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Which Threshold s are best
Just wondering for those of you up on Thresholdif one were looking for a vintage piece which Threshold to look for?I assume one made while Mr.Pass ran the show.

Help need speaker to match Threshold 4000 amp
Hello, I have a newly acquired Threshold 4000 (200 wattts class A).Temporary using s/s Nikko Alpha pre-amp but thinking match this amp with Cary SLP-98L in a

Threshold Stasis 2 Worth a rebuild
I have a Threshold Stasis 2 in wonderful cosmetic condition, but one channel went flooey. I contacted Jon Sondenberg and he will do a rebuild/upgrade for a

Threshold/ What is the Stasis topolgy
I own a Threshold S150 series ll amp and even with a 4 ohm load you can hardly tell the amp is powered on. It runs extremely cool yet sounds hot especially in

Threshold S/500 versus Mark Levinson ML2
Has anyone heard these on electrostatic panels in comparison? We currently have an S/500 I modified by Jon Soderberg running a pair of Innersound Eros and am

Thoughts on Threshold Forte Model 3 Nelson Pass
Hi. I have an opportunity to buy a Forte Model 3, allegedly in great shape, for $350.00 including shipping. Any thoughts on this SS amp?? I'm currently using

Threshold s150 or Forte 4a amplifier
I have a pair of 4 ohm speakers (2 Peerless High Def 5 1/4 Mid-woofer and Vifa Ring Radiator XT Tweeter in each cabinet) that are around 89 db/ in a fairly

Threshold S300 Power Amp
QUESTION PLEASE: Who might be using this amplifier in their 2 channel audio system? What do you like about this amp? And please share speaker cables and

Aragon 8008BB vs Threshold T200 What to choose
I have both of them and try to pick one. What would you recommend? Prices are really close.

Blown Threshold S/300 Stasis II
I over drove it tonight and it went quiet without warning.The on/off light works. I was really pushing it but I heard no distortion or clipping.I've never

Sonic improvement with Threshold FET 9 refurb
Hi All, In a recent post I was asking if anyone knew of an affordable ($1200 or so) sonic step up from my ARC SP14 preamp since a threshold FET 9 I had

Threshold SA/4E or Pass X 250
Any one had a chance to spend time with these two amps? What opinions have you formed? I will be driving either Harbeth SHL5s or Harbeth 40.1s with either of

Rowland model 5 vs Threshold S500 series II
Hello All, Looking at both amplifiers , any input as to which is preferred and why . Speakers are 2 ohm ribbons .. Regards,

Threshold SA/3 to Pass Labs X250 comparison
Anyone done a head-to head comparison of Threshold SA/3 to Pass Labs x250 or owned or auditioned both amps? I've owned a Threshold SA/3 for many years and am

Whats a good matching preamp for Threshold S/300
Hi- Looking for a good match tubed preamp for my Threshold S/300 stasis. What Im using now sounds very good but Im looking for recommendations for the

Reissue of Threshold S350e
Anyone knows anything about threshold these days? cuz i saw information from the official site showing that threshold is relaunching the model s350e, is that

nakamichi vs threshold
Hi, I am currently looking for a power amp for JBL L112. I have heard a threshold s200 and loved it but it is too expensive in europe, at 1200 $.

Threshold Amp and Sonic Frontiers Pre HELP
I have a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 with a Mullard tube and I am considering an amp upgrade to a Threshold S/200 Stasis. I wondering if any of you guys have

Forte Audio Threshold Model 3 or Odyssey Stratos
Hi all. I'm the proud owner of a Forte Audio (Threshold) Model 3, which is a fine Nelson Pass design producing 200 wpc into 8 ohms with a high Class A bias. I

Threshold T200
I'm auditioning a Threshold T200 amp. Not a lot of slam, but for what I listen to -- mostly classical and jazz -- it sounds great. It's hard to find

Threshold amps
does anyone have any knowledge of the present threshold amps? like the s/5000e or the reissue s/350e?

2500 speaker threshold
Hello everyone, Recently I was reading the latest edition of Robert Harley's The Complete Guide to High End Audio. In an early chapter he refers to a &

Technics and Threshold
This might sound crazy - but I recently acquired two pieces of gear at garage sales - thinking of putting them to use in my modest bedroom system that did not

Threshold, Parasound, Pass Labs or Nakamichi
I have a question regarding my Arcam AVR350 and adding an amp. I have been a novice hobbyist for over 20 years and have enjoyed the sound of a

experience with Threshold SA/2e or S/500 amps
does anybody have experience with the older threshold sa/2e monoblocks or S/500 stereo amp? either owning the amps or in comparisions to new amps like: classe,

What are the differences between Threshold s 500 and s 500 II?

