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Alternatives to Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista
Hi I recently have upgraded to a Nuvista integrated and although it is very clear it becomes bright and wearing, there is loads of slam and energy.

nuvistors for Musical Fidelity NuVista CD player
I'm seeking a parts source for the nuvistor output tubes used in the Musical Fidelity NuVista CD player (seller does not have the manufacturer-supplied spare

Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 MC Phono gain
Does anyone know how much gain there is in the MF NuVista M3 phono input when switched to MC. The manual only speaks to the MM setting, but I understand there

Tube rolling for Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3
Has anyone tried tube rolling the 6CW4's tubes in the pre section of their Nuvista M3? The tubes are very inexpensive so I'm hoping somebody can share their

Power Cables for Musical Fidelity Nuvista 21 DAC
Please share your experience and recommendations with various power cables on this DAC. Thoughts so far include: Audience JPS Digital Black Sand

Eminent Technology ET 2 Tonearm Owners
equency range and cleaner, clearer more musical bass.

Personal amp evolution
rround receiver (owned it for 1 day) Musical Fidelity A3 Integrated (nice intro to SS) Rogue Magnum Tempest Integrated (really nice intro to tubes) Rogue

Attn Vinyl lovers what CD Player do you use
dified toshiba sd-4960. very detailed, musical and non-fatiguing.

Your most disappointing purchase or audition
was about $1000-1500), PS Audio PCA-2, Musical Fidelity A3.5, Pass X2.5, Clements RT-

Which Solid State Amplifier is Making you Happy
to find a new amplifier to replace a Musical Fidelity A3CR. There are lots of candidates: Rowland 501s, Pass Labs 350.5, Levinson 431/432, H2O, etc. What are

Recent equipment you hated, thought overpriced
nthetic sound. Sold'em quick. Musical Fidelity M-3 Nuvista integrated. All bling, no substance. Soliloquy speakers. No wonder they are no longer in

SS amps for merlin vsm
. Anybody tried Musical fidelity amps with merlin ? I will be doing an audition on Primare ss integrated and sim audio power amps with

Which Amp for Magnepan MG 3 6/R
would you choose? My system includes: Musical Fidelity NuVista 3D CD player, Klyne 7LX3.5 solid state preamp, a pair of Cambridge SoundWorks Newton P-1000

Focal Mini Utopia vs Merlin MXe
I am using SS with mine, either Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 [300 watts] or Meridian 605s [150 watts]. Both work well. Mine have the Titanium tweeters, did

Gryphon vs McIntosh
Reference 3.5 and source mostly used is Musical Fidelity NuVista 3D CDP connected with Cardas Golden Cross ICs. Here are the amps on the shortlist: - McIntosh MA7000

Gallo Reference 3 1 questions
Gallo Ref 3s last night. System was a Musical Fidelity 5.5 CD player, Rogue Audio Metis pre, Arcam amplifier. In most respects, I was extremely impressed - huge

Which Integrated got you off the merry go round
Musical Fidelity NuVista M3. Still have my separates but am happy with this.

What is the best loudspeaker for a small room
DeVore Fidelity speakers are remarkable and designed to work well in modest spaces. John DeVore is

The most beautiful Integrated Tube amp
Have you seen the musical fidelity nuvista? Check out Really pretty!

Best Integrated amp for Wilson Audio Sasha
I used my Musical Fidelity M3 NuVista on my friends Sasha and it did a very good job.

5000 integrated budget: Please help me choose
but rather leans somewhat toward musical and real, but not overly mushy.

Integrated Amp Looking to replace my amp & pre
I use the Musical Fidelity NuVista M3. They have several large integrated. If I were looking at the top of your budget I would definitely look at the ASR

tube watts vs transistor watts
orrect, it depends on the amplifier. My Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 is rated 275 at 8 ohms, my tech friend measured 325 with extremely low distortion. It will pulse

3500 integrated amp for Zu Definition speakers
I am extremely happy with my Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3. If you can find one, or the Trivista, I would recommend it. There is one for sale here now. I would

Musical Fidelity M6 500i vs Kw 500
Hello guys I was browsing around the web today and stumbled across the latest Super Integrated from Musical Fidelity . This is a 500wpc into 8ohm

