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ARC VSi60 vs Ayon Spirit II/III
My experiment is over, and I officially miss the valve (no offense to friends of Solid State. Most of the rest of my world is SS). Currently have a

Audio Research VSi60 integrated reliability
Just wondering the reliability of the VSi60 integrated. Am tempted by the idea of a tube integrated, but a little wary with the stereophile review and comment

Leben CS600 or ARC VSi60 with Harbeth Compact 7's
I'm looking for an tube integrated amp to drive a pair of Compact 7ES-3 speakers. These are both on my short list. Has anyone tried either of them with

ARC Vsi60 with KT120 valves issues
Hi guys, I'm a newbie here and also new to the world of tube amps. I bought my Vsi60 back in July and it came supplied with the KT120 valves. I did what I

VSi60 Tube Amp Startup Power Needs
Hi, I have an ARC VSi60 integrated amp that is rated to use 350-500 watts of power to generate 50 watts RMS to the speakers. I'd like to purchase an online/

ARC VSi60 vs PrimaLuna Integrated Amps
I am considering purchasing one or the other, either an ARC VSi60 or a Primaluna Premium or Dialouge Two. I am sure many of the members have purchased both.

Audio Research VSi60 int amp OR LS17+VS60
I have been trying to find any reviews or discussion of the VSi60 integrated amplifier but no help. I am hoping someone here will have some listening

Anybody compare Mystere ia21 to ARC VSi60
Thinking of getting a tube integrated. These two both have received excellent reviews. I don't have the opportunity to listen to both of these in a

Quad 2805s paired with a Audio Research VSi60
Has anyone heard the Quad 2805s with an Audio Research VSi60?

Primaluna Dialogue Premium vs ARC VSi60
Has anybody compared these two tube integrated amps? A used VSi-60 sells for about the same price as a new Dialogue Premium.

Is the ARC VSi60 a good match with Quad 2805s
Has any heard the Audio Research VSi60 with Quad 2805s?

Audio Research VSI60
Has anyone had issues with the Vsi60 with factory installed KT120's? I read a lot about failures with units having the 6550 tubes. Is there still a

Prima Luna Dialogue Premium vs ARC VSi60
Has anybody compared these two integrated amps ? If so, how would you compare and contrast them sonically ?

ARC VSi60 vs PrimaLuna Integrated Amps
I am considering purchasing one or the other, either an ARC VSi60 or a Primaluna Premium or Dialouge Two. I am sure many of the members have purchased both.

The best speaker you ever heard
I have ref3 if I go smaller I will get vsi60 arc integrated with sonus faber speaker.

Best Integrated, period
ARC VSi60 wt KT120's!

Best speakers for about 2000 a pair
PS I run my Proac Sig 8's with a ARC

Pre/Amp/Int for Vandersteen 2ce Sig II for +/ 3k
Audio Research VSI60 with KT120 tubes. Mine has about 200 hrs on it with 2ce signatures. Best integrated I've ever heard.....

new tung sol kt 120
e the KT-120: VS55, VSi55, VS60, VSi60, VS110, VS115, REF110, VM220. I hope people find this useful as there seems to be a lot of confusion about it.

Tube amp, more low end
100w Manley Snappers and my current ARC VSI60 with 3.1's They have both sounded great.I f your amp does'nt provide enough bass for you I'd strongly suggest

ARC VS 115 Amp with new KT 120 Tubes
I put a set in my VSI60 two days ago and after 12 hrs or so the sound is the best I've heard from ANY Arc amp so far.Tight,deeper bass,wider

First tube integrated amp
fier I would look at the Audio Research VSi60. It's about as good as it gets. If you are patient you will find one used in your price range.

Amp for Harbeth 7ES3
ent my Harbeth's are the Audio Research VSI60 and the Luxman L505u. Any other suggestions or thoughts on these integrateds would be greatly appreciated. I have

suggestions for preamp/amp combos
now you said pre/power,But I love my ARCVSI60 And it will drive any speakers.

Audio research vsi 60 power concerns
problems. Just try to make sure the VSI60 has the newer KT120 tubes they are now shipping them with because it gave them a bump from 45wpc to 55wpc. These

sized my system and now have a ARC vsi60 integrated.I am blown away.

