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harman kardon citation 16 amp
How do some of you older audiophiles like this amp? Is it a good amp for driving psb gold speaker? I have a tube preamp and i am not sure how it will perform

What's up with Harmon Kardon receiver line
Let's face it, as big of a corporation as Harmon International is, shouldn't Harmon Kardon be pushing AV receivers a little harder?! I personally have

Overall opinions on Harman Kardon
I've noticed a distinct lack of any conversations regarding HK gear. Is this due to it being unpopular, or simply not common in the US? I remember

Harman Kardon Citation 22 No Love
I have this Amp, and think it's great. But it doesn't seem to get the recognition it deserves. Just thought I would mention it.

Dual 721 Harman Kardon T 60 which TT to keep
I have a Dual 721 which needs a little work noisy RCA cable that has some hum and cutout on the left channel, and an ugly dust cover. I also have a Harman

re: Harmon Kardon Citation 25 Preamp
I've got a Harmon Kardon Citation 25 preamp (stereo) that I purchased around 1988 or 1989. I like the preamp but have had the following problem for a few years

Should I retire my Harmon/Kardon T60
I'm the original owner of a H/K T60 which I purchased 20 years ago. I just bought a new belt and a new Grado Platinum cartridge but thought that now might

Harman Kardon T35C Turntable and TCC phono preamp
Picked up HK T35C turntable in mint condition in original box and and even brochure from local craigslist listing. It's been 15 years since I played LPs on

Anyone know how to get ahold of Harman Kardon
If I remember the company sold recently. All their links on Google are dead that I could find. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

Harman Kardon 3390 & 3490
Found both of these receivers for cheap price.The 3490, 120 W/C +/- 45 amps, the amperage I find hard to believe, for $299, and 3390 80 W/C +/- 40 amps.

Harman Kardon T 60 vs Dual 721
I have a Dual 721 that works great, and I'm considering putting a Sumiko Pearl cart on it. However, I could pick up a Hardan Kardon T-60 with the Ito arm on it,

Harmon Kardon citaion 1 kit telefuken
I am brand new to this forum. I have a H K citation 1 in kit form, never been assembled. Is there anybody here who knows something about these? I am

Harman Kardon 730 Twin powered
Anybody here has ever used, or is using one of this amps? What are your thoughts about it?

Harmon Kardon hk870, 825 help please
I have aquired some 80's Harmon Kardon equipment and can't seem to get anything to make noise. When the hk825 preamp is turned on the indicator lights

Harman Kardon HK 990 integrated amplifier
Has anyone had experience with using this integrated amp? Appreciate any color you may have. Thanks.

Conrad Johnson MF2100 and Harman Kardon AVR 8000
I am a DVD movie, and music lover. I used a Harman Kardon AVR 8000 to drive a pair of Infinity Prelude front and cascade model 3 center for my home theater

Considering referb on Harman Kardon A230 tube amp
After cleaning out Mom's basement after a mini flood I came across a Harman Kardon A230 tube amp. A quick look on the net told me it was from the early 1960's.

Harman Kardon Mods
Wondering if anyone does HK CD Player mods? I have a HK990 I'm wondering if worthwhile to upgrade the DAC, transport, caps, etc. rather than spend a small

harman kardon hk775 amps
i recently started using a new to me pair of Harman Kardon hk 775 mono bloc amps and ADS m15 speakers.I am now experiencing an unusual problem.When i fire the

Harmon Kardon Seven Twenty Nocturne
HI. I just bought a HD Seven Twenty receiver today at an estate sale for $10.00. Considering it's from the late 1960's its in good physical shape. Purchased

Harman Kardon Pre amps
I'm looking at the Harman Kardon Pre amp's The Signature 2.0 OR the Citation 7.0. Can any one help? Witch one is better and why?

