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Amp for Harbeth P3ESR
I am looking for an amp synergy with Harbeths. With one qualification. I was looking for an amp with a high-pass filter of some kind with use of a sub-

Harbeth P3ESR vs Fritz Rev 5 vs DeVore Gibbon 3XL
Ok, here's the deal..... I'd like to assemble a secondary two channel music system in my small den. It is only 11.5 ft by 11.5 ft not only is

Harbeth P3ESR What electronics are you using
I'm curious as to what source, pre and amp (or integrated) you are using with these speakers? Also, are you aspiring to move to something different? If

harbeth p3esr or usher be 718
hi,need a little help room dimension are 18ft by 15ft speakers will be set up along 18ft wall, 3ft away from front wall lisening distence 7ft. I listen to alot

Harbeth P3ESR /amplification
speaker to be used mainly for desk top near field system---listening ca 2 feet away . small room (10x11. using an onix sp3: 36wpc). sufficient power? other

proac D1 or harbeth p3esr
hi,i own the harbeth p3esr.i have the D1 in my house last week,as much as i love the harbeth midrange,i am seriously thinking of selling my p3esr and buying

Harbeth P3ESR+Linn Sub or Bigger Harbeth Speakers
I currently have an all Linn stereo music system which consists of the Linn Akurate 4200 power amp (4 x 200W), Linn Katan bookshelf speakers (Linn active

Desktop Harbeth p3esr Amp
I just bought a pair of Harbeth p3esr speakers for a desktop system. Near-field listening while I work - as part of work I'll be dictating using voice

Are Harbeth P3ESR's Any Different From B&W
Been reading a lot about how good these are lately.I've always loved the midrange that B&W speakers have,something about those Kevlar drivers just sounds

ProAc Studio 100 vs Proac 1SC vs Harbeth P3ESR
There are a million threads on here about Proac vs Harbeth, etc. but I will go ahead and start one more. I will be revamping my system over the next year or

Harbeth P3ESR SE vs 7ES2 w/ LFD
Hi everyone, When in doubt... ask the experts. I have an LFD LE Mk IV SE integrated amplifier and wish to upgrade my speakers from a P3ESR SE to the

Harbeth P3ESR vs Aerial 5B
I'm putting together a bedroom system with a wall-mounted flatscreen and three wall-mounted mini-monitors underneath it. I like sealed speakers for

Harbeth P3ESR vs Proac D1 with Peachtree iNova
I am looking to set up a nice compact system (computer-based). Based on the reviews I am at the moment almost decided on Peachtree iNova which seems an upgrade

Kef 201/2 or Harbeth P3ESR
Which is better - any comments or experiences, what would you select? Two fine smaller speakers!

subwoofer for Harbeth P3ESR
Question is basically would anyone consider using a sub with these compacts? Does it take away the mid range they are noted for or add more bottom end

Sloped baffle
all speakers than, say, GMA Chromas and Harbeth P3ESR's. "Leaky" plywood cabinet vs. synthetic stone cabinet. Metal dome tweet vs. cloth tweet. "

say the midrange is on par with my Harbeth 40.1, treble has a tad more leading edge bite than the best soft dome but its a really good top end that never gets

Why do Harbeth speakers have such a cult following
Let me start by saying I'm not here to bash Harbeth speakers.I have actually listened to 3 different pairs before I bought my current speakers.I thought they

Speaker suggestions at around 30k
Harbeth P3ESR and keep the $28,8K !!!!!!

Need suggestions on bookshelf speaker upgrades
Get yourself a pair of Harbeth P3ESR'S and it will be the last stand mount you will ever buy!

Monitors that compete with quality floorstanders
Harbeth P3ESR should fit the bill!

Smooth/Musical Bookshelves upto 1500 2000
Nice pair of Harbeth 7 ES-2 ( with stands ) on this site for $2K..Should work nicely for you.......

Best Bookshelf speaker 1300 00 budget
you are buying used the Spendor 3/5 or Harbeth P3ESR are great little speakers. I have owned both and they will not let you down.

Want to enhance my Audio system, need suggestions
ten feet from speakers. System1: Harbeth P3ESR + Exposure 2010S2 + Oppo dvd player (this system is used for good quality recorded material) System2: Tekton

Harbeth sound with high wife acceptance factor
I fell in love today with the Harbeth C7s. Unfortunately, my wife did not. She doesn't like speakers on stands, she doesn't like big speakers.

