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Sumo 9 and B&K EX442
Any Info and or experience on these amplifiers would be appreciated.

Adromada III or sumo nine
Good evening currently own a sumo Adromada MK III looking to purchase a sumo nine Class A Amp does anyone know if there is a great amount of difference in

Sumo Polaris 310 Current
I am looking at this amp, possibly to drive my Maggies, and I'd like to know what their current ratings are. I've looked around and it seems like all that is

Sumo The Five amplifier setup question
Hi everyone. I just bought a Sumo The Five amplifier that does not come with a manual. After receiving it, I realized that there are 2 RCA inputs for each

Sumo "The Power "
i need more information about my amplifier. if anyone knows any details such as the instruction manual or what its worth.

sumo Five Amplifier
Anybody have one of these Thinking on purchaseing this amp any input?

Sumo Athena Pre opinion
hi all, I'm thinking of getting 2nd hand Sumo pre to replace my Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 hybrid pre. The Sumo has the active & passive mode together with

sumo polaris amps
Has anyone ever bridge the polaris amps with the delilah crossover and what kind of results did you get' thinking of doing same any input would be appreciated.

Sumo Andrometer III or McCormack DNA 1
Currently own sumo gear with audible illusions 3a pre amp would like to try pre amp with McCormackany input would be appreciated. Also have vandy 3a speakers

Sumo service and parts
If you know someone who can provide service and parts to Sumo products (amps, etc.), please let me know. Thanks for your help.

I am looking for a Sumo Gold
I have a Sumo Gold and am running Maggies - Tymp. 4's. I would like to bi-amp them. It can working or in need of some work. Thanks

Sumo Polaris blown fuse
I have a Sumo Polaris that I believe has a blown fuse in one channel. How do I gain access to the interior? Thanks,

Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em
o when I was driving the Walshs with my Sumo Andromeda II amps (240W/ch into 8 ohms). When I described the problem to John at the time he suggested that the amp

Lightspeed Attenuator Best Preamp Ever
f it will work. But I use a passive now(Sumo Athena in passive mode with a Sumo Polaris amp, it has about half the gain than the active side but sounds better), so

Personal amp evolution
d 100 Threshold 800 SAE mono's Sumo ( two stereo, run one chan each ) McCormack DNA Quad ( two stereo, mod to mono's ) PSE Mono's ( six as tri

How close to the real thing
vn, you might be right, I was using old Sumo gear. In July I bought a Coda CL preamp. It is so superior in so many ways. I have an MHZS cd player that I've

Designer Hall of Fame
ing Sid!) James Bongiorno (SAE, GAS, Sumo, etc.) Bob Carver Kevin Volks (Snell, Revel) John Wright (IMF, TDL)

Which components knocked you out on first listen
y kappa 9s driven by nakamichi amps (or sumo) back in 91 at rogersound labs. man, that was incredible.

Power output of tube amps compared to solid states
ssions Having owned some SS amps SUMO, PS Audio, Hafler, ML33, ML 33h, ASR Emitter II over the past 20 years I have made a switch to tubes. Have settled

What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE
es Bongiorno's Great American Sound and SUMO.

The best sounding FM Tuner is
used,I would pick the Yamaha T 1 or the Sumo Charlie,and for a third choice the venerable NAD 4020A.To do better than these will have to spend a lot more,for

Class A amplifiers which are considered the best
A Sumo Nine amplifier rebuilt by Mike Bettinger of gets my vote. A very nice sounding Class A amplifier that won'

Hi efficient speaker, bass problems
a very highly modified old Pure Class A Sumo Nine. I am using it on 86db 4 ohm speakers and have used it on 97db 8 ohm speakers as well as a few others, I have

Old Classic Receivers: A Mistake to Buy
dont know. i have an old nad 3020 and sumo charlie tuner in an office system (bought in college). it sounds very good. (i also have a mac 67; in my main system;

Sadly missed manufacturers
. Sumo Superscope Design Acoustics .

Help power pair of Infinity Kappa 9's please
ood with the Kappa 9's. That is an old Sumo Andromeda. The Original, Not the II or III. I've driven that very loudly years ago into 3 ohms without issue. It is a

Life without a remote
of the pre's that I've had(Yamaha C-2, Sumo Athena, Blue Circle BC3/BC3000 and Hovland HP100)have all been manual. The Blue Circle's are dual-mono with two volume

What are the Best FM tuners
Anyone own a Sumo Aurora or Charlie tuner Are they equally as good

Personal CD player evolution
FD1000 (1983) Magnavox 460 (1987) Sumo Theorem and Axiom (1993) Denon DCD-1650AR (1999) Benchmark DAC1 w/Sonic Frontiers CDT-1 (2005/2006)

The disappearance of the traditional amplifier
What, you don't consider Sumo wrestling to be a sport?

