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any hear dared or ming da amps
any reviews?

Ming Da MC 3008 A2 Mono Blocks
Can anyone comment on the sound and quality of the Ming Da MC-3008-A2 Mono Blocks from Pacific Valve?... I can't find any reviews. The tube topology is

Anyone heard the Ming Da MC34AB
Has anyone heard this amp? It is sold by Pacific Valve. It is a chinese import. I am considering this amp

Need Help With Ming Da 300 4T Integrated Amp Tubes
I purchased a MingDa 300B 4T integrated amp that is brand new in the box but has no tubes or user manual. I have searched the internet and can't find any

Question re: Ming Da MC 88 C integrated biasing
Anybody know if this unit needs to be biased or is it self-biasing? The little manual that comes with it is seriously lacking. Thanks.

Ming Da 3008A Owner
There have been recent questions regarding this amp, being an owner of the version with the 2A3 driver and a former owner of the 300B driver version. I

Mei Xing ming da
Does anyone have any experience with brand? I am looking for comments, opinions and/or thoughts. Response Audio sells mod'd versions that are supposed to be

Shengya vs MHZS vs Ming Da vs Bada CD players
Has anyone compared Shengya vs. MHZS vs. Ming Da vs. Bada CD players? I am a bit intrigued with new Ming Da MC100 (which looks like a MHZS clone) and MC200 (

Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
el and it's excellent. 3) Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC and replace the output coupling capacitor with Duelund CAST. What I use and it's organic bliss. I'm certain

Personal amp evolution
dio 200CX (?) Aragon 4004 mk II Coda Model 10 Coda Model 20 Parasound HCA2200 mk II (downgrading, audio disease out of control) Classe CA-200 (

Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life Do you know of one
sometimes notice a bit of distortion coming from the right channel at times. I just chalked it up that I am probably getting close to needing tubes.

Preamp for Aesthetix / Atma sphere
and implementation. Could be the Mazda, Mullard or even the Siemens is better in the device you're testing. I gave advice on Aesthetix because I owned

Shuguang Treasure tubes
od as I have a quad of EL34 Treasures coming for my Shanling SP-80s. They are due to arrive today from their trip from Calgary. I will certainly want to hear them

ARC Ref 3: Tung Sol 6550 in power supply
oing tube rolling on their Ref3's are coming back to the ARC tubes. Once again there is a difference b/n hearing something different than hearing something

Best Component Ever, for the money
combo bring the concert hall (OC Performing Art Center), the symphonies, the operas, the composer, the pianist, and finally the music. Cheers.

Tube Preamps I'm sold
With your preferences,Teajay,I'm kinda surprised you even wanted to try it.

are all amps equal
ipping. BTW, I like Carver, I'm not slamming them. Good luck.

Any thoughts on removing a preamp from your system
I was somewhat smart until I started coming around here, haha! I really love my Lightspeed Attenuator. It definately removed that last layer of haze I had

Budget Chinese Tube amps any good
models I've read up on so far are: Mingda amps, Miniwatt N3, Yaqin amps etc.

3500 to spend on a tube preamp ideas
then think about Mapletree Audio in Canada. They will custom make the pre of your choice, spec requirements and tube preferences. And The prices are very

Joule Electra LA150 MkII or Lamm LL2 Deluxe
ith your active preamp experiments. Assuming the right sesitivity and input impedance on your amp...well, let's just say you'll think it is a really, really good

American made integrated tube amplifiers
fares up against Cayin , Prima Luna or Ming Da. At least these makes are mentioned in A-gon forums. Hard to find much discussion on Rogue. Why no hype? I know,

Replacing The Stock EH 6SN7 Tubes For Cary SLP 05
amps, I would recommend RCA for NOS and Ming Da for new. The Ming Das don't get much press, but they sound quite nice, and look really cool, too. Does Pavane

6SN7 based Pre Amplifier
1. AES AE-3 2. Consonance Cyber 222 3. Ming DA MC-2A3 4. Cary SLP-98 For the owners of these gears, could you share your experiences? Espeically, the Ming Da and

How do tube Watts compare to SS Watts
e amp. But apart from that, assuming that your speakers are any easy load with an 86db efficiency I'd want at least 80 watts with tubes and 100 to 200 with

EL34 Integrated
site for the SP3 too. The prices are coming down on these lately. Not a bad thing just lots of them for sale. I assure you that the prices won't stay low for

