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Long XLR's: PAD Venustas versus Mogami
Does anyone have experience with changing a long Mogami interconnect with something like PAD Venustas? I'm wondering what the gains would be. I'm

Opinions on Mogami Cable
I wanted to get some opinion on Mogami Cable. I am considering building Biwire cable with Mogami 3104, RCA interconnects with 2524 and some Video cable with

mogami interconnects
The news is reaching me that the best solution for i/c's is Mogami Neglex 2549 microphone cable and Neutrik plugs, using the two core wires for send and return,

Mogami balanced cables or another brand
I'm moving to active speakers and was wondered what brand of balanced cables to use. The front L & R are less than ten feet; the rears about 40 - 50 ft total.

Mogami wire vs Signal Cable inter and Linn K400
Hi everyone, Tomorrow I will be swapping all of my Signal Cable Analog One interrconnects out for some KAB American Recorder Technology Jazz

Mogami speaker cables
Has anyone tried the Mogami speaker cables being sold here on the site by member imjerrys? I am thinking about trying them but would like to hear from someone

Anyone try Mogami Neglex for balanced interconnect
This seems to be a solidly engineered cable at a very reasonable price- 2 m pair under $90. While not one of the usual "audiophile" brands I wonder

DIY Mogami interconnects
Anybody have information on making interconnects using Mogami 2803 cable? I`m open to suggestions on other interconnect cable for a DIY project also.


Mogami 2941 cable
Anyone know a supplier for bulk Mogami 2941 in less than 100meter rolls? I need 50'. I can't find pricing anywhere.

Lightspeed Attenuator Best Preamp Ever
d versus solid core. Would cabling like Mogami or Belden suffice? These typically have low LCR specs.

Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
Mogami coaxial with Lore Sorry for another one at so short interval - did anybody use Mogami cable with Lore? How was it,

Personal amp evolution
un and get balanced. Even a $100 set of Mogami star quad will yield better results than a $1000 unbalanced

Cables more hype than value
The very best studios in the world use Mogami cable...... a pair of interconnects can cost under $100. I've been in the top studios in LA, NY, Nashville and

Looking for really fine cables at really low price

Cable Costs Relative to System
recording industry is very good indeed. Mogami Quad 2534 and Vann damme Ultra Pure Silver Plated cable for interconnect works great and for me holds it own against

Your most disappointing purchase or audition
A 1 meter Mogami XLR cable I bought from Guitar Center...I've used Mogami instrument and mic cables for years with success, and have a

Words From the Wise
eets. Consider all matching cables like Mogami Gold. Know the differences between cables - analog, and digital 75 or 110 ohms. Use something like DeOx-It Gold to

Reviews of 10k plus ics, speaker wires, and pcs
has to be darn great! That's why I use Mogami Silver series XLR IC's. I bet that Mogami assembly line is also one you should see just in case and speak out if you

directional cables
ne of the cables I was referring to was Mogami 2549. Two conductors tied to the hot pin and the shield tied to the RCA shell. Would one conductor to the hot, one to

Great Cables That Get Little Attention
Mogami 2549 for unbalanced

Your jaw dropping cables
Mogami 2549 for unbalanced RCA and Mogami 2921 for speaker.

Most "Musical" sounding speaker cable under 1000
Mogami 2921 biwire or biamp with Audioquest BFAs. Plenty of money left from the $1000 budget to make your system even more

Is preamp remote volume a deal breaker for you
compared balanced interconnects made by Mogami, I think, and a high end cable manufacturer. He said the latter sounded better to him and bought the high end cable

What most important in the sound of your cables
es and I love its performance. I use Mogami silver interconnects that are not top of their own line either. My preference is to silver plated connectors oppose to

Weakest Link Your honest opinions
d off the cable dance train by going to Mogami RCA (2549) and speaker wire (2921). I use the Neutrik Pro-Fi RCA connectors and Audioquest BFAs to terminate the

Have cables become somewhat of a snake oil topic
the gold standard? Mogami. 03-20-13: Onhwy61 Good question and great post .... I'll second that.