Harman Kardon DVD 48
Hi all! Anyone own the DVD 48? The machine is very small and compact but has all the latest techologies such as SACD, DVD Audio, HDMI, 1080i (HDTV),

How's a Harman/Kardon HD7600
Hi, I am just a beginner in this area and starting with basic system which are used ones and affordable for me now. I can get a good / fully functional / well

Anyone know the Harman Kardon TC35 turntable
I need to know the power output of the transformer/power supply and what pre-amp to get?

need help on harman kardon dpr1001 to rotel rb985
i am installing a rotel rb985 to my hk dpr1001. do i use the pre outs on my hk to the rotel. i need help

Vintage Harman Kardon "ballad"
Good Day, i am try to bias this 1960 EL84, does anyone know how? regards

Upgrade Harman Kardon AVR 335
Picked this up on eBay and it arrived today. I know that this is "pro" equipment, but I figured it was worth picking up for $40 shipped if it really

Harman Kardon Tech around Houston
I have a H/K Citation 16 that was packed for a number of months. I attempted to power it up and the breaker trips every time. There is quite a power surge when

Hi, looking for opinions on a Harmon Kardon HK3490
Hi, I'm considering buying this receiver and would love to get the communities opinion on overall sound quality. Many thanks

Pre amp for Harman Kardon AVI 200
I am new to Audiogon and not an Audiophile. At present i am using Harman Kardon AVI 200 with Bose 901 VI series speakers with reasonably good stereo sound.

Upgrade Harman Kardon AVR 335
Currently using the HK AVR 335 in my system. I use the preamp outputs for the front R/L to feed a tube amp and my Magnepan MMGs. I also have a seperate DAC

Harman Kardon AVR 7300
Hi all! Anyone ever replace the whole front of a Harman Kardon receiver by yourself? The front of my receiver got damaged and I was thinking of calling

Anyone heard the Harman Kardon DMC 1000
In other threads, it has been said that hard drive based systems are apparently superb in terms of low jitter and sound really good when paired with a good DAC.

High Fidelity Cables CT 1designed by Rick Schultz
welcome to the Harmon- Kardon familly of products calvinj, enjoy!

The best speaker you ever heard
Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks

Audio Horizons TP 2 0 Preamplifier
I have a Harman/Kardon Citation Eighteen tuner that Joseph modded about a year or so ago for me. It's the only solid state component in my

Cars What does the typical audiophile drive
es-Benz E500 last week. Has the Harman Kardon Logic-7 premium sound system that is quite nice. Oh 0-60 in 5.8 sec is nice too!

Personal speaker evolution
ave a pr of virtuals w/a vintage harman kardon 300b in the basement, and am currently running PSB stratus silver i's in the main system. This speaker never ceases

Personal amp evolution
My start to finish: Harmon Kardon pm 645 integrated Onkyo receiver Creek 4330 integrated Odyssey Stratos (soon possibly for sale)

Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life Do you know of one
I have the Harman Kardon Citation XX and the X-II Preamp. I'm the 2nd owner. It was a gift From Sidney Harmon to The North American Sales

How does one get off the merry go round
go-round, upgrading my Mission & Harman/Kardon kit to Spica & Adcom. Almost splurged on Martin Logans until I realized how good my new Spica TC-60s are. I'm thinking,

The BEST system you've ever built
My current and best system has Harman Kardon Citation I tube preamp and Citation II tube amplifier along with Revox A-77 reel to reel tape recorder, Pioneer ctf-

Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh
tuff from CJ, SAE, ATI,Portage, Harman Kardon, YS Audio, Creek, Cambridge Audio, and others. I just bought some "new" vintage MC equipment I am having

What is your most beautiful component
isplay in the dark, try seeing a Harmon Kardon 16! Seriously, I'm with TWL on thinking that TT's present the best looking components. Mine are: Oracle Alexandria

Legendary audio equipment
harmon kardon citation 11& 12 amp and preamp great sounding piecses...still have the 11...

How Many Turntables Have You Owned
(1300, 1400 and 1400MKII), Dual, Harman Kardon, Yamaha, Mitsubishi LT-30, Thorens TD-160 with Grace 707 (SWEET), Technics BD-20D, Music Hall MMF-5SE and VPI Scout.

Your First System
Age 23 in 1972 !! A Harmon Kardon Nochturn 820 Receiver Harmon Kardon HK 40 speaks and a Gerrard SL 72B TT. Played Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens, Led Zep,

What's the oldest piece of gear in your system
em? I think it would be a Harmon Kardon Citation V amp. It has had some remodeling though. Going on 50 years. Even older than my ears. I remain,

I Feel Overwhelmed Please Help
I have the following: Harman Kardon AVR 235 A/V receiver Front L&R channels: 50 Watts per channel @ Harman Kardon FL 8385 CD Changer Klipsch KG 5.5

Are passive preamps better
a Simaudio Celeste preamp and a Harman Kardon Citation 7.1 amplifier.