Threshold fet 10/pc info
Hello, Looking to list my fet 10 phono and cannot find a specific listing in the Bluebook. Prior to subscribing to the BB, I contacted AG to find out

Best Tube Pre amp to match THRESHOLD 4000 S/S amp
Fellow A'Gon member,I am searching for tube pre-amp to mate for my Threshold 4000 class A amp...a limited budget of $1,500. Here are the gears I have in my

Threshold S300 power amp
I am looking for an owners manual for this amplifier. A xerox copy would be just fine with me. Please get in touch with me on this. Thanks all.

Threshold and Magnepan
Looking into my first planar speakers. Starting small at first and was wondering if a Threshold SA/3 will power MMG's in a smaller room, 12X14X8, at medium

Classe DR 5 & Threshold S/300 Synergy
Good evening audio friends, Back when I was looking for suggestions regarding starting an audio system with used components, a dear friend of mine suggested

Threshold S300 Power Amplifier
This is my first foray into the high end area of audio. I have a few questions please. By the way this amplifier will be used with Magnapan 1.6 speakers

Threshold S/500 II power cord suggestions
I never really believed power cords could make much of a difference until I got this amp. Proper "dressing" of the power cord made significant

Best repair people for my Threshold 400a
400A upgraded to e/stasis circuit by Threshold.Has stopped working, I can still send it to the New Threshold located in Texas or do I send it to Jon

I would love to know what the difference is between the S300, the S300 (series 2) the S300E, etc. Also, can anyone suggest the best pre-amp to use with the

Better Power Cord for my Threshold Forte
My Threshold Forte Model 3 (solid state, 200 wpc @ 8 ohms) has a power cord that looks like it could have come from a lamp. It also has only a 2-prong plug,

Threshold Fet 10E bi amping question
I am currently bi-amped with 2 Threshold S-300E Series II amps, and a Threshold Fet 10E pre-amp. Since the Fet 10E only allows 1 balanced out, and 1 RCA out,

Which tubes to replace Threshold SA/1 monos
I am currently using the Thresholds with Magnepan 3.6s (I may potentially upgrade to the 20.1s in the future) and would like to try some tube amps. Anyone

Threshold S/500 Power Amp or
Is there anyone still using this power amp now? What versiona and what are your thoughts regarding the S/500 driving Magnapans or Eminent Tech 8 speakers? I

Threshold T2 vs Bryston SP26 vs Plinius M8
Basically, which one of these 3 line stages do you think is the best? How does the older Threshold T2 compare to the new Bryston BP-26 and Plinius M8? I

Does Conrad Johnson 17LS match Threshold T400
I wish to buy a 2nd hand 17LS together with a 2nd hand T400. Is that a good matching combo? If so, what interconnect, as it seems 17LS demands special cables.

Threshold S200 or Phase linear 400
That is the question. Speakers : JBL L112 The Phase linear is completely new, rebuilt by a very skilled phase linear lover. The threshold is

Threshold T3 vs Adcom GFP 750
Thoughts? Both Nelson Pass designs. T3 costs a little more. Associated equipment are NHT XDa 2.1, squeezebox duet, and Sony C222es I'm

Threshold S/300 Used In Mono Mode
Hello All, I love the Threshold S/300 I brought used so much I plan to purchase a second one and use them in mono to drive the Magnapan 1.6 I plan to buy as

Threshold SA3 or T200 amp
I've searched the archives and can't find a direct answer to which one of these amps would sound better with my Thiel CS6 speakers. If the price were about

Threshold Stasis R 5 0 v Precision Fidelity C7
Hello: We currently run the latest Threshold-R 5.0 linestage(essentially a cutting edge version of the famed T2). Just wondered if anyone could give me some

Has anyone heard the Usher Threshold R 1 5 amp
I have seen some blurbs on this amp which claims to have the original Threshold S-350 circuitry. Seems almost too good to be true at the retail price.

Threshold Coda Phono Stage Toggle DIP Switches
For Threshold Coda Phono Stage owners there are Toggle DIP Switches which turn out to be more complicated than meets the eye. I need some help with

Threshold Amp repair
Dose anybody know a Threshold Amp repair shop in Vancouver bc area??

