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Mye stands and Maggie 3 6 Speakers
I am adding a pair of mye stands to my 3.6 Maggies. Would appreciate any useful feedback regarding set up , placement . Do you find the stands perform best

Amps on Maggie Mye Stands Bad Idea
Somebody stop me! No Don't!! The Mye stands for the Maggie 20.1's have the perfect horizontal rear support struts to throw a good solid piece of maple on and

Any GON members ever try Mye stands on MG 20/20 1
Just ordered a pair of Mye stands for my MG-20's. I really don't know why I did not do this along time ago, since everything I have read on other sites rave

Taralabs cables
one I dont think.Is there a album that stands out more than the others.

Stillpoints Ultra SS under your speakers
Track Audio (I just love their speaker stands), there is also Spiral Groove's Strange

Magnepan announces the 20 7
and that is the way it sounds best. The mye stand tilt's the speaker and aims the sound over your head. My son is a engineer and I am pretty mechanically

Tweaking the Magnepan 1 7s
of these ideas with my new location. Mye stands. I am waiting for my bank account to grow a bit before I go for these. I believe Mye has the new updates for the

How Much Push/Pull Tube Power for Maggies
mgs in? and also, how will after market stands improve the mmgs, if at all, and if so which ones would you recommend? i'm not crazy about how the speaker touches

magnepan mmgs buy zero autoformers or stands 1st
the mmgs sound good with my 40wpc el34 tube amp, but the bass needs tightening up. what would benefit me more, the zero autoformers or the mye stands. i'm

New Magnepan 1 7 R
e owned MMG and MGIIIA and MG3.6's with mye stands. I also have owned Usher CP6381 and thought they they offered more impact and slam, with excellent imaging and

Magnepan owners : past / present
I had MMG then MG3a and then 3.6 with Mye stands. I moved on to b&W 801 Matrix III and then upped again to Revel F52.

Maggies with no Sub: Fantastic surprise
going to them (Cary CAD 500 MB's) and Mye Stands, but wow, they really sound great. I'm kind of sorry I bought the Rel now. I think I may just buy a cheap sub

Life after Maggies
on the bass panel. They're clamped in Mye stands and they far outperform stock. Even better than stock Maggie 3.6's to my ears. They sound fantastic! What I

Followup Magnepan 1 7s in a 10x13' dedicated room
contributing complication. I have used Mye stands with both the 1.6s and 3.7s, and have found that the ability to tilt the panels in order to align the center

Magnepan MMG or something else
you can try Mye stands for them and do not forget speaker wire like Alpha Core MI2 Veracity (ribbon) which Maggies like BTW Maggies

Audio's Biggest Loser
accessories, heavy rack furniture and MYE stands for the Tympanis which could easily double that amount to half a TON or so. And I am sure some of you can

Help with used "rock" speakers under 4K
I have owned Magnepan Mg3.6 on mye stands and B&W 801 matrix 3 at the same time. I sole the Magnepans. I have had many other speakers and only my Revel F52s

"Air, Extension, Resolution" Music or Hi Fi
resistors in line with the tweeters MYE stands a Musical Fidelity tube buffer new tubes for the Audio Research SP11 new Signal Cable speaker cables and interconnects

What do you think about Magnepans 3 6R for me
gies, make sure to get the after market Mye stands. They will tighten up your bass and overall detail considerably. Best,

magnepan 1 6 needs help in the bass
aker stand [forget who makes the Maggie stands] or fashion some kind of clamp device then anchor studs from the top corners to the wall [doubtful WAF, though!]

What happens when the Wife cleans the audio room
heir normal spot. I've got to get a set Mye stands to put a stop to that. Can't complain really, she's very indulgent of my obsession and enjoys good music and

How many Maggie owners have special stands
I have recently put cinder blocks and top of my Maggie stands and am amazed at the improvement. The midrange became the main focus of the sound (not the bass)

A question for Maggie owners
owned Magnepan MMG, MG3a and MG3.6 with Mye stands, I have also owned the VR4jrs.... To be honest I didnt like the VR's at all and sold them after 2 weeks.