Recommended USB SPDIF converter for Metrum Octave
to SPDIF-Metrum Octave-Rogue Cronus-Harbeth P3ESR Aside from the obvious cost consideration favoring the JKSPDIF Mk III and Linux support favoring the

Afraid to buy new speakers
elf a speaker with a sealed woofer. The Harbeth P3ESR or Spendor 3/5r's are both excellent and can be placed anywhere. If you think you need a sub, mate them with a

Rivaling or Beyond the ESL 57 for Magical Midrange
low volumes. Thinking about trying Harbeth P3SERs and open to suggestions. In the meantime and until further notice the overall balance and midrange on my ATCs

"Best" bookshelf/monitor for low power amp
stuck. I'd love to do something like a Harbeth SHL5 or Focal 1007 Be, but I'm worried that they'll just be "okay" with such a low powered amp (they're

My System where to start on the upgrade path
amps. I was really impressed with the Harbeth speakers and I had never even heard of Harbeth. Here is a question that probably ought to have its own thread.

Integrated for Harbeth Small Room System
I am the new owner of Harbeth P3esr's. My room is 11x12 so picked these speakers because sealed cabinet and they fit and sound great in a small room. My

Best imaging and sounding bookshelf speaker
le driver Omega's image better than the Harbeth P3ESR and Kef LS50's that I've also had in my system. I've also got a little pair of Silverline Minuet's that

Possible Desktop Speakers
Harbeth P3esr will work well for what you're trying to accomplish. You can add a sub later if you feel you need one. Pair them with

Room Acoustics and Speaker interaction
I've been thinking about the little Harbeth P3esr which is a sealed box, but it is a lossy design though. Or possibly the Harbeth M30.1 which is front ported,

Small speakers big sound
I have a new pair of Harbeth P3esr's. Can't believe a) how smooth and natural they sound and b) how big they sound. They compare very nicely with my

Comparing the Pass Labs XA30 5 to the XA 30 8
from Mark at Reno Hi-Fi. With my Harbeth SHL-5ís placed in the center of the listening room, side by side, 2 inches apart and 6í from any walls, I connected the

Great speakers for a small room
Did you try the new Spender SA or Harbeth 7ES-3?

Which Harbeth Speakers
After a long search, I have decided to buy Harbeth speakers as well as the Luxman 505u and a Luxman dac or cd player. My room is about 12'by 20' wih 81/2

Silverline Minuet "Supreme"
Any idea how it might compare to Harbeth P3SER, or other well respected British designs? Thanks and hope to somehow also hear them

Speakers for a 12 x 13 room
like the Devore 3XL, Audio Note J, and Harbeth Compact 7's. I selected these speakers on sonics (I've heard all but the Harbeth's) but mainly because the specs

Speakers that can be placed close to the back wall
Harbeth P3ESR or Spendor 3/5. Had both and no problem. They are both sealed!

Which Harbeth
Based just on room size which Harbeth would work best, Compact 7's or P3esr's? Room is 18x11, 8 ft height. Moderate listening levels. Thank

Monitors For Near Field Low Volume Listening
Yes, also maybe a Harbeth? But they are pretty pricey and also hard to find used. I've also been thinking about Reference 3A, Silverline SR17,

Totem Sttaf
amplification? Have you considered the Harbeth P3esr? It's more expensive but it might suit your needs.

Speakers for EL34 amp: 1,500 2,000
Harbeth P3's will fit the bill!

Speaker recommendations for small space
t Proac Tablets or the Reponse 1sc, or Harbeth P3ESR, and a small sub like a used Rel Q201 or T series? Both the Proac and the Harbeth like tubes 60 watts being

Good speakers to be placed close to rear wall
Harbeth P3ESR!

Dynaudio, Harbeth, Penaudio or Sonus Faber
I would very much appreciate input on the following possible systems. My room is 12 by 20 by 8and 1/2. Though I listen to a wide range of music, I listen

Need speaker advice
GMA Rio, Reference 3A MM De Capo BE, Harbeth P3ESR). The challenge I'm facing in my selection, however, is the limitations of my listening area, which measures

Harbeth 30 1, odd USA pricing
I was wondering if anyone knew why the USA importer for Harbeth speakers Fidelis AV has the 30.1 model priced so high? Pricing in Cherry finish. U.K.

