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PSB Synchrony One or Two
Anyone compared these two speakers and have any comments? Also anyone know how these would compare to either Vienna Mozart/Baby Grands or PMC OB1?

PSB Synchrony One's or Legacy Classic HD's
I am considering either of these two speakers, and curious to hear comments of anyone who has compared them, or knows both of them. I have read plenty

Magnepan 3 7 or PSB Synchrony One
Has anyone had the opportunity to compare these speakers? I will need an amplifier to go along with these as well.

PSB Synchrony One or Vienna Acoustic Baby Grands
Has anyone done an a/b test with these two speakers? I'm considering them both, but there are no dealers in my area. My room is 11X17, and I have a Mcintosh

Gallo Ref 3 1 vs PSB Synchrony One
I currently own the Synchrony but recently had a very brief listen to the Ref 3.1 at the RMAF. Can't get the sound out of my mind now and have set up an

PSB Platinum or Synchrony one
Just wondering if anyone has compared the T8 with synchrony one,I would be using them as fronts in a HT set up ??

PSB Stratus Gold upgrade to PSB Synchrony One
I have a PSB Stratus Gold that I like very much. It is used in an mostly vinyl analog system with either a Sota Cosmos IV, Transrotor Fat Boy or Oracle Delphi

PSB Synchrony One or Usher Mini Dancers
Anyone compared these side by side? I know the PSB's well but have not heard the Mini Dancers. Quite keen to know how the midrange and overall tonal

PSB Synchrony One or Bowers Wilkins 804D
Hello, Would love to hear from people who have heard both of these speakers. any input on them and their differences? Trying to narrow down between

paradigm s8 vs psb synchrony one
Which one is better? I'm thinking of buying s8. But want to know is there any speaker better than either s8 or psb in that price range?

PSB Synchrony One owners placement question
Hi I am looking at purchasing these this weekend but a bit concerned they may need a big room or a lot of space from the walls (Even after plugging all the

PSB Synchrony One with Cayin A 88t
Do you think this would be a good match? I'm currently running this amp on my Klipsch RF-7 with terrific results but the PSB look like they might be the

PSB Synchrony One
I just set up my newest acquisitions in the living room, a set of PSB Synchrony One speakers, Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated amp, and running my old

PSB Synchrony One vs Two
Hi can anyone advise how these compare in the following areas. I know the sound of the Twos but unable to hear the Ones on demo. (1) Neutrality (2)

Paradigm S6V3 or PSB Synchrony One
Hi would be keen to hear your thoughts if anyone has heard both. Which of these would meet my criteria: (1) neutral tonal balance (2) natural

Tannoy DC8T v MA GX300 v PSB Synchrony One
Trying to decide on my mains. Yes, I know I need to make my decision based on personal taste. Heard DC8T and liked them - very clear and true but I can't say

PSB Synchrony one vs Acoustic Zen Adagio
Those are at the same price level and both received great reviews. Has anybody compared them side by side?

Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em
hink you'll be amazed in more ways than one.

The best speaker you ever heard
Hello everyone, My vote would go with the Eidolon. The presence of images these speakers recreate are just beguiling. Truly the best

Experienced audiophiles best speaker
ot compute'. I cannot think of a way anyone who is well into audiophilia can just make a blanket statement as to which speakers are the best. They can say some

Magico Mini II vs Magico V2 comparison
being less transparent is interesting. One of the AB's my 'phile friends and I have done is a comparison between the SF GH's and the SF GM's. This was very

So what is the best speaker you have ever owned
Contriva; impossible to single out any one or two or more characteristics; they tick all the important boxes but transcend them and bring music

What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers
1. Everyone's got an opinion. Yours is the one that matters most. Now that this caveat is out of the way... 2. If you've

"What's The Best Value Speaker In 5k 10k Range "
they can be used that way if you're one of the Krazy people out there. B&W 802 Diamonds are also pretty great by most accounts. Something by

Best speakers in the 3000 5000 range
I like my PSB Golds, but I have found most PSBs to perform well above their price point. Their best is the Synchrony One.

