRIGHT system
7B speakers Integra DPS-6.7 DVD/SACD Wadia 170i (files in lossless) Thank You in advance for your input!

Turntables better than a Wadia 861SE w/ Statement
I have a Wadia 861SE w/ Statement upgrade freom GNSC. Thinking of getting a turntable. What are the best choices that produce sonic qualities better than my

Who has found happiness giving up cd player
relatively cheap like the Ayre QB-9, and wait for the SOTA to advance? Invest in a dCS dac, upsampler, and clock, and expect to keep that for a long, long

Best Solid State for Avalon Isis
need an amp with muscle. Source is a Wadia 9 series. It runs direct. It does not need a pre-amp. I listen to big, loud, congested orchestral music (ie. Mahler,

Best Sounding CD / SACD player under 15K
the Marantz CD 5004 and praised it, $349, of course with the obligatory caveats, i.e. the mid range, or the bass, or the treble, was not as good as their $270,

How large is your music collection
Right now (9/7/09) I have ~5800 CDs, and I usually buy one or two a week so it continues to grow. I consider it an investment into my

How Many Audiophiles Have Do You Know
Audio Research Ref2 Mk2 preamp and a Wadia cd player. I complemented him on his system. He was thrilled that I recognized his components...he was even more

CD has laid back and uninvolving sound
+ Accustic Arts Tube DAC. Would Wadia DAC (the old Wadia 9 or another classic Wadia) be better in rendering a more upfront and engaging sound (more PRaT)?

Gone are the days of the great audition
hin driving distance of another area of 9 plus million.. Still i say no way could I EVER have gone and listened "to all the styles and brands we wanted&

Halide Bridge vs hiFace Evo vs Sonicweld 192
since I last looked into it - $1,799.00! &*%$!

External DAC For Oppo 105 At What Cost
ed cd's The new Audio Research CD9 comes equipped with a DAC that accepts inputs, including USB. It costs $13k and I just don't have that kind of

Wadia direct into amp, Sound a bit too lean
Hello everyone: I need a little help here. I'm using my Wadia 861se direct into my Rowland 302 amp, but the sound is a bit too lean for my taste. I'd like

Which speakers to get for a Very Large Room
7B speakers Integra DPS-6.7 DVD/SACD Wadia 170i IPod classic (files in lossless) Mac Mini on the way. I very much appreciate the help!

Amp for Nautilus 801
n both sides of the spectrum in a 20'x19' room. I will short list my audition to only two amps and get back with my findings.It was very surprising that no

Vandersteen 5A Speakers
of Vandersteen 3A Signatures with a Wadia 381 up front, a Pass X250.5 amp and a Rel B-3 Sub. I am thinking about up-grading to the 5A speakers. My question is

Wadia 170iTransport To mod, or not to mod
It's been about a year now with my iTransport so I thought it was time to research mods and get opinions, recommendations. I became interested after

Wadia 861SE with GNSC Statement Upgrade
I would like to know the level of interest still out there for a Wadia 861SE with GNSC Statement upgrade with and without digital ins and outs. Would

Esoteric Digital Separates
referred to in the article that Foster_9 mentions above. It is worth nothing that the P-05/D-05 are a worthy combination to be sure; I've know 2 people who

Speakers for Lamm ML2 1
music mainly. Front end is currently Wadia but will probably switch to EMM set up. I have a Budget of $50,000 for the speakers. I usually prefer to buy new. Room

I can't handle digital after analog light my fire
lminating in early 2011 with a Jolida JD9 phono stage and a JD5T line stage. That Jolida line stage uses a solid state (opamp) gain stage with tube buffering.

Novice ears or unrealistic expectations
makes sense on paper, but the fact is 99.9% of my listening will be done via the iPod. I called the shop I bought the 102 from and inquired about a return,

5+ years old 5k player vs current 2k player
for these older players (e.g. Esoteric, Wadia, etc.) ends up being in similar price than recent vintages like Ayon, PS Audio, etc. And perhaps even the Oppo as a

ESOTERIC, WADIA How do they really sound
I have read and heard that upgrading your source to the highest level possible will make the greatest difference. This makes sense, in that once information

Your pick of CD player
I also think about the older Wadia 21,16 or 6 as they were excellent players in thier time...but perhaps are outperformed by the likes of the players Ive

Favorite DAC
hi end digital products from Accuphase, Wadia, and Levinson and all have fallen to the musical 47Labs!

