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Lamm ML1 1 & ML 2 1
Hi, I've the opportunity to heard 2 times the ML2.1 - 18 watts class A - first time on JM Lab Grande Utopia BE and the other one, on Kharma CRM 3.2

How is LAMM LP2 compares to the more recent phono
I am now using all LAMM pre/power and my LAMM dealer offers pretty good deal on the LAMM LP2 phono deluxe version for me. I understand that 5-7 years ago, it

Joule Electra LA150 MkII or Lamm LL2 Deluxe
Hi all, I am looking at a new tube preamp in the $2,500 to $4,000 used range, and I could use your help. I have tried many over the past couple of years, and

Lamm 2L Reference vs CJ GAT
Just wondering if anybody has a chance to compare the two pre. I have L2 Reference.I am using it with Lamm LP2 and Lamm M2.2 . Lately I am a bit annoying

Lamm LP2 and WE417A tubes
I recently purchased one of these and it really is a world class phono stage. Over the years I've had both Pass ONO units, the CJ pr15, an earlier version

DCS Puccini into Lamm M 1 2 w/o preamp
Hi, any thoughts about going directly from a DCS Puccini into the Lamm M 1.2 monos? I've read that the Puccini should work pretty good fed directly into a

Lamm ML 2 1 SET vs ASR Emitter II, DartZel
If you had to compare a tube amp with the best of solid state amps, how would the Lamm ML 2.1 differ from the other two above. I am planning on either the

VTL 5 5 vs Lamm LL2
I'm trying to mate my VTL MB185 mono amps with a really nice preamp. My budget is around $3000.00. Initially, I thought that the best choice would be a unit

Lamm LL2 1 Deluxe "DC Offset"
Hi there, Is there anybody who has a deep experiences with high fluctuated "DC offset" in Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe PreAmp?. My Lamm LL2.1

Lamm LL2 w/ Pass labs
Anyone out there running a Lamm LL2deluxe with Pass Labs X.5 series amps..thoughts?..

Coincident vs Lamm
I currently own the Coincident, Frankenstein, 300b monoblock amps. In my system, they are by far the best I have ever heard and I've heard quite a few. I

Amplifier Experience Gryphon Pass Lamm BAT
After living with a small integrated amp for quite some time (Pathos) I am finally about to take the plunge and buy myself a large power amplifier with a

Lamm L2 Reference tube recommendation
Any tubes other than stock recommended for the L2 powersupply? Thanks in

Hiss at addition in system LAMM L2
Hiss (noise) from speakers at addition in system LAMM L2. Three weeks ago, I have bought preliminary amplifier L2 reference Improvement in sounding

What preamp for Lamm M1 2
I was thinkung about getting the ARC Ref 3, but I din't noticed that Lamms have an awfull lot of gain - 32dB. I was told that the Ref 3 will not work well with

Speakers for Lamm ML2 1
I am pretty close to making a decision on speakers for my Lamm ML2.1. I listen to jazz and classical music mainly. Front end is currently Wadia but will

ARC ref 3,5 OR Lamm LL2 1 for my ml2 1
I have been using the AYRE KXR preamp for my Lamm ML2.1 amp. I recently tried the Lamm LL2.1 tube preamp and wad floored at how much more musical my system

Which Lamm should I add to the flock
I have a Classe' 301 amp, an Audio Aero Capitale C.D player which I use as the pre, and Piega P10 speakers. The Classe' had lemoned on me again, to the shop

comparison between SS Spectral and LAMM tube amp
I am very interested to switch from SS to tube amplifier. Please, may you describe, if is possible, the main differences you felt between Lamm and Spectral

VTL, CTC, Lamm, ARC, EAR, Halcro, Mark Levison
Dear all, I'm looking for a preamp to go with LAMM ML2.1. amps and Kharma Exquisite 1D speakers. Lamm L2 Ref or Audio Research Ref3 seemed to be a good

Lamm 1 2 vs Pass xa 60 5
Hi I currently own a pair of pass xa 60.5 driving my vivid g3 speakers. I'm missing some juice out of the speakers (same conclusion reached by

Lamm, Cary and Parsifal Encore what combo
i'm wondering what it'll take knock out my cary slp-98 f1. current rig: verity audio parsifal encore legend audio triode monos cary slp 98

Aesthetix IO Sig V 2nd power supply & Lamm LP2 del
I have having a listen to the Aesthetix IO sig at the moment and it sounds very good. Not as quiet as my Xono, but has that added flow that tubes do.