XLR interconnects
good suggestion. Two more: 1) Mogami 2534 Neglex quad mic cable. 2) Bryston XLR interconnects Otherwise, experiment with those on your list.

Anybody have some experience with Bedini amps
you'll need four. You might try Mogami, DNM, Totem.

Kimber 8TC beater
with a cheaper option which is cryo'ed Mogami 3104 (from TakeFiveAudio). It's an absolute bargain; neutral, detailed, solid sounding. Depending on your system, you

Need a very neutral interconnect
r been forgiven for rejecting a pair of Mogami XLR ICs (reduced my rig to sounding like hamsters squealing into a megaphone) as nobody else has ever had issues with

Long cables from turntable or phono stage
rewired my tone arm recently, I used a Mogami 2549 cable, 2 conductor with a shield. The left and right +/- were connected to their respective blue and clear

Which inexpensive ic's cables worth checking out
Mogami and Grover Huffman come to mind.

XLR waste of time
with Neglex 2534 microphone cable from Mogami. I recently picked-up a 6' pair for $87 (tax included) from Guitar Center. I am not disappointed. :-)

looking for interconnect under 200 dollars
Hello, Danovak, I have a pair of Mogami Neglex 2534 microphone cables terminated with XLRs...I am not disappointed :-) Best,

Atma Sphere MA2 Mk2 3 / Krell KSA 250 / Passlabs
me to tell the difference between $100 Mogami Neglex i/cs and my very expensive Purist Dominus i/cs. I tried them and he was right. There was zero, zilch difference,

XLR cable for basic beginner
ce, and send the losers back. Otherwise Mogami from MarkerTek for starters.

DIY balanced interconnects
Neutrik XLR plugs? 2. Any comments on Mogami Neglex 2534 vs Vampire CCC-II vs Oyaide PA-02 cables. 3. Should the ground shield on these twinax cables be connected

Phono rig capacitance
inductance 5-250uH, and a cable such as mogami 2549 which has 26pf/ft capacitance, 0.24uH/ft inductance and 0.022/ft Ohms resistance it becomes very difficult to

Interconnect Cables for Pre and Power amp
e important and use XLR. I'd stick with Mogami that provide exceptional tight connection and so with performance that don't break your bank.

What is the affect of cd player
My 840c likes my Mogami Gold. Yep, from Guitar Center. Very well made and very clean. The stock/issue interconnect went into the shredder.

Entry level speaker cables
Mogami 3103 terminated with Vampire high copper content spades. Cryo it and burn it in post cryo and it gets even better.

Grover Huffman GH RCA ZX+ cables vs
over XLR interconnect versus a standard MOgami XLR and regular copper RCA system is B&W800D, with all Marantz reference electronics, including source CD

Natural and Neutral could be boring
/ IC70 Benz LP Whest Audio PS30 RDT SE Mogami Neglex balanced to the preamp The not so loved CD rom session: Philips CDD 882 (transport) Philips DAC 960

Balanced or Unbalanced
into this thread do you still like the Mogami cable for balanced use?

Do you put as much effort into your Car Audio
t cabling is a must. For my car, I use Mogami speaker cables and Canare interconnect cables. Very nice for auto use. Morel, Dynaudio, Focal speakers also.

1500 for a whole system, budding audiophile
new and run them straight off the OPPO. Mogami balanced patch cords will round out a very impressive $1500 system.

REVIEW: KLEI gZero20 Interconnect
on other threads - what you have is Mogami bulk cable with KLEI Copper Harmony RCA's soldered onto the ends. That is NOT really a KLEI Interconnect is

Warm, lush and smooth interconnect help
At that price you can try mogami 2549 for unbalanced RCA and 2534 for balanced and still have a ton left over. Not overly warm cable but very

Best budget 300 Balanced IC Recommendation Neglex 2534 balanced cables in both his high end consumer and pro audio setups. I think Ralph's point has

Which is better longer xlr or speaker cable
speaker cable is best if you have XLR. Mogami (owned by Marshall) make good quality XLR.

