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New Rowland Criterion 2 chassis battery pre
Jeff Rowland Design has just created a page for its upcoming statement-level, twin chassis, battery powered full function preamplifier. Detail is still scant,

Rowland 625
Has anyone got their hands on the new Jeff Rowland 625. I know they've been displayed on shows like Rocky Mountain but I'm keen to have feedbsck how this new

Experiencing Rowland M925 4 chassis reference amps
My pair (or should I call it my quartet?!) of the new SS Rowland M925 reference mono amps were finally delivered yesterday.... Needless to say, I am excited!

Jeff Rowland Capri preamp
Has anyone heard Jeff Rowland's new preamp, Capri, or know anything about it? It looks pretty interesting: If

Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale
There seems to be an excessive number of Jeff Rowland products for sale on Audiogon. I happen to be one of the sellers. In the past there would be 8 or 10

Jeff Rowland's Continumm
I've been interestingly putting my eye on the new continuum range from jeff Rowland for some time and have a question based on some discrepency within the

Jeff Rowland 2 or Classe 25 for Avalon Eclipse
Hi all, Sorry for my bad English, I'm wondering to buy a pow amp for my Avalon Eclipse. Recently I see Jeff Rowland model 2 & Classe 25 in Audiogon,

Rowland Model 6 monoblocks my thoughts
I promised John (Jmcgrogan2), that I would share my thoughts on the Jeff Rowland Model 6 amps that I purchased from him. If you are on!

Jeff Rowland Pre with Pass Labs X350 5 or X600 5
I am keen to know how well does Jeff Rowland Preamps like the Synergy IIi or the Coherence work with Pass X350.5 or X600.5 amps? Any inputs will be

Jeff Rowland 501s and PC1s
I installed the PC1s with my 2 Yr. old 501s and am very happy with the improvement. Sound stage is wider, taller and deeper. Image is more pronounced with

Rowland 625 versus Audio Research DS450
I'm a big fan of Rowland Products. I heard the 625 at CES and was rather impressed by its huge solid soundstage, and the detailed yet mellifluous sound. I was

mcintosh vs jeff rowland
Does anyone have an opinion as to which integrated amp is better between a mcintosh ma7000 and a jeff rowland concentra or continuum?

Rowland Concerto integrated vs Rowland Capri & 102
Extensive searching on AG, and Google for that matter, has resulted in little definitive info, just a couple of second hand comments that "maybe" the

Do you leave the Jeff Rowland Amp on all the time
I purchased this amp recently an am very impressed with the sound, however it takes a long time to warm up. Do any users leave the amp on all the time. I

Jeff Rowland Pre Amps: The Corus & The Capri
I am a current owner of the Jeff Rowland Capri pre amp. Are there any folks who have owned or heard the Capri and have owned or heard the new Corus pre amp. I

Rowland PC1 PFC on Capri pre early findings
I have just re-inserted a Rowland PC1 Power Factor Correction (PFC) device in my system 1 hour ago. It is feeding a Rowland Capri preamplifier. Previously

Should i go Boulder 1060 or Jeff Rowland 625
I am in the market to upgrade my pass labs x260.5. There is one used Boulder 1060 for sale that i hear lots of good words about it. Anyone have

Rowland "house sound"
I am interesting in purchasing a Rowland model 3 to replace my BAT VK-60. I have never heard the amp but have heard good things about Rowland in general. I am

Jeff Rowland Sound
I just installed a pair of model 6 monoblocks driving a pair of usher rw729 monitors and then put them on my soundlab m2's;the results of which I never

Jeff Rowland amp in unbalanced mode
Hi all, does anyone have experience driving a Jeff Rowland amp (model 201 or any other) with rca-XLR adapters in unbalanced mode? Could you compare with

Jeff Rowland or Mark Levinson
I'm looking to buy a new amp,I took a Jeff Rowland home and it sounded great. The Mark Levinson is 150lbs you just can't take one home to try, does anyone own

ARC Ref 3, Rowland Concerto, or Capri line stage
Has anyone had the opportunity of comparing the ARC Reference 3 side-by-side with the Rowland Concerto linestage or the Rowland Capri? If you have, please post

Jeff Rowland 625 amp & 725
Some months ago I was already positively impressed when I had the opportunity to compare the 312 (class D) to the new 625 (class AB) in the same system ...

Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC : my experience
I wanted to comment on my month long experience with the new Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC. I replaced a Berkeley Audio Alpha 2 Dac with the Rowland hoping to squeeze

J Rowland Is it possible to shut off the display
Ive got my JRDG Concerto yesterday, sounds great, but i don't know is it possible to shut off the display? Also I can't figure out how the balance control

krell FPB300 or jeff rowland model 7
i have a pair of Hales concert five speaker, i plan to buy a used poweramp, Jeff rowland model 7 or Krell

jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs bel canto ref1000
I am looking for anyone that has compared the three and your opinions on them. I'm looking to step up from a bel canto s300i. Using gallo ref 3.1's

The Perfect Speakers for Jeff Rowland Concerto Int
I have seen so many great reviews of Jeff Rowland Concerto Int. on Audiogon and I would like to ask what would be the prefect speaker to go with the Concerto.

Pre amp for Rowland Model 102
I'm looking to match a pre-amp to my JRDG Model 102 class D amp. I figure the Capri would be a good match since it also has a switched mode power supply, but,

The New Jeff Rowland amplifiers ROCK
Just got back from the CES yesterday and saw some of the awesome new lines, I love the new class AB Rowland pieces. Absolutely wonderful! 925 and 625 AB

PC for Rowland 312 and others
I have tried 2 power chords on the Rowland 312 switching amp: 1. Cardas golden Reference -- This appears to be the default PC often recommended by some

Rowland service
I bought a new Rowland Model 5 years ago. About 15 years ago I sold it to a friend. He had a problem about 10 years ago. Sent it to Rowland and in a matter of

Audiolab, Rowland integrated nothing in between
Of course there is something in-between. Question is if it's worth it. I am thinking about uprading my Audiolab 8000LX integrated but even used Rowland or

Jeff Rowland preamps
I currently have the following; Synergy IIi, Rowland 501, 2 x PFC and read with interest here that the new Capri has received positive feedback. Has anyone

Jeff Rowland Model 7 & Model 5 Upgrade
This is my first, and long overdue, post on the forum boards so please bear with me. Wanted to let everyone know that there is a substantial upgrade available

Pass labs X250 5 vs Jeff Rowland Model 10, or 201
Which one will be better to drive revel studio? looking for warm, musical, details sound also just moving from tube amp. Matching preamp is CJ. Any info

Jeff Rowland Capri S2 preamp + Esoteric K 01
I finally managed to get a broken-in JR Capri S2 preamp from my friendly local dealer for a home audition. First off, I have Guido to thank for when he

Warmish SS pre:Rowland Synergy IIi preamp/others
I am looking for a slightly warmish SS pre. I have pretty much narrowed it down to a pre in the $2000-$3000 used range. The best preamp I have yet tried (

rowland 102 reviews ice powered
Has anyone compared this to the well-reviewed Channel Island or Bel canto models? I was planning on trading my Opera Consonance tube amp for one of them, but

Jeff Rowland amp owners: What's your pre amp
Hello everyone, I'm looking into purchasing a pre-amp for my Rowland amp, and just wonder what pre-amp you are using for your rowland amps?

Jeff Rowland 201´s or Ayre V 5 X
intend to buy either of these. Any comments on sonic signatures etc. Use Wadia 302 (will be replaced by the forthcoming Nagra CDP), Shunyata Phoenix,

Jeff Rowland 8T with Wilson Sasha w/p
Considering a pair of Sasha's and wondering how my old, robust Rowland 8T will hold up? Any Rowland/Wilson combo users out there?

Jeff Rowland Preamps
In the 90's I owned the Consummate Preamp, I sold it and I missed the later Designs. A few times I listened to Synergy Preamp at Demos but at that time there

Advice on speakers for Rowland Corus/625
Now building a second system for use in Europe: smaller rooms (20"x20") and solid walls. Primarily opera and classical. Have selected Rowland

Jeff Rowland 201 or 501 for high current demands
I hear a lot of good things about these amps, but will they work for speakers that like a lot of current? The 201 mentions 35 amps and the 501 mentions 45

Rowland JRDG 501 and Wilson Audio
I plan to buy WP/8 or Sophia 2. Is this a good match? What will be an alternative speaker choice? I will keep the Rowlands for amplification.

If Rowland made PC cases
Actually I dont think I have ever seen a Rowland amp in the flesh, but I am told the casework is gorgeous. Further to PC audio, can anyone recommend

My last pre amp, Rowland Capri or Ayre K5xe
I use an OPPO Blu Ray BDP83 SE player as my source, Vandersteen 3's, amps are Reference 9 Monos, all cabling by Transparent. Any thoughts/opinions are welcomed.