Threshold to Pass upgrade
I'm thinking of upgrading my Threshold T400 to a Pass Labs amp, either an X350.5 or if I can stretch it, maybe a pair of XA100.5s (the upgrade bug strikes

Speaker Cables & Interconnects for Threshold Gear
Can any of you Threshold philes or any audiogoner tell me, what you have found to be the best speaker cables & interconnects to work with the Threshold gear. I

Threshold/Forte Owners
Recently acquired a pair of Forte 7 monoblocks and was wondering if anyone out there has a copy of the manual or specs on these wonderful amps. I know they

Preamp Upgrage for Nakamichi STASIS Threshold
Hello, I have a Nakamichi PA-7 STASIS amp 200watts (made by Threshold for Nak) with a Nakamichi CA-5 preamp. I'm using Phase PC-500s floor standing

threshold fet 10 pc or CJ Motif MC 8
Which one would you prefer? Sonic differences and similarities? If I understand it correctly they are both fet based. Will mate either for now with an exposure

Pre Amp that mate well with Threshold or Pass Labs
Hi all, I have a McIntosh C39 Pre-Amp. I have the chance to get a Threshold S200 or a Pass Aleph 30. Do you think my pre-amp will mate well with either of

Threshold SA/3 versus Krell KSA 50S
Hello all. For those who have heard both of these fine vintage amps, would you please briefly compare/contrast their sonic signatures. Please note, I am not

Threshold S/500 v Rogue Magnum M 120 monos
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience comparing these two amps. We are using a Threshold S/500 to drive a pair of Innersound Eros and wonder if the

Threshold S/300 power amp problems
Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be where the power amp does not continue to provide sound? While I was working in my office and listening to

Threshold S/300 Was there a Series 1 & Series 2
Hello - I'm trying to narrow down on a Threshold amplifier. Can anyone tell me if, in the "S" series,was there a Series-1 and Series-2?

Modify Threshold SA/2, or buy a Pass Labs X250 5
Dear Audiogoners, Currently I have a pair of Threshold SA/2 monoblocks, considering either sending them to Jon Soderberg to modify, or buying a Pass Labs

Threshold T2 Versus Mark Levinson 38S
I have an opportunity to purchase a Threshold T2 or a Levinson 38S. I would like to hear thoughts on which one might be a better purchase. I'll be using

Caps for threshold sl 10
I am planning to change caps on my threshold sl-10. How do you determine polarity of "Instrument Devices" caps? There is no polarity sign.

Threshold of a Dream SACD
I have recently picked up "Children's Children's Children" and "Question of Balance" on SACD by the Moody Blues. They are indeed SACDs (

Sign of Rust on the Amp fins of Threshold T400
How can I remove and restore the rust building on the fins of my Threshold T400. Is there away to prevent it from happening. I live in Los Angeles where the

Threshold 4000 Need Some Help
Anyone have an owners manual or schematic. Just came across a Prototype 4000. In checking the fuses the output and rail fuses are 6 amp fast blow and the AC

Have seen this Threshold SA/3 Upgrade
I just acquired a Threshold SA/3 that has a special capacitor upgrade. I am not familiar with the particular upgrade and would like to know if anyone else has

Threshold VS PASS
I am a happy owner of a threshold s/500 e line modded,and have never owned any pass labs gear,thinking of buying x250 or x350,or T800 ,just looking for advice??

Need some help regarding Threshold SA12e Mono bias
Threshold SA12e are my favorite mono blocks. But they need to be overhauled as of the bias. I am looking for the manuals or information about the bias measure

Threshold 550e power amp fuse help
The back of the Threshold 550e power amp can has different voltage settings. Of course in the USA I have it on 120V setting. When I received the amp it had an

Threshold e line voltage conversion
Anyone have the details for converting e-line Threshold equipment from USA to UK voltage? The manuals say ask Threshold/In Concert but they're long gone. I'm

threshold amp question
Do these amps sound the same? T200, SA3, S150? (T, SA, S series)?

I have an orig Threshold S 500 and it needs atten
My S-500 was blowing mains fuses up to 15 ampupon turn on. Now it won't power up period.Q. Wasn't there a man named sodderburgh, soderman or such who used to

Threshold contact
I cam across the name and phone number for the former technical manager for Threshold. It may not be valid any longer however it may also help someone if it

Need S1 power supply for Threshold SL10
I got the Threshold SL 10 but the original owner lost the S1 power supply. How can I get the S1 power supply or something comparable with 20volt DC output?