Phono interconnect under 500 used
am using Mogami 2549 interconnects at the moment to connect from the tonearm to my phonostage. It is good, well balanced tonally with

REL Subwoofer Cable Upgrade
Mogami 2549 DIY or have Redco make it up. I use screw-on compression bananas on the amp out and reused the stock neutrik

Best Cables for around 500
$500 cable you choose to audition with Mogami Gold Studio, available a target=_blank href=

best speaker wire for buck
Mogami Neglex,a very underated superb sounding cable at real world prices.I'm currently selling a 25ft.pair.This stuff is

Does listening fatigue go away
or something with the warpspeed or mogami wire? How can I pinpoint the problem? I also am planning to get an EE minimax plus soon, you think that will alleviate

Cambridge 640P Power Supply Upgrade
I'm using a Jelco Mogami Neglex pair (friggin' hot pink...looks sort of cool actually) that came with a gold plated DIN plug and seemingly nice

Cable Recommendations for Entry Level
Mogami or Van Damme(HIFI series LC-OFC) for interconnects. Van Damme 6MM LC-OFC speaker cables. Cheap enouph for entry level

Speaker cables or interconnects
Mogami 2549 for interconnects and Mogami 2921 for speaker cable. You can get both for a rather inexpensive amount. I use Audioquest BFAs on all the 2921

Dont laugh
I've used Mogami balanced mic cables in the past and they are decent, have a good reputation among philes, but were eventually

New cables for Thorens TD 160
embership to recommend perfectly sound Mogami wire when much more costly and eqaually effective wire will accomplish the same thing. The wire should be pure

20 XLR cables that sound good
of solid value xlr's on the cheap like mogami.

Best balanced signal cable
/builds/owns Atmasphere personally uses Mogami balanced cables in his professional and audiophile systems. Do a search here in the archives for "Mogami", I'

What is your DESERT ISLAND amp & speaker combo
p(amp with 2 12" jensen speakers); Mogami 25' guitar cable; a pound or two of weed(tweak); a bong(media)... Are there any matches or lighers found in the house

Has anyone tried Blue Jeans Cable LC 1 RCA IC
ception of the cable to the sub and the Mogami Balanced from the CD player. Some magnet wire DIY may happen over Christmas when I'm between classes.

RFI from steel TV bracket
Halcro, you may want to look at the Mogami 2534 or 2549 cable. It's what allot of studio's use because of their abillity to be quiet. Low capacitance and fairly

Cable Recommendations
Mogami 2549 unbalanced RCA or Mogami 2534 balanced from Pro Audio LA. Great cables that made me stop the cable dance. You can pick your connectors and

How To Improve B&W N802 Bass Response
Speakers: B&W N802 Cables: Mogami balanced XLR interconnects (soon to be replaced with Apogee Wyde Eye for all interconnects), Cobalt copper speaker

long speaker cables or IC's for budget system
shielded ones, like microphone cables...mogami, canare, etc. Long speaker cables can increase the capacitance depending on design, not a great thing for some amps

Why gold
est out there. Even my least expensive(Mogami) studio/mic cables' Neutrik XLRs are gold plated. All of the Kimber/Audioquest/Silver Audio balanced products I've

which budget preamp
Tannoy 8 Reveals, Shunyata Venom 3's Mogami Gold, Mackie BigKnob. The big knob is a volume controller with a phono preamp built in. The system already sounds very

Interconnect recommendations, please
s the usual suspects are: Mogami, Blue Jean, Signal Cable, Morrow, Anti Cable it seems to me the Mogami or Morrow would suit your

Best XLR IC's for around 300/pair
1 XLRs, Cryo Treated or Mogami 2534 XX Series, Cryo Treated, Neutrik XX Series XLR I have both but with RCA ends, the Neotech is a bit full

Is Stealth Sakra IC is really better than Indra
or kicks and giggles I bought a pair of Mogami Gold ic's..........$100 for the pair. To make a long story short, they are amazing! I sold the Sakra and Indra! The

Low cost I/C's
Products from Mogami and Signal Cable offer terrific value IMO. However, I don't think they meet your $40 threshold. I have

e studio. I've tried lots of cable from Mogami to Transparent.