Polling MagnePan Users Using a SubWoofer
with planar speakers, and the MyeSound stands. The ML worked beautifully with my tricked out MG-20's. You have no idea how much more your 20.7's have to give until

magnepan 1 6 subwoofer recomendations
oom, with actively bi-amped Maggies and Mye stands, my bass is strong enough that I rarely feel the need. For some kinds of music, the solid foundation

Sonus Faber vrs Magnepan
wondering how my Magnepan Mg12 (with Mye stands) would compare to Sonus Fabers? Specially the SF I am looking at is the Signum, but general comments are

Sub's for Magenpan 3,7
nd was amazed. I would suggest you get Mye stands for your 3.7s. Have fun!

Magnepan 1 7 w/ Tubes & lots of Class D Power
he stock maggie jumpers are nasty. Stands---- with the 1.6's, Mye stands made a huge difference. With the 3.7's, not the same order of magnitude difference,

Body for Maggies: Hegel Pass Sanders or Ncore
Mye stands - are a must have for Maggies to perform at their maximum capability. The improvement has to be experienced. 1.6QR

Maggie 3 6 Interconenct Upgrade
audible? 3. Would all agree that the Mye stands are probably the most sonically noticable upgrade? Thank you in advance for your learned

Magnepan MG 20 help and recommendations
they sound wonderful. I appears the stands got seperated and are not present. An audit of contents of the MG 20 show all parts are here as well except the

5k budget tube system
models like the XRS don't even require stands). Here is my list of components for him along with prices (new or used). Anyone here have any suggestions? Don't want

What stands for Mag 3 6's work well
I would like to hear any feedback on MYE, Sound Anchors or others that you may have used Thanks.

Tympani IVa amping
your tympanis are an anomoly. I get my Mye stands soon. Hopefully, that can make a great speaker even better. BTW, if you're using the internal crossover

Anyone heard the new Cary CAD 500MB monos
four months now driving Maggie 3.6's on MYE stands. You can't go wrong! They are quite powerful and have a warmth about them that I've only heard from tube amps.

Quad 988 versus Quad 2805
gnepans that flop around on their stock stands vs. a pair that is heavily braced. The bass is less smeared- deeper and more solid. Everything sounds faster. I

I need your expertise selecting an amp & speakers
DAC2 Pair of Magenpan MG 3.5Rs with Mye stands REL Strata III sub Blue Jeans Cable interconnects and speaker wires Monster Power HTS 3500 power conditioner

can I get some opinions bass on magnepan mg20 1
ltimately, you'll want to get a pair of Mye stands for your Maggies. That will clean up the bass considerably. But it sounds like you are still in break-in mode

McIntosh & Maggies am I hooked up the best way
mods) * Magnepan MG 3.6 speakers (with Mye Sound stands) * MIT bi-wire speaker cables * Monster power and interconnect cables through-out * 2 Monster Power

Recommended crossovers for Maggie 20 1s
provide noticeable improvement? The Mye Stands have helped a lot, I could get larger amps (using Krell fpb 350 monos) but don't know a thing about

Best Interconnects for Maggie 3 6s
Are you using Mye stands for your maggies? If not, get those first as they will make more of a difference than much more expensive component

Maggie MG12 Tweaks
Thanks, I have MYE stands on order as so many seem to recommend. I have by passed the attenuator and heard doing the same to the fuse helps too.

Question for Maggie 1 7 owners
light forward tilt to be better. I had Mye stands which made this easy and did not subject the speakers to danger of being knocked down when tilted forward.

Magnepan speaker set up
wner's forum has more info about better stands that improve on the flimsy factory feet.

stands for stacked quads with decca tweeters
I know wayne piquet might make me some, but I am not sue i want to listen with the grilles off. Any good sources for this stand configuration? I hope not to

Mye Speaker Stand type of fill material
I have Mye Speaker Stands for my Maggie 3.6 speakers. What is the best material and process for mass loading and filling the metal stands? I'm thinking of

Amps for Bi amping Maggies
factors: Speakers - Magnepan 3.6R/Mye stands and ZuAudio Libec Cables Crossover - Marchand XM44 (much research done) Amp Low - Cary Audio CAD 500 MB now my

Inexpensive and very effective Magnepan tweak
owners know that the factory-supplied stands, although adequate enough to hold them in a vertical position, will allow the entire speaker panel to sway to and fro

TAD 150 sig vs Lector zoe vs Modwright SWL 9 0 SE
consists of Magnepan 1.6 speakers with mye stands, threshold 4000 amp, luxman receiver (used as temporary preamp), Sony es 75 CDP, McCormack deluxe dac-1,

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