Need Recommendations for SS amp for 2 ohm load
The large Musical Fidelity amps are stable into 2 ohms and have a lot of power. My NuVista was rated at 275 watts at 8 ohms but in tests

Suggestions on a neutral and powerful integrated
ou will buy used, I would recommend the Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated amp. It uses a small tube in its signal path and puts out 275 watts/ch 8ohms. It is the

Ideal amp for B&W matrix 800
I would also look at the Musical Fidelity big integrated amps, NuVista, TriVista, 500 and 550. My NuVista drove my friends Wilson Sasha speakers very well so

Is it good to drive the magnepan 3 6
use I only had it for a short time, the Musical Fidelity NuVista power amp. So that's the 12th one. I didn't like it with the Maggies. I sold it to a buddy with

Parasound JC 1 or Musical Fidelity KW 550
Which Amp will be the best for my B&W N802s? Current System; Mccormack cd transport,Bel canto dac3,Sonic Frontier Line2, or Pass Labs X1,Straightwire

Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp vs A308CR preamp
Hi: Could anyone guide me on purchasing advice between these two preamps, in the context of our phoncentric system. We have a Threshold S/500 amp running a

Integrated amp for Synchrony Ones
or a more powerful SS integrated like a Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 or Plinius Hautonga. My budget tops out around $3k and I'm unable to audition anything so I'm

Cables for Sophia 2 and Burmester
phia 2s with dCS VerdiEncore/Delius and Musical Fidelity kW 500. I have had superb results from a loom of Acrolink Mexcel cables. That is 7N-DA6100, 7N-S20000,

I would appreciate some speaker suggestions
bout your amplification, room size, and musical tastes.

Moscode 402au vs Butler TDB2250 vs McIntosh MC275
ntegrated I tried after separates was a Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3... a big disappointment. I knew instantly that it was all bling, with little substance... I

B&W 804S + 2,000 used integrated
I am leaning heavily towards a used Musical Fidelity a5.5 Integrated or maybe a McIntosh Integrated. Any suggestions/experience with this match? I mainly listen

Wilson Sophia 2 or Sonus Faber Amati Homage
and thinking either tube mono-blocks or Musical Fidelity NuVista/A1008 or similar SS? I had B&W N802's but couldn't live with the overly bright, glaring hardness.

Musical fidelity Nu Vista M3 vs Ayre AX 7e
Dear AGon fellows, I am going to upgrade my MF M1 DAC/V-Link to Ayre QB-9 24/96 soon. I am currently having Nuvista M3 connected to M1 DAC via

Musical Fidelity A3cr Pre compared to Tubes
I have a MF A3cr power amp that I am considering matching a tube preamp or the matching the companion Preamp. Does anyone have any experience with the MF Pre

Watt Puppy 7 needs new or used Amp and Pre amp
Used Musical Fidelity integrated amps would have plenty of power and sound very good. The NuVista M3 , which I use, or the later similar

400 450Wpc Integrated to drive Thiel 2 3/2 4
fear my Musical Fidelity A308 at 300Wpc into 4 ohms isn't powerful enough to drive the Thiel 2.3 or 2.4's effortlessly and with enough authority

What amplification is best for JMLab Mini Utopias
a record/cd on and be surrounded by musical pleasure for hours. My question is whether I should try one more time to find an amp/preamp/integrated amp for my JMLab

Amp suggestions for sofia's
ses Lamms with his Sasha, I have had my Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 on them and sounded good. The big MF integrateds are a real bargain. My CJ 350 would work well.

Preamp or Surround Processor for Stereo
listed. Iíve seen a Linn Kolektor, Musical Fidelity A3.2 CR, various Rotels, Bryston, Arcam, B&K, Anthem, etc. between $500 and $1,000. I am looking for a preamp

MF Tri Vista or Nu Vista Amp or Pathos Logos
speakers. Heard that some of the NuVista's produce a hum in the speakers and Tri Vista is more reliable. On the other hand some people say older MF models are

PSB Synchrony Owners What Amp Are you using
I am using a Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated that uses tubes. It puts out 275 watts into 8 ohms, 550 into 4 ohms which is what the Synchrony Ones really

using high end speakers wit integrated recievers
It depends on the amp. The large Musical Fidelity ones, NuVista, TriVista, 500 and 550 would do a very good job. The Krell 300, the new one that retails for $

Dali Helicon 300 + Rel Stadium 3 or Euphonia MS 4
(mk I) with the original stands, and musical fidelity A5 amp and CD player. I have a relatively large listen room (l x w x h: 5.21 x 4.57 x2.46 ft; 5.7 x 5.0 x 2.7

Musical Power cable
I find power cables to have a huge impact on the sound in my system. I have been finalizing some changes and have the system where I am very satisfied. The

Integrated amp for Focal micro utopia be
as and they worked very well with my MF NuVista M3; probably over powered for yours but smaller ones from MF should work.