Speakers with Lamm ML2 1
Hi everyone, I recently got a pair of Lamm ML2.1 SET monoblock. I would like to get recommendations on speakers to match with this amp. I have

Lamm ML2 1 monos with MBL 101E, OPINIONS
Lamm ML2.1 Single Ended Triode Mono Amps, any one tried these amps with MBL 101E speakers. I know they are 18 watts but I have learned that not all

Crazy Lamm ML2/ML2 1 on Avalon Eidolon
For some time now I have been progressing towards the Lamm ML2/ML2.1. My current system contains Avalon Eidolon speakers and the Lamm M1.1 (or did contain the

Lamm ML2 power cords and tube rolling
Am interested in any recommended power cords which seem to work well with the ML2; also, tube-rolling experiences, in particular regarding the 12AX7, would be

Sophia 1 with McIntosh/Lamm tubes Please advise
My system is now B&W 804S, McIntosh MC275 amp and Lamm LL2 preamp, and Rel Storm III sub. The Lamm was the latest addition about 1.5 years ago and I REALLY

What 6922's tubes are you using in your lamm s
Hello guys, what 6922 tubes are you guys using on your lamm 2.1s and 1.1s ? is it worth spending the extra amount on the nos 6922slike the ones from

Lamm 1 2 or Ayre MXR's
I'm thinking of up grading and think I've narrowed it down to these two . I've found demo pairs of both for about the same coin . I'm

Audio Research Reference 2 vs Lamm LL
Hi, I don't seem to be able to find anyone comparing these 2 preamplifiers. Does anyone know how they differ? May as well throw the CAT SL1 in there

Lamm + Wadia A Good match
Is there anyone who has tested the combination Wadia + Lamm? I have a Wadia 581se, and plans to bay a Lamm M1.2 Reference, and use then the preamp in the Wadia.

is lamm 1 2 enough for sasha
hi i am on yhe market for a new system and my new speakers will be wilson sasha ,and i was woudering if the lamm 1.2 were enough or should i go with the 2.2

Lamm LL2 tweaks
After a very long search I decided to upgrade my Rotel preamp to an LL2 Deluxe. This should be a HUGE improvement and I can't wait for the Lamm to get home!!!

BAT Rex and Lamm 1 2 with WP8 synergy
Has anyone experienced using BAT rex with lamm 1.2 connected to Wilson WP8. Concerned about input inpedence mismatch between BAT rex 100Kohm and LAmm 1.2

Tube Research GT 100, GT 200, Lamm 1 2 for 4 ohm
Guys, I am looking into upgrading my amps, my speakers are Reimer Tetons, with a load from 3.8-4 ohm. I am looking for as close as I can get, to high power

Speaker suggestion for Lamm ML2 1 amps
Any suggestions for a higher efficiency/tube friendly impedance characteristics speakers for Lamm ML2.1? Thanks.

best choice cartridge for my Lamm LP 2
I have changed my amp to a fully balanced amp and when trying an active balanced linestage last week realized that my Ruby 3 did not quite have enough gain in

Comparing ARC, Lamm and Modwright Preamps
Hi folks, I'm looking for a preamp in the ~$2k range, and models I'm considering are the ARC (LS16 or LS25), Lamm LL2 Dexlue, and Modwright SWL 9.0SE

Pass XA 100 5 vs Lamm M1 2
I like the sound of class A amps. Anyone know how they compare? No nearby dealers. I owned x350.5 and I am familiar with Lamm M2.2 sound. To be

Does Lamm L1 sounds as sweet as Lamm LL2
Hello everybody, I know very well the Lamm LL2, and I love its sound that I appreciate it to be a litte bit tubey (in the good way it can be

Conrad johson versus lamm
I would change my lamm L2 pre amp and M1.1 mono to Cj lps140 and art3 because i think that the lamm are powerful enough to drive my Dynaudio confidence C4

Lamm M1 2 v ML2 1
Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the Lamm M1.2 hybrid and the ML2.1 SET amps? I am very curious as to how close they sound to each other and how much

Lamm ML2, VLadimirs best effort to date
Rumour has it VLadimirs early ML2 monos are his best design effort to date over the ML2.1 Near the time of the ML2s release onto the market, VLad commented ,

CAT SL1 + JL2 or JL3 compared to Lamm L2 + ML2 1
Hi, Does someone compare those two brands, which are known for building "natural sounding" components. I love Lamm ML2.1 with Kharma

Nagra VPA versus Lamm ML1 1
Anybody had the chance to compare those two tube amp ? Which amp is more natural ? more musical ?

