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Preamp Deal of the Century
quality preamps such as Hovland, Joule, First Sound, Rogue, etc. I know I would appreciate it. The Supratek sounds terrific, but how does it stack up against

High Fidelity Cables CT 1designed by Rick Schultz
I was in for a treat! The experience: First off,CT-1 was very user friendly.Installation was simple;the cable is very nice and light.The female RCA fit beautifully

Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em
I now kind of wish I'd tried the Ohm's first.

The best speaker you ever heard
the guy hooked up those small (laugh) 5 watt Audio Notes.

Taralabs cables
X running for 48 ours. I must admit at first the sound was compressed and nasally. Lots of nuance and detail was missing. The music does not sound organic at all.

Eminent Technology ET 2 Tonearm Owners
apart from others, in my opinion. The first is the arc block or VTA block as stated in the parts list on ETs website a target=_blank href=http://www.eminent-tech.

Tidal Speakers owners
them on Sunday of the show. One first impression-never have I seen speakers better packed.

Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
I bought my first pair of Harbeth P3 mini-monitors in 1994, sold them in 1998 and bought a pair of Harbeth HL Compact 7s, which I

New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house
I have heard to date. This is the first digital front end piece of gear I have owned that has transformed my music. Ya, other digital gear does this or that

Personal speaker evolution
First I had my EARS(free by God) Than I had one-box tube radiola(record-player, tuner, amp and speakers) Than I had

Personal amp evolution
Moscode 300 Linn Majik Pass Aleph 3 Pass Aleph 2s BAT

Zu Soul Superfly
in the free superfly upgrades to the first 30 people got me. From a similar thread it sounds like some of you guys have heard the speaker despite information

Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life Do you know of one
My Pass Labs X600 Monoblocks. I have no desire or need to every let them go. Besides they're too heavy to get rid of.

Best Integrated, period
First, let me clarify that I do not believe that there is any one 'best' of anything in this hobby. The following response

What does one purchase after owning horns
particular vocal reproductions. I swear first time I heard them I was spooked that Frank Sinatra's ghost was in the room. My point? I think those are going to be a

Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
ose. M1 kills it. I had two DS, thought first one a lemon. So bought another one with latest updates. Little better. Both made a lot of noise. Measure bad. I don't

solid state vs tubes
It has been said that Pass XA.5 has a tube-like sound. I no longer understand what that means. To my ears, the Pass has a midrange on par with

Powerful Tube Amp for SF Strads
should also check out the Lamm M1.2 and M2.2 hybrid amps. Do some research, the reviews and user comments seem universally positive. Also check out the new Pass

450 Pound Monobloc Amplifier
right at a half-ton...amazing. The Pass Labs XS 300 monobloc weighs 300 pounds, 300 wpc. With all of the advances in amplifier design, does an amp really have

Which is the most tubelike solid state amp around
The Pass XA.5 series has a sweet sound. I'm using a Pass XA30.5 on my 3.6's. I'm a tube fan/lover and have several tube amps I

SS amps for merlin vsm
of you Merlin owners ever auditioned a First Watt offering...J2...M2? Seems like one of them would be a good match, but one never knows until one hears it.

Thoughts on the First Watt SIT Amps
Has anyone bought the First Watt SIT amp (either model)? If so, tell us your thoughts compared to previous amps you've had.

Sold speakers you really enjoyed But why
me to move on to something else. When I first heard the D1's I wasn't all that impressed. But they were brand new and being under driven for break in purposes. Then

To all tube lovers
From experience in my system, Pass Labs XA-.5 series, and by extension one of the offerings from First Watt...the M2 or J2. I do not have

What Is Best Monoblocks For Around 10,000 Used
they only have single ended inputs. The Pass Labs X600 may not give me the bass I'd like to have. Can anyone make any suggestions on a good, resolving pair of

5000 integrated budget: Please help me choose
me inexpensive substitutes,it really is first-rate.The Dialogue 2 allows remote control and triode operation for more intimate/small scale performances.

25 watts Class A or 70 watts Class A/B
related to these two amps: 1. First Watt F5 (Pass Labs) 2. Naim NAP 300 The speaker to be driven is a Tannoy dual concentric Turnberry SE. It is a 93 db

Pass Labs amps and Avantgarde speakers
Hi, Does anyone has any experience with matching Pass Labs XA30.5 poweramp with Avantgarde Acoustic Duo speakers? The XA30.5 is getting great

Aleph 3 Its 2013, are they still awesome
Don't buy it, rather buy a First Watt M2 for $1690 from Reno Hifi if they still have any refurb ones. You get the full warranty and Nelson Pass's current best

tube pre amp plus solid state power amps
I would power up the tube stuff first, than the solid state stuff so no unwanted turn on transients will destroy your speakers.

best class a amp for a grand
Pass Aleph 30s come up for around that much, or just a touch more than that. A fabulous amp, particularly the highs.

First Watt to Pass Labs
I am considering buying a First Watt or Pass Labs preamp and amp. I've never compared the units side by side, but I see the benefit of the First Watt simple

Regenerator, Balanced Power, or Power Cleaner
I'm planning gradually evolve to a First Watt amp with High Efficiency Speakers, CAPS Computer and near field listening. I live in an apartment and will

Does anyone love the First Watt SIT2
Or SIT1? I had mine for a couple months and i'm amazed by it. It seems like there was some talk online when it first came out but not so much now. I'm

Pass M2 so good, 80K Pass mono that much better
Not long ago, I bought, and then decided to keep, a Pass First Watt M2 amp. The M2 is so incredibly good, I can't wrap my mind around how good can their latest

Review: First Watt M2
Just a bit of background first in order to put the M2 into perspective. I have been into this hobby since 14 (am now 40) and have lived long term with 2

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