Chinese Loudspeakers ARE GOOD
to price ratio of products like Cayin, Ming Da and others, motivated me to buy a speaker by JINYON AUDIO CO. LTD called Elite Aesthet VI. This speaker will blow

Schiit Gungnir DAC anyone have one of these goes my credibility :^ / Ming Da MC88-C integrated (KT-88 tubed w/active pre-amp), SB Touch w/ Welborne P/S and EDO installed, PS Audio NuWave

Suggestions Tubed linestage pre amp
ike Elliot Modded Counterpoint SA-1000, Ming Da - Bill Baker modded). The Doge betters them all. There are obviously better tube preamps. However, for its

Why so many JL Audio Fathom subs for sale I wonder
s independent at one point when running Ming Da pre and two Linn Klouts. Things changed and now they are running together through a modified Onkyo reciever.

Better than a CAT
of his CAT Ultimate and JL2 in favor of Ming Da pre and amp. Not something I think I'd ever do -- but I suppose anything's possible ;-) .

Quality tube amp below 1k
am already the owner of a jolida 302b. A much loved used model, but old. I am in the market for something comparable for about the same price.

I was driving my speakers with a MingDa MC 34 AB tube amp (75 wt/ch ultralinear 40wt/ch triode) which is powered with 8 EL 34 tubes. It can be used as an

speakers with a "smooth" impedance curve
for tube amps (I am currently using a Ming Da MC 34AB with 8 EL34 power tubes 75 wt/ch ultralinear; 40 wt/ch Class A). There has been a consistent

Amp recommendation for RS6
s with tube amps. Something like the Ming Da EL34A/B would be great.These are superb sounding tube amps and an absolute bargain.Also great build quality,very

Prima Luna Dialogue 2 or Cayin A100
her amp for consideration should be the Ming Da EL 34A/B. These sound very well balanced and can drive most speakers with well above average control. As good

Old power amp with newer preamp
. I use a brand new tube pre-amp Ming Da MC 7R (replaced all the stock tubes with old NOS)with my 30 yrs old McIntosh MAC 4100(just the power amp). My

while waiting on a preamp for my DEFY 7/6550's
So I'm in for game. btw the pre is the Ming da 2A3 which I will let Ken here in BR set up on his system first as he has multiple pres to compare with. This way

Cheaper substitute for VAC Avatar
The Jolida JD102B uses EL84 output tubes that have great sound and are inexpensive to replace. Ideal with the same type higher

Furtwangler's 9th on Arkipel
performance can only go so far in overcoming noise filled recordings. Compared to my SACD recordings of the 9th, the Furtwangler hype now seems to have been much

Audiophile recording and playback Tascam DA 3000
Hi, some months ago I bought the Tascam DA-3000 recorder, having used a small Korg MR-1 for some years. I mainly record from my vinyl rig (Lyra Atlas SME

Tube Amp recommendation for Quad 988
good review from Stereophile Meixing Ming Da MC805-A Monoblocks: recommended from the QuadESL.Org website. I listen mostly to Jazz, and

Is this bad
modified Ming Da MC34-b has outputs for 4 ohm and 8 ohm speakers. Well my speakers are rated at 6.5 ohms. Is it proper to use them

impedance matching amp/preamp
solid state. My pre amp is a modified Ming Da... Impedance is way off, even though I think it has a very good sound. Amp input 50K the preamp outputs 100k which

Tube Pre amp under 1000
It's well worth the search Ming Da pre amps is another good one Good Luck Pat

pro logic unit instead of 2 channel preamp
of the Chinese tube preamps on ebay? (Ming Da etc?) -- any other pre-amp suggestions for the $300 range used? thanks so much for any suggestions

New Production EL34 / 6CA7
I've been using Mullard EL34s in a Ming DA integrated for the last several months. They came highly recommended from Kevin Deal @ Upscale Audio. I would have to

What is a good combination for Proac Res 2 5
y sounded beautiful. I used 40W class A Ming Da SET monoblocks and a Ming Da preamp...cost me $2200 including shipping from China.