Speaker recommendations specifically for Lamm ML2
I'm interested in hearing about speaker experiences for anyone who has the Lamm ML2/ML2.1 amps. I am working with a small room 12' x 12' of floor space

Calling Lamm ML2 1 owners
I wonder if tube rolling those 6AK5 and 5651 tubes has any effects! Mine is over 10 years old and I have changed every other tubes but still keeping that 2 on

Preamp for Lamm M1 1 monoblocks
Any general recommendation on what preamp to use with Lamm M1.1 hybrid monoblocks? I am using Boulder L3AE at this time. I used to match the monoblocks

Tenor 75WP or Lamm 1 1 for Kharma Midi Grand
I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on a pair of Midi Grands. Now for the matching amp., the Tenor 75WP and Lamm 1.1 are on the top of my list. Can

Lamm ML2 1 with Wilson Watt/Puppy
I will be getting the Lamm ML2.1 soon. I wonder if 18 watts is enough for Wilson W/P? If not, what speakers should I be looking into? Cheers.

LAMM LL2 vs Hovland preamp
Hey! Can anyone comment on these two choices of preamps? I'm looking at either a LAMM LL2 line stage and something else for phono or a Hovland for phono/line.

Advice people with lamm amp experience
I have lamm hybrid m1.1 and I really love this amp, I'm curious if later model amp is much better than what I have. Recently I had opportunity to try

Best reasonably priced power cord for lamm ll2
What is the best powercord for the Lamm LL2 below $500? Thanks.

Hello, i want to know from owners of the LAMM L2 which power cord mate well with this pre amplifier. I was thinking of Purist Audio Design or Shunyata power

Audio Note, Lamm, 1st Sound with McIntosh 275
I'm digging info about preamps to match with my MC275 and B&W 804S and would appreciate input as to "house sound" and likely synergy between the 275

Lamm ML2 1 and Avalon Eidolon
I know that most of you will say that I sould get the Lamm M1.2 instead. The problem is that ... I already HAVE Lamm M1.2. It is a great amp but it still

How would you describe their sound signature in general terms with some details? Anyone compared comparable models? I am just interested, not going to have

New preamp: lamm ll2 or Cary slp 05
I haven't decided if I'm going to go the integrated or separates route, but if I get separates I need a preamp and was wondering what would be some good

Lamm Pre to McIntosh Amp
Anybody have this combination.

Amps that sounds similar or close to Lamm hybrids
Am curious, is there an amp that sounds close or similar to the Lamm hybrids for a lot less $. A friend of mine is asking if there is such thing ? I told

seeking preamp suggestions for Lamm M1 2 amps
just got the amps and although they work great with my Cary SLP-005 pre - the Cary has too much gain I feel. I can only use the volume from off(7AM) to about

Lamm ML2 1 Tubes
Hello, I run the ML2.1 with the tubes from factory and I am interested in opinions about using it with NOS Tubes. Compared to the stock 12AX7 I tried NOS

Lamm Owners: M2 2 Problems
Hello, One of my Lamm M2.2 amps is acting weird; when it turns on the front panel lamp flashes, then flashes faster and the amp never powers up. Anyone

Lamm ML1 and CJ ACT2
Hi guys, I am looking into getting a new pre to go with my Lamm's. I am seriously looking into a CJ ACT2......good match? What else should I

Lamm 2 1 amps
Does anyone have any opinions on these amps? I have Rowland amps now and am thinking of switching to these. What are the solid state/tube hybrid amps

Are LAMM 1 2 ref amplifiers synergistic with WP7
I currently have LAMM 1.2 ref amplifiers and a Mark Levinson 32 pre-amp. I am considering the purcase of Wilson Watt Puppy 7.0 speakers and want to ensure the

IC between Lamm pre and McIntosh amp
I want to upgrade the IC between my LL2 deluxe preamp and my MC275 amp and would appreciate some feedback. The existing IC is the cheapest Nordost (about $50).

Let's share secrets of Lamm 6C33C tubes
Lamm owners please share your experience on the 6C33C tubes in relation to the V1 and V2 positions. I know the Lamm is very specific with their factory

lamm ml 2 1 amplifier art audio px25 amplifier
lamm ml 2.1 amplifier art audio px25 amplifier I would be happy if someone has previous experiences with art audio px 25 se amplifier and lamm

Lamm ML2 ML2 1
Has someone owned one (or both) of them and can write some of the musical differences between them? Reliability? Which speakers are used .... Thank

Lamm M1 2 Reference: Tube Recommendation
Any Lamm M 1.2 Ref owners have a recommendation for the replacement of the single 6922 tube used in this amp?? If so, please describe how the substitute tube

Ayre MX R vs Lamm M2 2 Opinions
I'm in the market of upgrading to a high end amp and would interested to getting members opinions on comparing the Lamm M2.2 to the new Ayre monoblocks. Has

Supratek preamp vs Lamm LL2
Has someone ever listen to a Lamm LL2 vs any Supratek preamp ? I would like to know if those famous Supratek preamps are always so good against the

lamm with preamp
Does anyone have experience with the M1.1,1.2,2.1, or 2.2 hybrid amps with preamps such as BAT vk-51se as I would need a remote (hence the non lamm preamp).