New cables, help
- Pass XA100,5 - ARC LS26 - Wadia 381. What i`m seeking in a cable (speaker, interconnectors XLR) is speed, live feeling, energy, transperency, warmth

Pass Labs users Next upgrade
m using a levinson 32 preamp.A modified wadia 850 cdp and nordost quattro fil ic,with my martin logan monolithIII speakers. What wires are you using? Are you using

Brandnew WADIA Decoding Computer
Has anybody had the chance to audition the brandnew WADIA 9 Decoding Computer System? I wonder is it a downsized 790?

Bel Canto, Nuforce, Acoustic Reality, Channel Is
the Bel Canto M300 amps running from a Wadia 830. I was wondering if anyone had experience comparing these 4 amps to each other. The Nuforce would be the 9.02 The

What power cord are TW Acustic TT owners using
amp, Unity Audio Sig One speakers, Wadia 830 cd player, Analysis Plus Oval-9 speaker wires, Harmonic Tech Pro Silway-3 interconnects. Any thoughts on PC's in

So Many Choices PCords for Digital Sources
Oppo BDP 83 Blu Ray Player Arcam DV 139 Multi Player Benchmark DAC 1 Here are the factors most important to me in the decision: Cost - Good value for quality

dCS Scarlatti vs Wadia 931+921
dCS Scarlatti vs Wadia 931+921 I want to know what the differences in sounds are between those two ? Please reply only if you heard both !

CDP Upgrade: Around 2k Used
Consonance Droplet Cary 303-300 Wadia 302 Ayre CX-7e Audio Resolution Opus 21 Associated gear: Odyssey Stratos Dual Mono Marsh 2000b North Creek Eskas

Lamm + Wadia A Good match
Is there anyone who has tested the combination Wadia + Lamm? I have a Wadia 581se, and plans to bay a Lamm M1.2 Reference, and use then the preamp in the Wadia.

mcintosh mcd 1100 vs ayon cd5s, audio aero cpdplay
me. I would like to add my Burmester 089 into the ring, just to know where things stand. One thing, the price difference is fairly obvious, but we know one

Wadia 581SE, DCS Puccini or something else
Hi all, I've sold my Wadia 860X player and am looking for something new. The two players that came to my mind were the Wadia 581SE, which seems to get

Need advise choosing speaker wire
Ultraverve tube preamp. I have a Wadia 302 for my music source. I am in a huge quandry as to what speaker wires to buy...there are hundreds out there. I

Best audio quality Apple iTouch vs iPod Classic
I do not have an external DAC so the Wadia 170 iTransport is not an option at this point. I've ripped a couple of red book CDs to AIFF and copied them to my

Meridian 508 24 sound compared to newer players
508 24 at home and now own a Muse model 9 genIII which is very similar performance (that is to say extremely enjoyable to listen to) and I have wondered the

Wadia Durability Experience Questions
I am thinking of laying down big green for a new Wadia 270se or 781i. On other Wadia discussion threads I see several posts from owners with Wadia's that need

old vs new DAC designs and sound differences
DACs, like the Accuphase DC-91 or the Wadia 9 can still compete with the best of the current DACs. So age (with regard to design) doesn't matter much (1). There is

cardas golden cros vs golden reference
ounded way too warm and coloured for my wadia 861 cd player jeff rowland 201 amps and B&W804 speakers that i use to own. Haven't heard GR.