Question for Merlin VSM/ARS Sonum owners
Preamps: Yamaha C2 Sumo Athena Blue Circle BC3 Blue Circle BC3000(Special Edition) Hovland HP100 ASL TwinHead

Your Favorite Top 10 tuners all time
ST-S555ES Sony ST-S730ES sony ST-SA5ES Sumo Charlie Tandberg 3001 Tandberg 3011A Technics ST-8077 Technics ST-8080 Technics ST-9030 Technics ST-9038 Technics

Once again looking for a "tube like" SS preamp
hreshold, Pass Labs, Aragon or even old Sumo or Yamaha M series.

Whatever Happened To SAE
t;Great American Sound" then on to Sumo which effetley was SAE anyway? after they all at some point in time went BK.

Replace pwr cord w/IEC socket on vintage gear
e power cords--Electron Kinetics Eagle, Sumo, Precision Fidelity, VSP Labs, PS Audio, Amber, and so on. As good as these amps can still sound, I'm dying to find

Personal Preamp Evolution
C-80, Yamaha C-2, Sumo Athena, Blue Circle BC3, Blue Circle BC3000, Hovland HP100 and Antique Sound Lab

Class D vs Class A
have been using a very nicely modified Sumo Nine for the past several years. It is pure Class A factory rated @ 60 to 8 & 120 to 4. Actual after mods it does 90

Neat cheap amp suggestions Help me have fun
know, Musical Concepts modded Hafler, Sumo, perhaps even something weird. Ultimate power output will not be an issue, but it will need to have a bit of slam and

best class a amp for a grand
You might find a Sumo Nine, they are getting old, but still a nice sounding amp... 60 to 8, 120 to

Your Worst Audio Breakdown
z 2270 receiver as a preamp through my Sumo Andromeda into some Polks. The right channel just stopped. Every test I ran indicated no issues. I finally isolated

Amp, On A Budget
Sumo Polaris, should find one for $

Your opinion on the evolution of amps since 70s
vintage ss amps from tandberg,revox,mac,sumo,marantz,sonographe(cj)naim,quad,kenwood,and dozens of others sound as refined as anything being made today at any

Acoustat 2+2 Any users
had a pair of 2+2's since '84. Used a Sumo preamp with the Sumo Nine power amp for years. Now using an Audio Research Sp11 with a Audio Research D250 and a

Amplifier advice from Ohm Walsh 100 Mk II owners
nce on them. Power wise would a rebuilt Sumo Nine or a rebuilt Hafler DH-220 be enough to power them? I would only be sitting at most 6ft away from them most of

Power Amp opinions please
d Classe amps of mid 1990s mintage, and SUMO Polaris and Andromeda II. Of these, I thought the Andromeda II (240W into 8 ohms; 400W into 4 ohms; 80 Amps peak)best,

Sleeper preamps: 500 new/used
vorites: Classe 30 for around $400 or a Sumo Athena for about $250. They both sound awesome with nice phono. I really like the MFA better than both of these plus

Preamp recommendations for under 600 00
Second Musical Fidelity A3CR, Sumo Athena, might find a standard MUSE 3 (non signature).

Musical, high powered Amp under 1k
elles 150 any iteration, any McCormack, Sumo Polaris or Andromeda. All those are great amps and where the principle of diminishing returns on dollars spent starts

which preamp
rated pre's such as threshold, aragon, sumo, pass...

Amp for lightspeed attenuator = 1000 used
I use a Sumo Polaris 310 the early model. The two following models really sound different to me. The one I have to me sounds like a

Best HOME system you've ever heard
Hmmm.... Sumo Andromeda amp, Linn LP12, and Vandersteen speakers. Can't remember the pre-amp in that set-up, or the Vandersteen

1000 used amp What can I buy
160 , Pass Labs Aleph - (3 or 30 or 5),Sumo - (The 5 or The Nine or Andromeda,)Classe DR Series any of them,my favorite here is the DR 2 and DR 8. Bryston 3B ST

Should I keep around my NAD 3155
Hello, I see here posted on Agon - a Sumo Elektra preamp with a very decent MM/MC phono stage. Add the B&K ST-2020 amp held here on auction and you have a very

Saved by a Bose Wave radio
and I just sold my extra pre-amp (sumo)which had just been sitting around. Well, I had a brainstorm for my office system: Bose wave radio for pre and tuner,

Lowend Preamp on a budget
At $300, the Sumo Athena (No Remote) is better than all Adcoms except the GFP-750. The GFP-750, Muse 3 (non signature) or BelCanto

Classe' Preamp comparisons
th a modest pre like B&K, Anthem or the sumo listed here.

Spica TC 50 and amp advice
Has anyone ever paired Sumo Nine or Hafler DH-220 with a pair of Spica TC-50s? If so what were your thoughts on the combination?

