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Martin Logan SL3 missing soundstage
I have bought a used pair of Martin Logan SL3 with completly rebuilt crossovers and fully rewired with Kimber silver cable inside; I changed them over my SF

Power cables for martin logan SL3
Hello, looking for power cable's for martin logan SL3 Is it worth the upgrade. Any input would be great. Thanks.

best used amp for Martin Logan SL3's
I am searching for a used "affordable" amplifier to drive Martin Logan SL3's.....I would like to look into vintage Mcintosh or other solid state

Replacing my Martin Logan SL3 speakers
I am thinking about replacing my Martin Logan SL3 speakers with box speakers, and I am looking for suggestions. I mostly listen to classic rock, but also

Amps suitable to run Martin Logan SL3's
Amps from the Counterpoint old line or Audio Research suitable to run these speakers. Tube versions preferred. Thoughts and/opinions. Thanks,

Martin Logan SL3 with Musical Fidelity KW 500
I am keen to change my Primare A 30.1 since I have upgraded my speakers to a pair of Martin Logan SL3; I previously owned a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano

My Martin Logan SL3's are warped,what should I do
I noticed when measuring the Martins Logan SL3's from a side wall that the wooden frame is curved. Even the panal looks warped if you try to line up the tiny

For Martin Logan fans Aeon i versus SL3
Considering purchase of a new Aeon i or a used SL3 - any suggestions? Thanks!

Storm III or Stadium III for Martin Logan SL3's
Hi Guys, I have decided to invest into either a Rel Stadium III or Storm III to match my Martin Logan SL3's but need your advise in which of the two

Martin Logan SL3'sI am lovin' them
I recently purchased some used Martin Logan SL3's. I am loving them. I have read of the limitations of electrostatics, but I am not experiencing any of them.

Martin Logan SL3's
Why does the piano spread itself ALL the way across the sound stage on these speakers? Why do I sometimes hear so much more coming DIRECTLY from the panels

Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
Martin Logan Sequels. Bought them new in the mid 80's - Love them and ML really has teriffic customer service. Panels got

Personal speaker evolution
used BEVERIDGE SYSTEM 3'S, $1000, used Martin Logan CLS, $1400, used MARTIN LOGAN SL3'S, $2300,

How much does your system retail for
a million dollars on my huge Krells and Martin Logans" He also wanted to say that he still cannot believe its not butter.

Top Ten Speakers of All Time
Apogee Duetta's and Martin Logan Quests, once you've had panels, you never go back to boxes for critical

Why is 2 Channel better than multi channel
. After having full HT system (Lex DC1, Logan QuestZ fronts, Logos center, SL3 rears, pair of 15" Velo FSR15 subs, etc............ I have gone back to

Speakers you regret selling
Martin Logan SL3's... dynamics, bass & such was not their forte, however for this price range speaker paired with a good tube amp made

Bolero:why can't my system reproduce snare well
I recently purchased a pair of Martin Logan SL3's. I love them; they especially excel with voices. However, last night, I was listening to Bolero, and the snare

What equipment do you most regret parting with
Martin Logan Aerius I and SL3.

difficulty finding CD player match for Magneplanar
spec does mean much. I used to own the Martin Logan Aerius I and the SL3. While the Parasound & B&K & Sunfire could drive the Aerius I but not the SL3 to its

Bi wire: is it worth it
am about to buy a sweet set of used martin logan stats. They have four terminals, and can be bi-wired. Someone has suggested I should bi-wire them. However,

An Audiophile's journey
least by my parents anyway) I got some Martin Logan SL3 speakers and a Krell amp. I just thought I had arrived! Bring it on everybody! Several years went by. I

who makes a decent center channel speaker
eaker closely matching the L/R. I have Martin Logan CLS IIz as L/R. Because of space limitations, I am moving one of the surround Martin Logan SL3s as closely to

What is the best value you have encountered
my old Superphon Basic pre(200$) or my Martin Logan SL3's(1200$).Both completely opened up my system when I bought them and I still run the SL3's.

Can anyone recommend a Phono Pre Amp
through a Rogue Audio 99 pre amp and Martin Logan SL3's. My system sounded bright at first but after about 150 hours of use warmed up quite a bit. The Musical

Vinyl vs digital: what am I doing wrong
CD2V Signature Rest of system: - Martin Logan SL3 - Cary 805 amp - Music Reference Amp - Supratek Chenin preamp with built in MC phono stage Thanks in advance

Amp/ preamp for electostatics and why
voltage better? I am running a pair of Martin Logan SL3's with a pair of PSE Studio V monoblock's and a BAT VK-30 pre right now but would like to play with the

Noob Planar Speaker Advice Needed
an Aragon 4004mkII Speakers Choices a) Martin Logans (SL3, clarity, or cls iiz) b) Magnepan 1.6 C) Eminent Technology LFT8 The cls iiz i've come to understand