Best Integrated Amp for Maggies MG12
lo CD player as the source and also the wadia 170 itransport to play with my ipod. I dont intend to listen to music at high levels. Unfortunately I cannot

Cary 306 Pro opinions
to replace my old Krell KPS20i Delta 9 CD player and the Cary 306 Pro is one of my options. Im not really inetrest on SACDs. Other options: Audio Aero

Any comments on Jeff Rowland Design Model 9
This is my current set-up: wadia Cd + JRDG Coherence + JRDG Model 8Ti + MIT Oracle + Avalon Radian HC. I am thinking of changing my JRDG Model 8Ti to

Anyone heard Salk Veracity HT3 speakers
350A amp, modified CJ PV-5 pre-amp, Wadia 830 cd player,Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables, Harmonic Technology ProSilway 3 interconnects, VPI HW-19 turntable

How to power down a Nuforce DAC 9 by remote
I hope someone can help. I am a newbie and am trying to figure out how to turn on/off a Nuforce DAC-9 by remote control. 1. Does the remote supplied by

Bad CDP but good transport
ryes, for example the old TEACs VRDS 7/9/10..IMO Best regards,

What should be on my short list
63's, Soliloquy SM 2A3's or Spendor SP 9/1's. Amps and pre are low powered

New Amps for my Avalon Ascent II
cent MK2's many times with Rowland Mono 9's, Gryphon Monos, Basis / Wadia front ends, Cardas Hexlink / Purist Dominus cabling throughout, no other system (

worthy competitors of the amr 77
9 days ago, a thread appeared eliciting comments concerning differences between the amr 77, the audio research cd7 and

Microsoft and HDCD
Windows Media Player 9, 10 or 11 running on Windows XP and Windows Media Player 11 running on Windows Vista are all capable of decoding and

Hum with VTL's
have a Wadia 7 & 9 Transport/DAC/Preamp and a pair of VTL 450 monoblocks all fed by a PS Audio P600.Using the balanced connections there

Pre Amp Match
Cables MAC Silver ICs Denon 3901 CDP Wadia IDoc Dac2

Newer CDP vs Older DAC
sounding combination. Both are about 9 years old. Again, I only sold the Technics. I then plugged the optical out of a Marantz CC4001 DCP changer purchased

wadia 521 vs wadia 27ix
does anyone know if the wadia 521 is better than the wadia 27ix

DAC with Word Clock Output
Esoteric D-01; D-03; and D-05. Wadia 27ix and 9 series (931/921) but afaik the "clocklink" feature on the Wadias is proprietary (i.e., you can't

What speaker cables for Krell 300CX
I have a Kell 300cx amp, Snergy IIi preamp, Wdia 850 cd,Aeial 10t speakers. I am looking for a cable that will still give me a de

Wadia 26
Looking into buying one of these but can't find out any info. I wish Wadia's website kept info on past models. Can someone give me a basic on sound. I know it

Bdgt Spker Cable 4 second system nordost v kimber
thus we are working around a Wadia i70. It is paired with a peachtree audio decco integrated, an analysis plus interconnect, and Focal 906's. He is

The Hub: AKFest 2010 ''Audio Karm'', not Bill the Cat
is only $25; hours will be Saturday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, and Sunday, 9:30AM - 5:00 PM. Major manufacturers such as McIntosh, Marantz, Monster and Wadia will

Droplet 5 0 CD vs modified Denon DVD 3910
you have....own a Droplet also, about 9 months...found it superior to the BATVKD5se and Wadia 830 predecessors....have you changed out the Droplet Fuses??

Totem rain makers with wadia 151
So I've kind of been all over the place lately with my audio gear obsession lately but this is what I'm starting to think: I'm thinking that I need a second

Power DAC or dac+T amp
a desktop audio in my bedroom (7' X 9'), after i read the posts, i decide to use passive speakers because i can have much more choices. My budget is around

The mother of all CES 2009 wrap ups
Here a collection of links to over 75 pages of CES 2009 coverage:

Infinity IRS Epsilon Speakers & Krell Amplifiers
blocks amp Krell KSA 200s Stereo amp Wadia 9 & 10 Wadia CD transport 22 Krell KAV and Audio Standard Pre-amp Apogee Auriga S speakers Problem: The speakers

Experience of Gryphon Tabu CD
has had chance to compair it against Wadia (7 & 9) or against the Mikado I would appreciate any

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