Best Amplifier Speaker DAC Cayin Spendor Monarchy
under $700 also). Later, I purchased a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista amplifier which along with the BAT amplifier and Forte 4A was some of the best solid state sound I

Integrated Amp for VR4jr
Karan I-180 or Musical Fidelity KW-

Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated, Use as Preamp Only
The Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated has Pre-Out connections which the manual states are for bi-amplification, allowing the use external speaker amplifiers while

Musical Fidelity integrateds which is best
Of the Musical Fidelity integrateds A300, A3.2 ,A3.5 ,A3 which is the best in sound quality. I know this will be a personal opinion based on gear and taste

Putting a "pre out" to use to get more power
If you want to spend some money the big Musical Fidelity integrated amps are a bargain. The NuVista, TriVista 500 and 550 all show up under $3000 quite often. My

Phono Input in the Musical Fidelity A5 5
I am a newbie and I am building my system from the ground up. I am trying to use quality equipment so I will not get the upgrade bug so fast. I am seriously

Best amp for Dynaudio Confidence 1 or Contour 1 4
re not particularly efficient. I used a musical fidelity M3 nuvista at 275 watts into 8 ohms with 1.3 mkIIs which are only sightly more efficient then either the C1

My 2 cents about Gallo 3 1
from an audition of Gallo 3.1 with my Musical Fidelity Nu Vista amplifier. My impression were good, most speakers I've heard that retail for 3K leave me unimpressed.

Amp/preamp recommendations for Quad ESL 2905
my brand new ESLs. The source is a Musical Fidelity kw DM 25 DAC and Transport. The room size is 14 x 28 x 10 ft.Not all brands are available in this part of the

Musical Fidelity NU VISTA M3 VS KW500
Hi Guys...........Please help............ Currently, I've sold all of my equipments, but kept my lovely Hales T-5 speaker. I want a fresh start with

Cables for Totem Model 1 Sigs
Eagle 4 (solid state) power amps, and a Musical Fidelity NuVista preamp. There's no issue with brightness in my case.

Comparison of Musical Fidelity CD players
I am looking for a CD player to add to my Musical Fidelity M3 NeVista integrated amp. The contenders are the MF 3d Nuvista, MF Pre24, and the MF Trivista.

Musical Fidelity old vs new
I am wondering about what sonic differences there are between a Musical Fidelity a308 pre/power combination and the newer M6i integrated. anybody heard or

Amp for PSB Stratus Gold speakers
Well, just bought a Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3 integrated. with 275 watts, that should have enough power.

RCA Splitter to Bi amp
I've used splitters on my Musical Fidelity NuVista and was very happy with the results. I used a splitter from Parts Express below: a target=_blank

Musical Fidelity A1008 integrated amp
Does anyone have any experiences with, or comments on, the Musical Fidelity A1008 integrated amp? It sounds promising but there seems to be little discussion

Nuvista vs Trivista integrated Amp
I was wondering if anyone had auditioned the Musical Fidelity Trivista integrated amp against the older Nuvista Amp? Was there much difference other than the

PSB Synchrony One
a set of PSB Synchrony One speakers, Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated amp, and running my old Transrotor Fat Bob, Audiomods IV arm and Lyra Delos cartridge.

Logitech Transporter Upgrade to MF NuVista
I have a Musical Fidelity NuVista and I am interested in beginning to establish a remote computer-based server for my CD collection and possibly upgrade my MF

Anyone use Sweetcome Music Audio power cables
company makes replacement cables for my Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3 and I am considering purchasing them.They sell on ebay. Anyone have any experience with

Musical Fidelity AMS Cd Player with Dac Review
Hallo, does anyone has listen to the Musical Fidelity AMSCD? I am looking for a cd player with a good dac. I liked my Musical Fidelity Nuvista 3D Cd

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