Movies with
where the student was bringing Martin Logan SL3 into the dorm

Bridged amp with electrostatics
system to great effect; my speakers are Martin Logan SL3's. Reading some reviews of KW 550 amp,the reviewer says not to ground the loudspeakers using that

power cord for electrostatic speaker
I heard no difference with my Martin Logan SL3's but you may hear a difference and it might be worth it to you....better to spend the money on a device like an

Magnepan vs Martin Logan
Anyone compared the quality of these 2 technologies? Wondering if someone with an expert ear has any comments? Would like to hear any and all comments

Martin Logan Repair and/or Rejuvenation
I just sold a pair of Martin Logan Sequel II's to a fellow Audiogoner. One of the ESL panels had slipped down about 1/2 inch a long time ago, but did not

My First USB DAC Sounds Dull, Please Help
The rest of my system is comprised of Martin Logan SL3, Bag-End Aragon 8008 BB, Aragon Aurum preamp, and Kimber cables. I am I doing something wrong. Any

Avantgarde Still a contender
coherence you're accustomed to in your Martin-Logans, with much better behavior consistency midrange-to-bass, and far more convincing dynamic range. You have

Possibly controversial: Totem arro overrated
for instance, I've picked up a pair of Martin Logan SL3, and using the same amp and source, I'm getting a rock-solid center image and more depth and width to the

Upgrading from Martin Logan SL3s
I am thinking of maybe replacing my Martin Logan SL3s. I have had them since 1997 and wondering if it is time to upgrade. If you had Martin Logan speakers

Stopped looking for the best system
Straightwire Octave 2 biwire cable and Martin Logan Odyssey speakers. I've tried quite a few different amps and have gone through many speakers including Acoustat,

Up grading power amp Mono blocks or stereo amp
monos with my RA 99 pre amp pushing my Martin Logan SL3's. Its not good....Its great. Don't let the price fool you.These baby's rock with the best of them.

Speaker Purchase
pretty speakers that sound good too. . .Martin Logan (used, the SL3's, still supported by ML with parts if needed at reasonable prices).

MIT cables vs Synergistic Research cables
ill make a difference, so here goes: Martin Logan SL3's with new planners (for lack of a better word) Rouge Audio 18o monoblocks Rouge Audio Athena

Does it / Do they pass the wife test Speakers
't yet met a lady who does not like our Martin Logan SL3's, FWIW.

Sunfire Signature or Aragon 8008BB to power SL3
Follow goners, I come to you again for help in choosing an amp for my SL3. After more than a year of searching and collecting funds, it has come down to

expensive ones? For example, are all Martin Logans about the same in terms of quality of sound reproduction (with the difference being bass extension) or are there

Preamp to pair with my Adcom
t sounded great with both my Sansui and Martin Logan SL3's.If you can find one they are relitively inexpensive.

Old Question, any new responses Logans and tubes
60-75 ultra-linear, 30-40 triode run Martin Logan

Newbie what CDP/DAC for Krell 400xi and ML SL3
Just starting my first high end system. What I have got so far: - Krell 400xi (new) - Martin Logan SL3 (used) - Alpha Core MI2 single-wired speaker

ARC sp9,Krell ksa250,Infinity Kappa8 Problems
7 and sim audio moon cd player drive my martin logan sl3 speaker it give me a very good combo and sweet sounding if combind all of these set it cost more than $15000

JL Audio 113 sub without external crossover
Can I run my martin logan odyssey's full range and use a JL Audio 113 fathom without any external crossover?. Are there any members doing it

Martin Logan Aerius i or Vandersteen 2Ce
Thinking about adding a set of speakers to a spare room...not large, maybe 20 ft square by 8 mostly low to hear Barbra Streisand

PS 1000 doesn't seem to isolate as well as expecte
1000s and a Premier. I'm listening to Martin Logan SL3s with a PS1000. I had a wake up call. I turned off a very small light and there was a noticable

Martin Logan For Dummies
Hello (again) I'm in the market for some Ml's I think :) Yesterday I heard some Quest Z's and am impressed with the whole speaker, except for the

Jolida 102b Speaker Recommendations
ESL's like Quad, and possibly Martin Logan's are good choices. Single (full range) drivers are something to look into, as well as a few Tannoy's. Good

Martin Logan Ascenti's or the new Vista Help
I am considering buying a new pair of Martin Logan speakers. Probably the new Vista. How do these compare to the Ascenti's. Any comments would be apppreciated.

Totem Mani 2 and Sim Audio Moon
I have a friend that has the w5 le with martin logan sl3, his sound is very neutral as well as dynamic.I would use very high quality i/c and power cords since both

Experience with Coda Model 10
h I may have an opportunity to get some Martin Logan SL3's for $1500. I'll have to make a choice on which one to get. Any suggestions are welcome.