Pass X1 and Rowland Capri Preamps
if you've owned or heard both of these preamps, i'd love to hear your impressions of how they compare. i'm looking for a pre and have narrowed it down to

Rowland Continuum 500, RCA vs XLR
I recently got a Continuum 500 and using it with an RCA I/C to my Accuphase DP500 CDP. I understand this CDP is a fully balanced design, as well as the C500. I

Jeff Rowland 501s burn in a strange experience
I have received today my monoblocs 501 and borowed a ML 39: ML 39 NBS monitor III Capri NBS Monitor III monoblocs 501 NBS Monitor IV

Ayre or Rowland Amp
I am thinking seriously about stepping out of my tubed ARC VT100 MKII amp into something that doesn't require retubing. The Rowland 201s or the Ayre V5xe look

Do the Jeff Rowland 201 amplifiers have warmth
My system includes the Meridian 508.24 CD player, the Jeff Rowland Concentra I Integrated amplifier and the ProAc 2.5 speakers. Do the new Jeff Rowland

Rowland 2 or Accuphase A50
Which of these amps are the better? I'm used to tube gear, but looking into the high end solid state to see if it compares.

Jeff Rowland Synergy IIi versus Capri and Corus
I currently have a Jeff Rowland Synergy IIi Preamp. I was wondering how it compares to the newer Capri and Corus Preamp. Any thoughts on whether it

Best preamp: Viola, Jadis, F M or Jeff Rowland
a dream test would be to compare "live" following preamps: -Jadis JP80 MC MKIII -Jeff Rowland's Criterion -Viola's Spirito or

Best amp to Partner with Jeff Rowland Criterion
I have a Rowland Crtiterion Preamp and Rowland 312 Power amp. The 312 is amazing in its neutrality and transparancy, but it's NOT the last word in dynamic

jeff rowland model 6 capacitors
hi i have a pair of jeff rowland model 6 mono blocks and i want to change the main capacitors 2 big ones. any one can suggest me where

Jeff Rowland Criterion vs Soulution 720
Hi! Somebody has experience of comparing of these two preamps? Now I have JR Criterion. Whether it makes sense to me to change it for Solution? Will it

Jeff Rowland
I was reading in Stereophile about how the older Jeff Rowland Amps sounded great and were classics. The writer said Rowland was good up to the Concentra II

Rowland older amps vs the newer models
Curious to hear from the Rowland fans with regard to the newest models....501/201 - ICE....I've always heard glowing reports of older Rowland model (single

Rowland model 5 vs Threshold S500 series II
Hello All, Looking at both amplifiers , any input as to which is preferred and why . Speakers are 2 ohm ribbons .. Regards,

Jeff Rowland Continuum
What is the word on the Continuum 250/500.

Starting an Analog front end Rowland
Guido (resident Rowland expert) and other Audiogoners – My current system consists of Wadia 270/27ix, Jeff Rowland 302, Avalon Eidolon’s, and Cardas

Have Jeff Rowland Concentra II am I crazy
Was thinking of using it as a preamp, Getting the Mcintosh 2102 or Vtl st150 amps. To bring that tube sound to Sonus Farber Grand pianos. Thanks for your

Anyone know anything about a new Rowland 312
Saw this on a Japanese website:

Thoughts on the Jeff Rowland Concerto integrated
I am looking for any reviews that may be out there on the JRDG Concerto Integrated amplifier. I have done a search on Audiogon and a Google search and have

Rowland Amps with MBL Speakers vs All MBL System
My reference is the Jeff Rowland Synergy IIi Pre & Model 302 Power Amp. I recently heard MBL's omni-directional speakers for the 1st time, and was

Sonus faber Cremona Auditor and Jeff Rowland
Dear audiophiles,,, Does any one can give me a piece of advice?? Well, my system is consist of Jeff Rowland Concentra 1 and a custom made cd player using

Rowland M925 4 chassis mono amp
It appears that at CES 2013 The long-awaited Rowland M925 4-chassis flagship monoblock may be finally making its North American live debut. A terse one-liner

From anthem/pse to rowland seperates
Alright guys, I generally come here to hear what you have to say about gear. I currently have an Anthem PRE1 and a set of PSE studio V monoblocks running my

Rowland Synergy IIi, Cadence and BPS 1
I currently own a Rowland Synergy IIi preamp and Cadence phono pre. I recently have a chance to purchase a Rowland BPS-1 battery power supply for the Syngery

Rowland preamps
Anyone have a lot of experience w Rowland preamps? I'm looking for a high quality fully balanced pre to run into my Vt-100mkII, and I need to stay well

Krell FPB 300cx vs Jeff Rowland 501's
I am thinking about making this change. Has anyone compared these two amps? I have B&W 802N speakers which love power. I have been very pleased with the

The phase button on my Rowland Capri is for
Did he put it there to drive me nuts? On some songs, turning on the phase button sounds better, other songs worse, and others no difference. And the

Jeff Rowland Concerto or Simaudio i7 integrated
Hello. I own a pair of Linbrook Super Towers from Tyler Acoustics and want to add a new CD player and integrated amp. I am hesitating between a new Simaudio

anyone here experience with Jeff Rowland Model 102
this model is quite new and is a digital amplifier 100watts at 8 ohms. anyone have experience with this greatly appreciate some inputs.