Upgrade Von Schweikert VR 4 to Dunlavy SC IV
moons ago. I had them mated with a Sumo Andromeda III for a long time, and they sounded sluggish, and lacked mid-bass impact and dynamics. I lived with them

Passing of James Bongiorno
or me on his system that comprised of a SUMO Nine and a SUMO Athena preamp. It was very nice sounding to me and got me hooked. Years later my uncle still has the

My Yamaha clips at 3/4 volume
I mainly used Classe, Sumo and a Creek OBH 12 pre-amps. Can you tell what I like in a pre? Simple, clean nothing tricky.

Krell KAV 400xi vs KAV 150a vs Outlaw Audio vs
the Belles, a B&K ST2140, and a Sumo 9+ amp I have to be able to afford it. Would I be happy with the very cheap Outlaw Audio Receiver? Any thoughts,

external x over for sub
uipment but very numerous settings with Sumo Delilah or

Personal Tuner Evolution
Sumo "Charlie" the

JBL B460 passive sub w/o external crossover unit
other one to keep an eye out for is the Sumo Delilah crossover which went with the Samson subwoofer (basically a B380 clone with a 2235H JBL driver). I currently

Should 'a' been a contender
sumo aria. used a tensioned mylar membrane as the transducer. still regret selling mine.

Europower EP-1500 Bridged 1- PRE-AMP Sumo Athena 1.6 Magnepans 1- HSU 350W Self Powered Sub-Woofer Source: Vinyl Format.(NO Turntable at this time) Music:

Excessive Midrange Energy
age, and I was amazed at how my Sumo amplifier changed in sound as it got upwards of 10 years old. Is it possible that the CD player could be causing, or

What do I do with these Cartridges
I've got a couple old Cartridges, a Sumo II MC and a Dynavector Ruby. On both, one of my wonderful children broke the cantelievers some years ago. Today, I

Balanced to RCA interconnect is it beneficial
preamp with RCA (only) outputs into a Sumo Andromeda III amp with balanced and RCA inputs. Would there be any benefit (sonically) to go from Balanced to RCA, or

Peramp suggestions needed
I would also keep an eye out for an old Sumo Preamp... The Athena and Athena II or surprisingly good, Same preamp, the Athena is a better buy than the II, should

What amps for Kef 104 2
re capability? I'm going to try using a Sumo Nine. From my normal listening position I'd be sitting at most 6ft away from the speakers a good amount of the time.

What to drive my RS 2b's Infinity
a bryston 3b on the low end and a SUMO nine on the mid-highs I feel it is a bit underpowered. Any experience out there with these speakers

Death of Jim Bongiorno
(SAE), Great American Sound (GAS), Sumo, and Spread Spectrum Technologies. For me, it was the GAS equipment that was my first introduction into high end

SST Son of Ampzilla II/Thoebe II
ago I had A Sumo Polaris amp and Athena Preamp which I eventually sold to have a single do it all HT system and 2 ch stereo listening.

Parasound HCA 1200 II What Is It
the 1500, but not a 1200II. There is a Sumo Andromeda II on ebay right now on bids, should go for $500 or so. I personally would rather listen to this over any

trying to use stereo subs. I'm using a Sumo Polaris amp and Sumo Delilah crossover for the subs. The crossovers low freq out has L+/L-, R+/R-, and for a mono sub

Personal Preamp Evolution May 2012
Kenwood L07C Sumo Electra Integrated SS Integrated SS Integrated Tubed PS Audio 6.2 Sumo Athena II Coda

Which Preamp
First up is the Spectral DMC6, then the Sumo Athena, then the Craver C-1 and C-2. Must be solid state with on board phono section which all four of these have. My

Towards a Tuner Hierarchy
A3 musical fidelity X-PLORA sumo charlie kenwood L-01T kenwood KT-917 kenwood KT-700T kenwood KT-600T mcintosh MR 78 mcintosh MR 80

The Hub: Holidays gifts for yourself, or a friend
Stoddard and Mike Moffat, veterans of Sumo and Theta, respectively. They offer striking, great-sounding amps made in the USA starting at $249, and you can choose

xlr to rca cables
to buy rca to xlr cables. I'm running a sumo andrometer III for the amp. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Yamaha c 2 vs modern powerhouse
for free. At the same time I also had a Sumo Athena which I decided to keep. The Sumo had a passive mode that I really liked and sounded better than when in

DAC as Preamp for G A S Son Of Ampzilla
equipment (G.A.S. Son of Ampzilla and Sumo Electra Preamp). The Sumo, unfortunately, has about a 15min warm-up time where the left channel cuts out/has severe

anyone know these
i'm hoping for some advice about my sumo arias. i live in a 500 sq. ft. basement suite, so not only are the speakers cramped (approx. 2feet from back/side

SAE is back in business
no. its really sumo and ati amps,just with the sae name on them,only in europe,the guys that started ati and sumo were the sae guys but

Where to get Soundwave Soliliquy's refurbed
liked them best with a sweet little Sumo amp I unfortunately gave to my son. My question: I would like to get the Soliliquy's refurbed (cleaned thouroughly

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