Good speakers under 10K
soundtrack and world. Can someone help me decide? Thanks Aqua

Smooth/Musical Bookshelves upto 1500 2000
totem model one, psb synchrony or dynaudio focus might fit your

Good inexpensive temporary speakers
ut half the cost used though, lol. The one area that the Proacs seem to me to be better is in the mid bass on down. They are a very coherent speaker with tight

What is the best loudspeaker for a small room
ch as the Monitor Audio Silver RX6, the PSB Synchrony Two T, Magnepan 1.7 plus a small sub, Mirage OMD-15, Totem Hawk or Sttaf. I think a particularly good

LSA speakers
hidden gem type companies. Does anyone have any experience with these? Comparison with other specific models will be great, but impressions will

Accurate speakers for a verity of genres
You should consider PSB Synchrony Ones. They do everytheing you require. And are a bardgain to boot.

Speakers that excel at depth/layering/space
or soundfield. Width and openess is one thing, but depth with layering and space from front to back is much rarer. One speaker that recently impressed me was

YG Acoustics or Dynaudio
have been using a pair of PSB M2 monitors since 2004 but have recently upgraded some equipment and am thinking new speakers. Right now my focus is on

Best 2000 3000 full range speaker
an open-ended thread isn't for everyone, so below is some background. Too much? Probably. I'm a chatty feller; it's an occupational hazard. First, I

What speakers should I consider around 5000
e good for you and your tastes. One thing I will say is that you need to think of this in terms of a systems approach, and not just getting a new pair of

what is the best sounding speakers for under 5000
to replace psb stratus golds. which floor standing speakers would you recommend that would be an impovement for a listener of classic

Who OWNS Zu Audio Speakers Especially Definition
3a Grand Veena Monitor Audio GS60 PSB Synchrony One (actually enjoyed these most- great dynamics, but felt something was lacking in the

Small Speakers For A Large Room
nce i'm starting from scratch with this one, i'm starting with the speakers and working back to the amp. budget is up to $7k new or used.

1K used monitor with wide/uniform dispersion
with our proximity to neighbors, for one thing, and I won't be able to sit far enough away for the drivers to integrate. I'm bummed that they'll have to go.

"Best" bookshelf/monitor for low power amp
front). Currently on the chart, Zu Tone, GMA Callisto or Eos III. After that, I'm kinda stuck. I'd love to do something like a Harbeth SHL5 or Focal 1007 Be,

What’s hot in monitors from 2K to 3K in 2012
Evolution Acoustic MMMicro One would be one of the "best in class" for you to consider.

Floorstanders with a large sweetspot
s farther off center that are closer to one speaker have lower amplitude sound by crossing the speaker's axis somewhere in front of the listeners.

Did anybody else notice this about PSB Speakers
I couldn't help noticing that 6 PSB speakers were selected in TAS's Editor's Choice issue this Fall and 4 were also selected as Stereophile Recommended

New or used
B&W 804S, Totem Forest, Thiel CS 2.4, PSB Synchrony 1) the Von Schweikert VR-4JR, Dali Helicon 400 and Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and Cremonas all stood out for

Totem speakers and others that I should consider
haman at higher price ranges. Did anyone mentioned Nola Contender? I believe that it's a value winner of the year.

best monitor speaker under 2000
sound for my rotel ra 1062. maybe someone could help me out.

Speakers placed against back wall
needs help! Can anyone provide some speaker suggestions for someone who has very limited choices for speaker location? My speakers will need

Revel Studio 1, B&W 802N or Sonus Faber Cremonas
ld strongly recommend that you make a phone call to Frank Van Alstine to get yourself started. No BS when you call, and the sound/dollars ratio with his stuff is

Best Speakers new/used for around 2k
d18 or Studio 140 3) Spendor A6 4) PSB Synchrony One 5) Zu Druid 6) Gershman 7) Magnepan 1.7 (daughter's cat might shred) 8) B&W 804 9) Martin Logan Vistas 10)Sunfire

Big Step Up from Totem Hawks 10k Speakers
PSB Synchrony One or Ariel 7t or Sonus Faber Amati would be an upgrade for less than 12k and compete with much more expensive speakers.