Threshold T200D
Is anyone familiar with this amp? Unlike the T200 (I have one of each), the T200D has large VUs on the front. It has balanced and unbalanced inputs. I sent

Threshold TA/300 Inputs needed
Is this a upper or lower model than the S/3 and S/300. Is it based on Stasis technology? What's a good used price for today?

Threshold T 400 versus Krell KSA 150
Hello all. For those who have heard both of these fine vintage amps, would you please briefly compare/contrast their sonic signatures. Please note, I am not

Biasing instructions and specs for Threshold SA2
Does anyone out there have biasing instructions and/or specs for a non-Optical bias early production Threshold SA-2 Class A Amplifier. Thanks in advance!!!

Threshold S/300 Power Amp
Does anyone know what the difference is between the original S/300 and the MK2 or modified S/300. In other words what internal parts were changed in the mod?

How change Linn Classik signal strength threshold
Dear All, I have a Linn Classik. For FM and AM reception, the audio is muted when the signal strength falls below a certain threshold. I can't lay my

Threshold/Forte owners
Recently acquired some Forte 7 monoblocks. I was wondering if anyone out there had a copy of the owners manual or specs on them. I know they are 75 watt

ta 300 threshold poweramp
does anyone know about these ,called factory ,told on afew made ....need to know more....

Threshold T400 fuses
Does anybody know the type and value of the external AC fuse and the 4 internal fuses in a Threshold T400 amplifier? I believe the external one is 250

maggie 1 7 arcls2b threshold t400
i blew my maggies due to dc failure at the preamp and the t400 amplified that signal and the bass panel is blown but the tweeters still work and no fuse blown,

Anyone know anything about Threshold these days
I heard that Threshold is relauching S350e.

Threshold contact info
I was organizing my literature and contacts and came accross a contact for Threshold that may be helpful to someone. Bill Hoffman, Tech Mgr at Threshold

Threshold SA/3 versus Pass Labs Aleph 5
Hello all. For those who have heard both of these fine vintage amps, would you please briefly compare/contrast their sonic signatures. Please note, I am not

Threshold SA/3 with MF Pre 24 CD and Classe DR 5
I have a simple system that I'm trying to get right and hope you can help. Started with a Levinson 27 and Classe DR-5 with a Meridian 207 Pro 2 box unit.

ARC SD 135 vs Threshold T 400
If anyone who has owned (or heard) both of these amps could weigh in on the differences between the two, I would appreciate it.

Threshold SA/1 former S/1000 Series II
Dear all, I've just acquired a pair of Threshold S/1000 Series II monoblock amplifiers. They seem to have been modified to the SA/1 version. One of the

Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
e not SOTA, as they essentially use the Threshold STASIS tech, which was an adaptation of current dumping. Class a voltage combined with class D current. The older

Whats on your turntable tonight
uot;Every Good Boy Deserves Favor" Threshold THS 5. Jazz from the Blue Note 45 rpm reissue series from Music Matters and Analogue Productions coming up...

Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
ears ago I made the mistake of buying a Threshold FET 10E phono stage based on reviewer recommendations. It turned out it had a large nonpolar electrolytic capacitor

The best speaker you ever heard
ard" was a pair of theil 4's powered by threshold playing a lp in a display room of a high end shop in berkley california (in 1980's). the record was called "depth of

Lightspeed Attenuator Best Preamp Ever
amps and you have been using SS (Pass & Threshold?). I can't prove it, but I think you like what tubes do to the signal and it is simply not there for you with a

Eminent Technology ET 2 Tonearm Owners
19psi is used as a number to indicate a threshold give or take a couple PSI. All our system /rooms are different. We will all therefore get varying results. Also the

Why not horns
owly and, I believe, we are nearing the threshold of a breakthrough in popularity which will create better and cheaper product. Maybe smaller too.

When is digital going to get the soul of music
analog in sound, it does not cross the threshold into music(for me). I was a little sceptical when Ori asked me to hear his battery powered Pre/Dac, but I should have

Personal amp evolution
att integrated '85 NAD 2200? '86 Threshold Stasis 3 '01 Threshold T200, B&K AVR305(HT) Pass Labs may be in my future...

Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life Do you know of one
My buddy has been running a Threshold 400A since he purchased it new back in the late '70's (powering modified Dahlquist DQ-10's). He runs it every day,

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