Audio Research VTM 120 any experience
be using with a Rouge 66 Magnum, and Martin Logan Ascents.....would they have enough power?......any suggestions would be greatly helpful......thanks all

Crossover Options for JL Audio F110 subs
selling it to a friend who used it with Martin Logan SL3, Martin Logan sub, Parasound JC-1 amps and Pass Labs X1 preamp. Why does the price point of the NHT

Rebuilding old Sansui's
ing like what I have for my main system(Martin Logan SL3'S)but I built a pair of speakers years ago that sounded beautiful. I used Radio Shack speakers and

Whats the diff in these Synergistic Research cable
Pre amp to my Rogue Mono blocks and Martin Logan SL3's. My System is just a little bit on the bright side. Am I headed for trouble and too much bright-ness? I

What crossover for stereo subwoofer
abs X1 preamp, Parasound JC-1 amps, and Martin Logan SL3 + ML sub. He's very happy with it. In his case it let him run balanced lines from source to amps. I'll also

SVS and Electrostatics
SVS subs and electrostatics? I have Martin Logan SL3s and I'm wondering how the two would mix. I'm in a bit of a money crunch (and will be for a while) and can

x10V3 Tube buffer: Class A Sound or dud
digital drive 1.1, Linn LK1/2 and Martin logan SL3). Most recently upgraded the amplification. Rogue Perseus tube pre, Spectron Musician 3 with remote sense

Quality of amps in bridged mono
l Canto 200.2's in bridged mono driving Martin Logan SL3's. They are phenomenal.

Proac, Spendor or Quad 22L's has anyone compared
or buy a nice new pair. Listening to Martin Logan SL3's now.

Any good pointers for room treatments with maggies
s a bit of a screw up. It's actually martin logan SL3's. Now have the cara software and it seems to be adamant an asymmetrical set up will be best - it is a

new to site
is an Adcom-555, a Superphon preamp and Martin Logan SL3's. I'm using a pioneer 115 turntable with a sure cartridge. Right now I'm looking to upgrade my source

Vincent audio hybrid amps
e, with a Promitheus passive preamp and Martin Logan SL3 speakers. Great for the money, very transparent in the mids and a little bit on the forgiving side of

DK Design VS 1 MKII or Unison Unico integrated
I have the MK2. I am using it with my Martin Logan SL3, and I love it so far. I have stock tubes which as we speak I am buying some new Siemens or Brimars. I can

Adcom 5802 Stereo amp
The speakers are Martin Logan SL3's and 4ohm impedance. Martin logan's are noted to be power hungry and not real efficient.

How does Bel Canto compare to BAT
AT VK-200 (slightly underpowered for my Martin Logan SL3) but a wonderful amp, rich with a great tone, but still detailed and accurate. I replaced it with a pair of

Question about ML SL3 and Accent i Help
OK, I have always wanted a pair of Martin Logan SL3 speakers and I am currently looking to purchase a pair. However, being that they are at least 7 years old

Can you convert a pre amp to a headphone amp
a Spectron Musician 3 power amp and Martin Logan SL3 speakers. It sounds great. However, (and here's the rub) the neighbors are less impressed. I would like to

advice on powering my martin logan vistas
hi, i am getting martin logan vistas and am hoping that my nad c272 will be enough power but wanted to some opinions. the martin logans do not have an

Martin Logan Problem
I own a pair of SL3's and one of them have recently gone dead. After looking at it closly, I discovered there are some wires attached to the left and also to

preamp suggestions
monoblocks from my Adcom-555 and have Martin Logan

Speakers choice: Prodigy VS Parsifal encore
seeking to change is actual speakers ( Martin Logan SL3) . Is room is 26 X 16 X 7.He listen to various music like Blues, Jazz, Classical and some Pop rock. Is set up

grant fidelity tube buffer experience
I am running a Bryston amp and Martin Logan SL3's. I was thinking of putting the buffer between my Parasound phono stage and my pre amp. Any thought would be

looking for tube preamp for b&k reference 125 2
at this looking for input. system. martin logan SL3 nad c542 cdp b&k reference 125.2 amp any help would be great. interconnects and speaker cables pure silver

PSVANE TS66 or Yaqin MC 13s
the same price. Speakers: 89dB/W 8 ohm Martin Logan SL3 Source: Mac mini w/ audioquest dragonfly DAC playing FLAC and high resolution files Material: I listen mostly

Dont under estmate Martin Loga Motion 40 for 2 ch
I am a B&W 602.2 & Martin Logan SL3 previous owner now living in a condo. I wish there was a hybrid of the two as both companies have the best tecnology for

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