Anyone listened to PSB Synchrony Ones
I haven't had the chance yet to hear these speakers, since the nearest dealer is a 10 hour drive away. I will be able to audition them in the near future, but

Do Thiel dealers discount
price. Also there is a Thiel dealer at one hour driving distance from my house. Is it worth to visit them expecting to get a discount? It is unusual that an

need to down size to monitors
tic music well too: Revel M22 PSB Synchrony One B Dynaudio DM2/8 (old style monitor with big woofer) Dynaudio Excite X16 Totem Acoustic Model-1

Does anyone have any experience with PSB Speakers
Does anyone have any experience with PSB floor standing tower speakers? I'm interested in your overall thoughts about that line of speakers.

paraphrase: No loudspeaker is perfect. None the less, if you have very deep pockets, and can lay out, say, multiple tens of thousands of US dollars (or more) for a

Mid Fi Integrated Amps
suggestions. I purchased a pair of PSB Synchrony 1B speakers and a Sony xa5400ES CD player. I'm using an older Denon receiver that is my next piece to be replaced. I'm

Please Advice For The Speakerly Challenged
but this is a minor quibble with this one. The next model above X36 might just fit my bill, but the dealer had none in stock. Polk Audio RTI-A9 - Sounded thin

How far, how much
so I have been considering PSB Synchrony One, Revel F12 (which may be similar to my Betas), or Monitor Audio RS6. Any other suggestions in this range?

Vienna Beethoven, Spendor 8SE, Adagio or VS VR4jr
e VR's who really loved my VA's. One more speaker you may consider is the Sonus Faber Cremona. Cheers,

Bi amp question
I have recently purchased a set of psb synchrony ones and a NAD M3 amp(180 wpc)... if were to add another amp, say a Rotel RB-1170(130 wpc) for bi-amping... which way

First subwoofer for a newbie
refurbished. I am matching this up with PSB Synchrony Two B speakers. I would like a really tight bass and don't care as much about trying to rattle the house to

Modest Speakers for Large Room
room is also open to my dining area at one end (opposite my intended speaker location)which adds another 14'x14' or so. I realize there is a lot of acoustic

Need help on an all rounder speaker under 5000
Your budget would allow you to go with PSB Speakers' top of the line, the giant-killing a target=_blank href=

Prior or current owners of PSB Stratus Gold
Since I own a pair of these, and am pretty impressed and satisfied, I still wonder what else is around that has a similar tonal balance, but might be just a

Paradigm vs Dali vs PMC
to the following and wondered if anyone had any tips or experience with either. Its for a room about 17 x 17, with a Simaudio 100W I-3 amp (considered tonally

Budget floorstading with a good waf Help
PSB Synchrony 2

Speakers for Bryston pre/power amp
amp+pre. Currently have(put up for sale)PSB Synchrony one's but had problems with inexplicible loss of power & dynamics somewhere in my setup. Just sold M6i

Compare Paradigm speakers to
was where I started my journey. I've gone back to them a few times since and have always been impressed. I can't remember all the models I've owned, but I've

From tiny Silverline's to slightly bigger PSB's
I now have Silverline Minuets being powered with Jolida's latest JD 302 integrated amplifier. I am thinking about changing to some PSB Synchrony Two B's, or

Speakers for a large vaulted room
in this room and I want to see if anyone thinks the speakers will make a difference. First, the room is rectangular with a brick fireplace flue that goes

Speaker Purchase
I was in college, a neighbor who'd done well on Wall Street gave me a pair of Bose 901's when he upgraded to something else. Around that time, I purchased an

Replacement for Monitor Audio RX6
Any recommendations? How about PSB Synchrony . Looking to spend no more than $2500 used. Are the speakers the weakest link or does the power amp need changing?

Need help on speaker decisions
the KEF R500 with Primaluna DiaLogue One Integrated Amp. It was clean, warm, and rich in voice. However when the R500 was paired with a Denon AV receiver, the

To port or not to port
(no HT) and currently have a pair of PSB Synchrony One B bookshelfs. I really like the speakers but sometimes percussive bass gets boomy and bass guitar has a

Early stages of choosing replacement floorstanders
ok) What I've listened to so far: PSB Synchrony 1's and Imagine T2's. Liked them both, pleasantly surprised by how good they sounded. The Sychrony has been a little

804Ds and bass performance
buying a pair of B&W 804Ds, but I have one reservation. I can only reach one dealer from where I live and they have a hopeless demonstration area and zero concept