Harbeths and Tube Amps
The ARC vsi60 is great with the 7's. For less money the Naim Nait 5 is amazing. Disagree with using Leben. Boring.

New amp recommendations
actually you could get a Audio Research VSi60 Integrated. Very nice sounding amplifier.

Which speaker post to use: 4 ohm or 8 ohm
hardly an emergency, but I have an ARC VSi60 intergated amp connnected to Green Mountian Audio Continuum speakers and I'm not sure which of the amp's speaker posts

What amp would you suggest for Magnepan MG12s
6500 or 6600, Audio Research VSI55,VSI60, or an Integrated Krell or Ayre. What does everyone think?

Can a new system re ignite my Audio Fire
and refined. I also owned an ARC VSi60 which was nice but left me wondering where's the beef? the den I go!! Bigger room and better chance for a

Wilson Sophias and Jolida Integrated
finished auditioning the audio research VSi60 and I have absolutely found the one.

Question for ARC aficionados
I replaced my current ARC pair with a VSi60 ? My speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagio. My room is about 15x20x9. I do not listen at ear splitting

Integrated amp for Wilson Audio Cub 2's
I am interested in the Audio Research Vsi60, the Ayre Ax-7e or the Pathos Acoustics Logos. If you have any experience with this combo and would like to voice you

Integrated for Gallo 3 1
I heard an ARC VSI60 on the G 3.1's sounded incredible to me...some of the best sound I've ever heard. If I had the 3.1s, I'd already have

Integrated amp choice for JMR Offrande Supreme V2
driving them with my Audio Research VSI60 KT-120-based tube integrated, and the match is good, maybe not spectacular - just wondering if I'm missing out on

Best integrated tube amp for around 2000
er interesting choices would be the ARC VSI60, Jadis Orchestra/Orchestra Reference, Manley Stingray, previously mentioned Rogue Audio Cronus, VAC Auricle, and VTL

Tube or SS integrated for PSB Imagine Ts
ARC VSi60 is a very nice match with the T's. I heard them with an all Integra AV system and was completely unimpressed. Solid

Is it real or just my imagination
nk it's your imagination. I have an ARC VSi60 integrated amp and about a month ago I started to notice my soundstage overall leaned ever so slightly to the left. I

Any experience with AR Dsi200
check out. Had an ARC tube integrated (VSi60) and it was great, but obviously this is a different beast and a different system. I have read those that you

Wilson Sophia 1 or Puppy 5 1
all, I have an Audio Research vsi60 integrated amp with 40 watts and was wondering if Wilson Sophia 1 or Puppy 5.1 is a better match since both are selling

Foam plugs for Proac Response 3 8
I'm driving them with an Audio Research Vsi60 integrated with the new KT120s. Thanks for any help and

ARC tube amp recommendation for ProAc 1sc
The new VSi60 with the new KT120 tubes would be a PERFECT fit. The orginal version of that piece is simply gorgeous and the new one

Nola Boxer
combo. If budget allows, go for the ARC VSi60.

6 ohm speakers with 4/8 ohm amplifier
rth I have revel performa30 with an arc vsi60 , base it tighter , Mids are cleaner on the 4 ohm tap. I wasn't happy with amp until I changed from 8 to 4

Proac Response D25 match with low power tube amp
en by the new Audio Research integrated VSi60. Very Nice!

Advice on System Synergy
ybe a Plinius 9200, BAT VK-300x se, ARC VSI60, Primare I32 HTH, Erik

Anyone driving maggies with ARC VS110/VS115
getting back into tubes. I heard the vsi60 and was blown away...but know that will not be enough power. No matter what anyone experience shows maggies

Audio Research VSI 60 Input transformer noise
had the opportunity to try a brandnew vsi60 in my system. I found that the input transformer run a little bit hot and noisy. Has anyone note the same thing during

Audio Art IC 3SE RCA Interconnects
of a Benchmark DAC1 HDR, Audio Research VSi60 amp, and Martin Logan Theos speakers. Because of my skepticism, I was hesitant to purchase these cables. But, I had

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