The best sounding FM Tuner is
my experienceis....... a harmaon kardon citation 15. it sounded like the studio feed. it wasnt that reliable, perhaps the repairer was below standard. when

Seeking more 3d imaging, deeper/wider soundstage
, Cambridge, Denon, Yamaha, NAD, Harman Kardon are all 2 dimensional. * You have to understand that all parts of a set need to be able to give depth. In my

Best bargain find ever
Not much, but i needed an older harmon kardon cd player to match the hk receiver i had given my sister (the new ones were really unreliable and they had done away

Top Ten Tuners of all Time
s currently in my system are the Harman Kardon Citation 18 and Philips AH 673. Both are very satisfying musically and for DX'ing in stock form. Who knows what kind

Old Classic Receivers: A Mistake to Buy
I have an old Harmon Kardon 730 Receiver. I used to sell audio gear retail in the late 70's to middle 80's. I kept a twin powered HK 730 as it was

Personal turntable/cartridge evolution
s TD-125/Audio-Technica cart. Harmon Kardon TD45/Denon DL300 cart. ProJect 6.1/Sumiko Blue Point VPI Aries Scout/JMW9/Dynavector 20X VPI Aries

Sadly missed manufacturers
k Levinson (before bought out by Harmon Kardon), SAE, EAD, Audiolab (tuners), Nakamichi (high end reel to reel tape decks), to name a few.

Senior Audiophiles Audiophile since the 60 70's
versity 620l speakers, the first Harman Kardon tuner, etc), went to solid state, went back to tubes and am now making the move to SET amps. Sources in my curent

Music Reference RM9 user comments please
far better,I have compared it to harmon kardon monoblocs,goldentube se 100,it is far better.The only amp that I heard that beat it was atmasphere ma-2 which cost 4

Anyone have honest opinion of Jolida amps
ack version, as well as an older Harmon Kardon 330B. I like them all. They all have a separate place, one in my room, one in the living room, and the other at the

System too bassy Primaluna & Usher
Dialogue One from a low end Harmon Kardon, I've noticed my fatigue level from the bass has shortened my listening times drastically. That could also be because

Garrard 301 Worth the effort
tonearm? I currently use a Harman Kardon T-65C with a Grado Statement Sonata II and am very happy. But maybe I don't know any better. I've read great things

It was 20 years ago today What was your system
III speakers, Kenwood receiver, Harmon Kardon CD player, Kenwood dual cassette deck, 12 guage romex speaker wires.

Bob Carver LLC Black Beauty Review
ode mode only that I mate with a Harman Kardon Citation 1 Pre and the Synergy is Stunning. I run all NOS Telefunken 12AX7's and NOS Mullard 10M 12AT7's in the

Are High End Audio Products Unreliable
just a rookie. Owned Adcom, B&W, Harmon Kardon, JBL, Kef, Marantz, Mcintosh, Mirage, and Meridian. Some mid-fi some high-end. Never had any issues or need of service

Mirage Omni 350 omnipolar
Harmon Kardon 3490 on for $350 shipped. Very powerful, high current, no frills reciever with remote. a

What did you own in the 60's
Harman Kardon system including receiver, speakers and turntable.

Who makes the highest quality tube amps
near tube amp that I mate with a Harman Kardon Citation 1 with Focal Diva Utopia Be Speakers. Simply Stunning!!!I find the VTL more holographic, more musical, more

Upscaling Speakers, Downscaling Amp What to Do
end' hi-fi amps and my sub lo-fi Harman Kardon if my life depended on it. I am truly blessed. Don't forget, stress kills.

Personal CD player evolution
some basic Phillips CDP 1994 Harman Kardon HK7525 1998 Rega Planet Original (still have this one) 2004 Linn Classik 2004 Linn Genki 2004 Unison Unico

Chime in What's the Best Cassette Recorder ever
Harmon Kardon CD491 ..

What's the cost of an entry level vinyl setup
ry Level means to me: Vintage Harman Kardon T-60 turntable = $200-$300 or Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable - used from $300 Grado/Sumiko/AudioTechnica/other

Your Favorite Top 10 tuners all time
Denon TU-850 Fisher FM-1000 Harmon Kardon Citation 23 Hitachi FT-5500 JVC FX-1010TN JVC FX-1100 kenwod kt-5020 Kenwood KT-1100 Kenwood KT-3300D Kenwood KT-815

Amp and Preamp for JM Lab Alto Utopias
I use a Harman Kardon Citation 1 with a Mccormack DNA 500 with JM Lab Diva Utopias. MAGICAL!!!!

