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High Fidelity Cables CT 1designed by Rick Schultz
e discussed I have been in the high-end Audio business for the past forty years. I have seen a lot of things come and go and heard of incredible hype about products.

The best speaker you ever heard
by far the most important part of the audio system. After all, it is the only part you hear. OK, the other stuff really matters a lot, but without a great

Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking
we all know what a merry-go-round audio can be. For those of us who are incessant upgraders, what components have you found that either have stopped or

Best Speakers at RMAF 2011
stay with that. I would put the Joseph Audio speakers up to second on your list. I would add the Zellaton speakers on top of your list and put the Salk SongTowers

Duelund CAST silver a 50,000 Upgrade
a listed option on my speaker. dc10audio got back to me with 50K $50,000.00 dollars extra over the copper that's already included in my speaker!! How the hell

Need suggestions on bookshelf speaker upgrades
Also try Wavetouch Audio's Mount Rainer monitors. List price is $3k, but I think you may still be able to get them at his special price this

Monitors that compete with quality floorstanders
I was very pleased with the Dynaudio Contour S1.4 which I owned twice and The Volent Chorale CL 2. I think it is important to look at monitors that will

Smooth/Musical Bookshelves upto 1500 2000
totem model one, psb synchrony or dynaudio focus might fit your

Best Bookshelf speaker 1300 00 budget
I liked the vapor breeze for around that

Does this speaker exist
Hi Drubin, I'm with Vapor Audio, and I believe we have exactly what you're looking for. There is no finer transducer for treble than the RAAL

what is the best sounding speakers for under 5000
I would take a good look at Vapor Audio's Cirrus speakers. They start at about $3600 and go up with upgrades and matching stands. I have a pair of Vapor's

The usual suspects: S1, Cirrus, Tempesta, MMM1
back into audio and starting to make the audition/research list... Speakers are always the toughest, especially with the internet

What the best 89 90 db speaker I can buy for 3k
Hi Schubert, I work with Vapor Audio just so you know. Have a look at the Vapor Breeze, Stiff Breeze, Sundog, and Aurora. All are under your price

New Speakers for 2000
Files - Benchmark DAC1 USB - Cambridge Audio 650A - Jamo 707 (Speakers from the early 90s I think). I have about $2000 maybe up to $2200 MAX to spend on speakers.

Best Speaker under 3K New or Used
2c. I personally prefer the sound of Dynaudio. I have the C4s and have had the audience 42 as well. They have a similar sound and to my ear it is a lot better than

What’s hot in monitors from 2K to 3K in 2012
for some monitors to use as mains for audio mostly but for some movie time too. About 60/40 split, music – films. They should reach down to 35hz flat. Disappear.

which floor speaker up to 1500 00
Ty Vapor 1 did not know that..ty

Recommendation Ref 3a, GMA, NHT or Fritz
(Digital amp @ 500 WPC), a Prometheus Audio Passive Volume Control, an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and a Macbook Pro playing lossless music files. From reading

Best Monitor not over 1K, new ot used
Stiff Breeze from Vapor Sound's worth twice that

Which monitor speaker to choose
Considering LSA-1, Ascend Sierra, Vapor Breeze and VMPS 626R---seeking opinions. Must have great clarity, soundstaging ability, holographic and dynamic with detailed

Tell Me
. ProAc Response Two-- Nola--Spendor-Dunaudio--ATS . Tell who listened to such bundles.

Vapor Audio Dagogo Nimbus White speaker review Mr. Schroeder seems very impressed. Worth a hard look for those in the market for larger

Best speaker for under 2gs
Zu Audio speakers looks interesting to me.

Recommended Bookshelf Speakers 1200
Dynaudio X12's, Stereophile co-budget product of the year last year.

Devore Gibbon 88 v PMC Twenty 23
How about Vapor Audio Stiff Breeze stand mounts . You have stands. Close to 4 grand saved for you. Factory direct, so no way to listen unless you

AKFest, who's going
with Bill O'Connell and Morningstar Audio (Eastern Electric), and will be using my Cirrus speakers. The other room will have BMC electronics, the S1 amp and

Custom Audiophile Speaker Builders
Yes, Selah Audio, Rick builds excellent speakers.

What should I be auditioning
Vapor Audio Breeze is only $1300 and they have a new model called the Stiff Breeze which has two woofers and the great Raal tweeter in

bookshelf for classical music under 2000
"monitor" yet) Silverline Audio (good luck finding a dealer) Dynaudio Mark & Daniel Quad Kirksaeter Morel Sonus Faber LSA Nola

Good bookshelf speaker
ew me away when I heard them...left the audio store with a pair. Lots of flagship technology built into this speaker. Only ported speakers I have heard that don't

Vapor Breeze
Anyone have experience with the Vapor Breeze? Any comparisons? Thanks.

Onkyo A 9555 amp + Totem Model 1
eakers to yous. My speakers will be the Vapor Audio Breeze. I am trying out the Onkyo a9555. The amp has received a few good reveiws. For an 85 watt amp that has

Best bookshelf w/ ribbon tweeter under 2000
The stiff Breeze from vapor audio. I think it runs $1995, two custom paper in an MTM configuration with a time aligned stepped baffle sandwiching a

VH Audio CHeLA
Need cables for my soon to arrive Vapor Breeze. The VH were suggested as a good match and there have been a lot of good reviews. For the price of these,

Opinions on speakers
1. Evolution Acoustics MMMicro One 2.Vapor Cirrus White 3.Vapor Arcus 4.Totem Element Fire 5.Pioneer/TAD S-2EX 6.Lawrence Audio Violin 7.Steinway Lyngdorf

Legacy Studio HD or Joseph Audio RM7XL Speakers
I'm shopping for excellent smaller speakers to give me the most accurate sound I can get in a small package, for listening to CDs and as speakers for watching

Any Emerald Physics owners in Pittsburgh
y be interested in hearing as well. The Vapor Breeze. I'm in greenfield if you interested. They retail for much less than the cs3 and may be able to equal or

Budget SC for Rogue and Vapor
I've been running Signal Ultra bi wire between my LSA monitors(great speakers btw)and my Rogue Cronus Magnum. I'm pretty happy with them for the money tho they

new monitor
$1300 plus shipping, I highly recommend Vapor Audio Breeze speakers. Awesome Raal Tweeter, Fast Wavcor woofer, in a solid cabinet, with a very fine crossover.

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