Best new or used speakers for under 3K
mains. I have been looking hard at the PSB Synchrony One's and the cheapest I have found them is about $3,600 +S/H. I need some suggestions from you guys. My room

looking for circa 5k full range towers
Actually I thgought about Quad 2905 as one of my options. Mofimadness my room is rather narrow - it's almost 6 metersX 2.5 meters [ around 19'X 8' ]

Need advice on which speakers I should audition
everyone, need a little help getting a list together on which speakers I should audition! I have been in this audiophilia for

Narrowing Down the Speaker Search
I found Zu a bit bright for my taste. None were a match for the Daedalus DA-RMa's I use now, but above yoor price range and they never appear second hand. Good

best towers for 3000
go used. Some possible candidates ... * PSB synchrony 2s * Salk Songtowers * Vienna * Joseph Audio * Thiel CS1.6 or 2.4 * ProAc ? Others I miossed?

Tower Speakers and Room Size
get fatiguing. Then I listened to the PSB Imagine T through the same rig. Slightly more recessed in the treble (as compared to the RS6), but with noticeably

KEF Q 900 Any experience
to be an outstanding value. Does anyone have and experience with these speakers

Comparing PSB, Paradigm and Revel your thoughts
I've heard each of these separately but would like to get some comments from members about the overall house sound of each brand. The PSB Synchrony One and

PSB Image t6 or Imagine T No sub and rotel amp
Hello, I am relatively new to this and have a pretty specific question that I would really appreciate your help with. I am upgrading my speakers and really do

A very successful DIY outrigger project
wall-to-wall carpet) and the left one is by the front door where purse slinging women arrive and are oblivious to the hazard. I had Soundocity outriggers

Van Quatro, Thiel 2 4, PSB Synch One, Merlin, Salk
A lot of great high flyers speakers in this group. Any favorites out of this list, any experiences with comparisons? Vandersteen Quatro Thiel .

Speakers after Infinity Kappa 9
My budget is around 8K. I have demoed PSB synchrony one, PSB imagine, B&W 803D), Totem (Hawk, Arrow), Vandersteen 2CE, Theil, and Best Buys' Martin Logan,

PSB Synchrony line discontinued
An unscientific sampling of the web suggests that the Synchrony Two was discontinued several months ago (see, for example, Crutchfield), that the dark cherry

Tyler Acoustics
base with deep extension (I will have one or more subwoofers for HT, but I would prefer to rely on the speakers alone for audio playback (I listen to a broad

PSB Syncrony one vs klipsch Rp 5
I'm current using klipsch rp-5 front channels. If components aren't considered (hypothetically the best are being used), would the PSB Syncrony one or two be

PSB Synchrony vs Sonus Faber Cremona M
I haven't heard either of these but both are possibilities for an upgrade (will they be?) from current Infinity Renaissance 80. Assuming either can be had for

Need Help Matching Speakers to Amp
bought PSB Synchrony 2's powered by Parasound Halo A21, using new Marantz avr as a pre-pro (2 volts preamp output). The sound is very

B&W vs PSB
I have had a pair of B&W CDM 7NT for years and have been happy. I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of PSB Synchrony One's. How much of an improvement

PSB Imagine T opinions and how they fare vs Focal
I have narrowed my search down and one of the remaining options is the PSB Imagine T/T2 (along with the Focal 726v)I have listened to the PSB, but not in ideal

Considering Sonus Faber Liuto, Revel F52, JM labs
Revel F52, JM labs Electra 1028 be, PSB Synchrony One and Paradigm S8 as a possible replacement for PSB Stratus Gold. I am very satisfied with the overall sound of the

LSA1 Statement vs PSB Synchrony 2B or 1B
Hi, I am looking for a great and sanely priced pair of monitors for a smallish (13 x 16 with 8 foot ceilings) room. I had the chance to audition Ascend

Recommendations for rear speakers w/ PSB Synchrny2
I currently have psb synchrony twos (front) and synchrony one c (center) in my setup along w/ a couple old book shelf speakers for the rear.   Someone has a

Speaker upgrade suggestion
not an option for me; Was told by someone know hows quite a lot that they would not work in my room. BTW I'd prefer a well rounded speaker, not something that

Speakers for Ayre ax 7e Vadersteen, Linn, PSB
I know this is a frequent advice question but I still value the numerous opinions I have read and seek more advice. I have assembled a nice initial Ayre audio

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