Is it save to convert XLR to RCA
Audio Gurus, I have a Harman Kardon HD990 player, which has two outputs: RCA and XLR. I'd like to use them both. However, my amps and pre-amps all take

B&W Name Change Theory
Even their "upgraded" Harmon Kardon system is lame - terrible in the 3 series, passable in the 5 series.

Amp for Martin logan CLS Originals
Solid states), Mark Levinson 23, Harmon Kardon 7.1 ? Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Are DIY Cables Worth It
I have NHT 2.5 speakers and a Harmon Kardon AVR 240 receiver, so I doubt I would reap many benefits from super high-quality cables. Right now I'm using Monster

Cassette Deck
st for a Nakamichi or Denon or a Harmon Kardon.

An analog question for those who record
re generally among the best) and Harmon Kardon among others good made in Japan two head decks. Finding good new tape stock is hard today but lots of NOS on

Replace pwr cord w/IEC socket on vintage gear
ck and replaced some wiring on a Harman Kardon amp I got off ebay. It was a nice little project and the results were well worth the hour it took. Go for it.

Is there an amp that does 2 channel and all this
Ah, the conundrum... the Harman Kardon 990 is available at $1500 and the AVR600 is $3500. For two channel they should be equally powerful. Any

Personal Preamp Evolution
Fisher Integrated Harman Kardon Integrated Threshold FET 9 Audio Research SP14 Placette Linestage Joule LA100 Mk3/OPS Mk3 Still

Best stereo recievers of the 1970's
For more consumer-oriented gear, Harman/Kardon produced a series that had tremendous amp sections, very dynamic with tons of current. NAD also made a very fine high-

What happen to Harman Kardon products??? They use to make nice products but now they make really wimpy receivers. Even their top of the

Favorite driving music
system in my car (a serviceable Harmon Kardon unit that is oem from BMW) is no where as good as my home system, it does get the job done while I'm tooling about. I

Why amps, pre amps, integrated amps
time frame may have been made by Harman Kardon.

Do you put as much effort into your Car Audio
bout benz E300 driven prior with harman kardon. I also liked system in 1983 Fleetwood Brougham used to have prior. In Cadillac after auto CD-players came in I didn't

Best sounding integrated between 1500 3000
The Yamaha A-S1000 and the Harman/Kardon HK-990 have received widespread praise and are quite reasonably priced. I've always liked the HK high-current, wide

What was your first 'hi end' system
Harman Kardon 330C receiver Dual turntable of some type No idea as to cartridge (likely Grado) or cabling Large Advent

Which integrated amp
You need to check out the Harman Kardon HK990, it is one fantastic integrated and has all you would ever need on it.

What equipment or event thrust you into the hobby
d McIntosh, Marantz, Telefunken, Harmon Kardon, Sansui, Nikko, Fisher, etc. equipment in my late teens and early twenties. Couldn't come close to affording any of it

Neat cheap amp suggestions Help me have fun
n, I suggest you look for an old Harman Kardon 430 or 730 receiver and use the amp portion only by removing the pre out to amp in plug and using the power amps only.

speaker recommendation 2500 or less small room
months ago. My current set up Harman Kardon AVR 325 for the pre amp McIntosh MC 300 Sony ES cd

best vintage stereo receiver
I agree with the Harman Kardon recommendation, and would add Luxman to the list. The Marantz 2015 is a cute little bugger and has some juice

Behringer DEQ 2496 help
the DEQ then analog out to my Harmon Kardon AVR7200 which I am using as a pre. I am trying to utilize the DACs in the DEQ, the way it is hooked up now I am getting

Looking for a very good integrated solid state amp
ghly recommend you check out the Harman Kardon HK990 integrated. Fantastic!

best AVR for dual use in HT/music
d velodyne. 2 channel is awesome-harmon kardon has high current and a smooth-full sound.Family likes the surround for movies-use b&w cdm for rears and center.I have

What's In Your Tape Cassette Deck Tonight
just bought a really really nice Harmon Kardon CD391 cassette deck for a song. Once I cleaned the heads and capstains and reconditioned the pinch rollers and

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