SonusFaber & Lamm
I am curious of such combo, anyone has something like that ? I think that the new Homage series (Stradivari, Anniversario, Memento) could make an awesome

Lamm ML 1 best power cable
I have a set of Lamm Ml 1 on the way to me and would like to get an opion of anyone useing Lamm amps what they have found to be the best power cable and what

cables between lamm and wilson watt puppy 7
I am considering selling my rowland 302 amp and getting a lamm hybrid amp 2.2. Anyone have thoughts on what speaker cable optimally pairs with the

Lamm M1 2 versus Bat VK 600
Hi, in my audio system Lamm L2 ref and M1.2 mono power, drive the dynaudio Confidence C4 , the sound is correct and upper and mid frequency are Ok. What do

re tubing Lamm ML 2
For now, I am still using the ML 2 with my Avantgarde Duos, because they make music visceral and are exceptionally lively with few annoying artifacts. (See my

Lamm ML1 1 enough power for Sonus Faber Cremona
Hello, Thoughts on whether the Lamm ML1.1 amps have enough power to drive the hungry Sonus Faber Cremonas (original version)? I've ruled out the ML2

Lamm M2 2 instead Krell EVO 302
Hello! My current set up consists of Wadia 581 SE, ARC L26 preamp, Krell EVO 302 power amp and B&W 802d loudspeakers (biwired). All wiring is silver

Heat issue with Lamm M1 2 Reference
I'm having a heat issue with one of my Lamm M1.2 Reference mono blocks or rather a lack of heat. One of them is suddenly putting out less heat than

Lamm ml2's amps with coaxial speakers 97db 16ohm
Has any body test this combination of 18watts Lamm ml2's with coaxial speakers of high efficiency 97 db using the PHY-HP [Haut Parleurs] drivers[ see Musical

Best amp & source with Lamm M1 1 / M1 2
I'm owning a wonderfull pair of Lamm M1.1 I'm using a Teac/esoteric P30 drive with DCS Delius and Purcell as CD player. I would like to share with

Lamm ML1 1 vs Aronov ls9100 vs others
Are these two amps anywhere near the same ballpark in terms of sonic ability? How do they compare sonically? Recommendations for dynamic, detailed,

What amp to use with a Lamm LL2
My system starts with a Sony ca70es cd player into a Musical Fidelity a3/24 DAC into a Lamm LL2 pre into a Rogue 88 power through Joseph ra25si speakers.

Lamm LL2 and Joule LA 150 comparison
I'm in the market for a preamp for a Berning ZH-270. I've heard that LA-150/ZH-270 is an excellent match; as well as the CAT SL1/ZH270 combination. What about

Tubes for Lamm m1 2 Reference
Hi. I just wanted let everyone know I just replaced my stock tubes with the Amperex pinch waist 6922 PQ. Ok, was it exspensive? Yes, but the tubes are rare and

New Lamm models in sight
Hi, I'm interested in buying a Lamm M 1.2 amp. However, a (not Lamm) dealer told me that there will be soon new Lamm models to replace at least the

Wavac MD 805m with Lamm LL2 preamp
Hi guys! As I am not really into tech stuff, do you think that according to the input impedance of the Wavac and the output impedance of the Lamm they

I need comment for who had the chance to compare these two amps. The M 1.2 is a amp in pure class A at 110 WPC and the other one ( M 2.2) run in pure class A

Lamm M2 1 monoblocks driving Thiel 7 2
Have anyone ever used Lamm M2.1 monoblocks to drive the Thiel 7.2 loudspeakers? If so, what do you think? Thanks.

voltage conversion problem for my Lamm
Hi. I live in Italy would need your help please I have bought from a Lamm 1.2 from Usa thinking, as manual and specs state, they will

How hot does the Lamm L2 get
Does it go through tubes faster compared to other brands?

slight noise concern with lamm amplifier
Hey, I am not sure if I am just a tad concerned about nothing but I notice that if I have my new lamm 2.2 amp on with all the other equipment on as well

Has anyone heard the lamm 2 2 hybrid amplifier
Hello, I was wondering if anyone heard the lamm 2.2 hybrid amplifier and what was their thoughts? Has anyone heard the lamm 2.2 paired with the

lamm lp2 loading question
There are many reviews and people here that refer to the Lamm LP2 phono preamp as having a MC Load of 40ohms. However, the Lamm website lists it at 400. 400

Lamm ML2 1 popping noise
Please help! The left channel has developed one or two popping noise coming form the speaker at times, not too loud but frightens me! I checked the bias of the

Tubes for Lamm LL2
Hello. I've heard good improvements can be obtained in rolling tubes in the LL2. Mine has stock tubes and they are acting up, so I think it's good time

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