Premium guitar cables Do they exist
want to hear a Klotz, where's Murch? Mogami / Switchcraft always sounded the best to me, but the quad style is amazing at addressing the length problem.

What's the best AES Digital Balanced cable you eve
A common Mogami from a guitar store was my choice and it is great. $20. From my Behringer DEQ2496 to my DAC I tried another

What to upgrade first
could not believe the performance of my Mogami cables that Pro Audio LA built for me (not affiliated) for $24 a 3 foot pair at a target=_blank href=http://http://

Suggestions for "balanced" interconnects
High value for the price you can try Mogami 2534 balanced.

40ft: speaker cable or interconnect
Mogami and Canare are two of the best sounding budget and DIY options. Lots of places will build them to desired length w/

Best Cables for Atma Sphere MA 1 MP 1 combination
nus i/c worth about $10,000. Changed to Mogami at $100 and sounded just as good. Sold the Dominus the next day.

Balanced preamps with Atma sphere MA 2's
very) PAD Dominus i/c with cheap (very) Mogami Neglex i/cs - long runs - and I cant hear a difference! MP-1 & MA -2.

Best Phono Cable for Ortofon MC Anna
most neutral cable I have heard yet is Mogami (Japan). Here is a phono cable that is purposefully built for SME and Jelco arms by Jelco using a suitable Mogami

Interconnects for TT
Frankly, the Mogami interconnects sold by KAB Acoustics for $20 a pair are excellent, but like most anything in this hobby one can go nuts

Has anyone tried making their own interconnects
wire that was easiest to work with was Mogami shielded microphone wire, bought from The connectors I liked most were from Vampire Wire. It

Budget Friendly Interconnects
Mogami star

Atma Sphere with which speaker cables
Atma-sphere he stated that he is using Mogami Neglex cables. I suggest you call Ralph and get his ideas for your situation. I use JPS Labs Superconductor

How Important is Getting Your Rack Out
brBalanced lines don't break the bank; Mogami makes a excellant balanced cable that Ralph from Atmasphere recommends;very nice.

Speaker cables for Vandersteen 3A Signature
Hi, I was using Mogami 8 cond.cable(which is currently for sale)for the longest time.A great cable at a resonable cost.It bested many more

Which cd players have digital INPUT
le up on the 840c and put in a plug for Mogami Balanced.

Interconnect recommendations
Mogami 2549 with whatever connectors you want makes a great RCA cable. Go 2534 for balanced. You can have some 2549 made up

affordable long run IC
If you are running balanced, Mogami Mic cables might be the way to go.

long interconnects earthly price
The professional recording standard is Mogami 2534, though many studios use less expensive Belden and Canare. Even so, the Mogami is less than a buck a foot retail:

Speaker cable for Nad 7050 and KEF LS50
past with good results are canare 4s11, mogami, speltz anti cables, audioquest type 4, and now have morrow sp4. All but the morrow sp4's cost me less than $80. Of

Help me buy some new cables
Mogami 2549 neutrik connectors from Pro Audio LA.

Best of XLR cable
I have just heard Kimber KS-1136 and that is my number one cabel for me so far.I never heard Nordost Valhala so Kimber is the one.

DIY Balanced Interconnect Connectors
going to put together some Mogami 2534 cables for my balanced connection and I will be using Markertek as a source. They have a number of Neutrik

Preamp under 800
PA7EII Stasis amplifier JBL L112 Mogami 3082 cables I am mostly listening to vinyls, the phono section of the preamp is therefore very important to me.

Shotgun connection
ided to give it a try . I am using some mogami 2921 speaker cables. 4 conductors per cable . The improvement on my electrostats is incredible. bass weight is much

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