Jeff Rowland with Rel sub
I recently purchased a Jeff Rowland Concerto integated amp. While the amp is incredible, I cannot figure out how to hook up my Rel Strata sub. Something is

Jeff Rowland Synergy's sorbothane feet
I finally bought a wonderful Jeff Rowland Synergy 1 preamplifier to drive my JRDG Model One, but the eight sorbothane feet included in the box are not the

PreDAC for Rowland 201 monoblocks
I'm chasing ideas for a PreDAC for the stated monoblocks, driving some Sonus Faber Luito towers. My budget is $5k. Currently I've shortlisted the

Pass XA30 5, X100 5, or Rowland 501 For Revel Gem
i would love to hear thoughts on which amp would be best with Revel Gem speakers - Pass XA30.5, Pass X100.5, or Jeff Rowland 501. i know these are very

Jeff Rowland Capri vs Bel Canto Pre3
I am in search to match a SS preamplifier with my tube power amplifier (100 kohm input impedance) Jeff Rowland Capri and Bel Canto Pre3 are in my list,and

Rowland Capri vs the ynergy IIi
Anyone compare these two preamps?

Rowland owners which speaker you use & recommend
I am currently using Synergy IIi with Rowland 501's with the new PC1 and MBL121. The combination is IMO natural, produces an immense soundstage, and

2nd Rowland Model 1 to improve my Aerial 10Ts
My first day and post here, so pardon me if I stumble a bit! I have a pair of Aerial 10Ts, Wadia 6 CD Player going balanced in to an old Rowland Model 1

Jeff Rowland Aeris and Playback Designs MPD 3
Just curious if anyone has heard both of these and their impressions of the difference. I am interested in picking up a standalone DAC and seriously

Naim or Jeff Rowland
Hi, I'm looking to go down the full streaming path, ideally I don't want to spend more than £3,500, I've heard the Naim Super Uniti, which was pretty good. I'

Jeff Rowland Capri phono card removable
Fellows, I recently purchased a Capri on Audiogon, and I am very pleased. It came with the internal phono card installed. Since I am new to this game, if I

Those with experience with Rowland Model 6's
I have the 6's with their battery power. My whole system is Rowland. The Coherence II, the Cadence, and the Model 6's. Incredible with my Quads, both the

Levinson 383 or Rowland Continuum 500
Hi there Looking to switch from my 383 to the Rowland. The problem is I have no way to audition the Rowland. I have a ARC cd3 mk2, Genesis 501 speakers

Rowland Capri Preamp
One of my friends is looking for a Preamp from Rowland, but honestly, I am not up to date with them. My last contact was with the 3 Box Consummate, I did like

Jeff Rowland Model 501 Help
I have a good offer for a Jeff Rowland 501 mono's. Unfortunately I cannot hear them in my system prior to the transaction. My question to the owners of these

What happened to my Rowland
Boy I hope I can get a diagnosis that doesn't require my amp to go back to the mfgr.Here's what transpired--I have a Rowland 8t 2-chassis amp.The second

Any comments on Jeff Rowland Design Model 9
This is my current set-up: wadia Cd + JRDG Coherence + JRDG Model 8Ti + MIT Oracle + Avalon Radian HC. I am thinking of changing my JRDG Model 8Ti to

Rowland Criterion vs Joule Electra LA 300ME
I have an all MBL system (101E's and 9008 amps) and am looking for opinions on which of these great pres might work the most magic in my system. I know the

Opinions on Rowland 302 vs musical fidelity m8 700
Im thinking of picking one of these up in the next 6 months or so to replace m uh levinson 331. My pre amp is an ARC 5se and Dynaudio Confidence C4. Dac id

Pass XP 10 and Jeff Rowland Capri pre
How would Capri fair againt XP-10? Read a lot of good things about Capri and would like to know more from people that have experienced both. And how is HT by-

Rowland Consonance preamp needs a phono preamp
A friend is offering me a Jeff Rowland Consonance preamp for a great price, but it doesn't have a phono preamp. Problem is, I listen to a lot of vinyl. Can I

Rowland 501 PC 1 into Audience aR12
I have Rowland 501 Monoblocks configured with the PC-1 power conditioning option. I have an Audience adeptResponse aR12. I want to know if it is safe to plug

Does anyone have direct experience with either the Burmester Rondo or Top Line integrated compared to each other or the Gryphon(Callisto) and Rowland (Concerto)

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