Best Chinese Preamp for Bryston 7B Sts
friend and fellow audio nut acquired a Ming Da model ???. It has (2) 12ax7, (2) 12au7, and a rectifier tube. This one had $900 of mods by Response Audio. It'

Nordost and Triangle
Duntonic 3i Integrated tube amp Meixing Ming Da phono stage (tubed) Various cable: Kimber Hero, Analysis Plus IC and poth audio

Help finding my way with amps
my eye: Pass Labs X350.5 Sim Audio W-5 Ming Da MC34AB Luxman L-505u Cary SLI-80 Leben CS 300 My goal is to get a few amps but it is important that they are

best amp for Revel Studio speakers
Mac are slamming amps.Almost smack you in the head. I think or hope your friend meant Ming Da withb a 2A3. The Shengya comes

Ming MC 7R repair
Is there anyone who knows a shop that can repair the Ming MC-7R other than Pacific Valve? I know there was a place in upstate New York that modified the unit

Cary SLP 98 v Manley Shrimp
even sound remotely as good as a stock Ming Da MC-2A3. The Cary has a very artificial mid high which works well for certain kinds of music. Bass is worse than

Tube Integrated or SS for Usher Be 718's
80 ($1500, dealer closeout) (70 watts) Ming Da ($1200, new) Pacific Valve ($1200, new) Also get the impression that the Consonance integrateds and Ming Da and

What is physiclly in size the largest audio power
an impressive output tube. I own Ming Da 805 SET monoblocks that sound quite nice and can handle most any loudspeakers.

Newbie to audio
ommend, though have not haerd it is the Ming Da KT90 tube amp, goes for 1K, a seller here is offering the unit. I have a KT9 tube amp and feel its a good

Tubes to digital
r getting a CD3mkII or ARC's new CD5 (coming out very soon) and spending the left over cash on a good preamp with a processor unity gain input (HT pass through).

Considering 4 12AX7 Tube Types
tubes for a change. To be used in a Ming Da tube preamp modded by Response Audio - Vcaps.... Hoping to warm up the mids a bit without making the upper treble

Mismatched Preamp/Amp Impedance What Will I Hear
got a Ming Da (Meixing) MC-7R tube preamp sitting in a closet. I got a good deal a few years ago and it uses common tubes that I

Phono pre
to much noise. I've already tried the Ming Da Phono 2006, which is quiet enough but lacks some power in the lower frequencies. Any recommendations? Budget is

What sonic gains from 300B tube push pull config
currently have a Ming Da 300B-4T in push-pull config with 22W per channel. Since I don't have any amp to compare it with, so I am not sure what

Bada PH12 headphone amp review: Tube vs Solid St
The Bada Ph12 may be the best headphone amp you can buy, if you are looking for an amp that combines the best qualities of a solid state amp with the best

need help with rca cables
help with a good match,im running ming da mc7r to legacy

Turntable ground wire
on Audiogon and just recently added a Ming Da HC-67 preamp with phono stage. The turntable ground connection on the back of the preamp is not the typical screw

Getting rid of fm stations
running a ming da phono and a arc ref 1 pre,my tt setup is modded thorens 145 mk2 and a grado ref plat cart ..I have tried every thing to

Dared MC 7P vs Rogue metis
the same price. I be using a Pair of Ming Da 805 mono's feeding a pair of Reference 3a Dicapo's Thanks in

Need preamp switch
about my pre amp please. I have a Ming Da modified tube pre amp that I really like. However the input selector gets noisy with static every now and then, but

Repair for Meixing amp
s a new amp? I had that problem when my Ming Da arrived a couple of years ago. The fuse was rated for 220V. For 110 V the fuse needed to be twice as high -- eg 6

How long does it take for transformer smell to go
just recently bought a barely used Ming Da amp so it previously had very little use. Since it is still pretty new, the chemical smell of the transformer is

Considering a Mingda MC 300 Preamp Thoughts
I listened to a Ming Da MC300 pre-amp recently and have to say I was most impressed by its performance. In fact it sounded better ( from memory)

Doge 8 Clarity WOW
MkII amps, Parts Connexion modded Jolida cd tube player. Currently have a Bill Baker modded Ming Da tube preamp (full mod package - Vcaps...) which itself was

Ming Da MC 7 Preamp mod
Does anyone have any experiance with Ming Da MC-7 preamps as modified by responce audio? What is it like in stock form and post mod?

Nordost and Triangle
Duntonic 3i Integrated tube amp Meixing Ming Da phono stage (tubed) Various cable: Kimber Hero, Analysis Plus IC and poth audio

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