Good speakers for a small room
liar sound indeed, ET LFT16's, Spendor, Harbeth, and there have been mention of Mordaunt Short Carnival around $250 to $300 a pair. Thay have been getting rave

Non ported sealed cabinet speakers
e LS3/5A speakers, such as the littlest Harbeth.

Got the upgrade bug
I'm a big Harbeth fan - I have a pair of the P3ESR's - highly recommended!

Small room bookshelf speaker recommendations
Harbeth P3ESR is the most musical speaker I have owned. The Spendor 3/5r is a close second but the Harbeths are something special!

New speaker help Proac Spendor Harbeth Devore PMC
Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! I'm looking to purchase some new bookshelf size speakers. I want to get some newer ones and try to improve upon my 8

Harbeth P3 stands Skylan or Sound Anchor
What stands for Harbeth P3ESR? I need the stand sturdy and not easy to trip.I like Sound Anchor stands, but most Harberth folk chose Skylan over Sound Anchor.

help me "face the music"
small sealed box and have my eye on the Harbeth P3esr but is it a waste to use this speaker with files playing through itunes? (I hope this question isnít

on the desktop
and classical. I was thinking about Harbeth P3esr (maybe run with a Wyred4Sound mint or a Rega Brio), or the Kef Ls50 with the Arcam A19. I wonder if anyone has

Spendor SP 100/R2 and Harbeth 40 1 impressions
Where I am, it's difficult to audition these two flagship speakers side-by-side or at home, so opinions/impressions from anyone would be most welcome.

starting from scratch new system
Brio R, Rega Apollo R, Rega Rp1, with Harbeth P3esr -I am also intrigued by the KEF LS50. Is this too much speaker for the size of my room? Would it work well

Harbeth Speakers
I am downsizing my system from Audio Physic Virgos to Harbeth mini-monitors Could an enlightened audiophile please tell me the difference between the P3ESRand

Accurate human voice reproduction
IMHO, Harbeth SHL5 are magical for singing across the spectrum of genres but when I put on dialogue / NPR, I switch over to a set of

Close to wall monitors for Naim UnitiQute
Harbeth 3's, Totem Rainmakers, Rega RS1's.....

What should I buy for Dulcets/Harbeth
Looking to purchase one of these speakers as a pair for 2 channel listening. I would like a recommendation for Reference 3A Dulcets or maybe Harbeth P3esr. I

What stand mount monitors works w/ Pass XA 30 5
Harbeth Monitor 30s.

Can Harbeths Perform Well In Nearfield Listening
a relative in Boston who had the Harbeth Super SHL-5 speakers and loved them. However, these were auditioned in a significantly larger room than he has

Amp Suggestions for Harbeth C7es3
I have a pair of C7 pairing with Supernait. In my current room (8'x10' room with speakers placed against 10' side wall), the combination is a bit too expansive.

do monitors require a subwoofer
akers, BTW) to small monitors (probably Harbeth P3Esr) for aesthetic and flexibility purposes. As I test these little speakers out I am less inclined to get a sub,

Harbeth vs Proac
Can someone compare these for me. I have owned Harbeths, liked them, but sold them. Now of course I want them back. I have never heard Proac, and I am curious.

Harbeth HLP3ESR
Anyone heard these new baby harbeths ? how are they compared to the HLP3es2 ? Can these be driven harder than the previous model? Would appreciate some

Which is a better speakers choice
way to go? Sell the proac and get harbeth p3esr to be matched with the rega brio r OR sell the brio r and buy a leben cs300x to be paired with the proac? I

New Speakers To Buy
Harbeth P3ESR !

Speaker for nearfield listening
Harbeth P3ESR or Spendor 3/5r2 are two I would give a listen to! I have owned the Spendors and now have the Harbeths. The Spendors

B Limo,I have Harbeth P3ESR'S.My room is about 500sqft.I ordered one today,they have a 45 day in home trial with full refund if I don't like it,it'

Is anyone using Harbeth speakers with a sub woofer
I talked to a dealer today and he said the Compact-7 works good with subs. Does anyone has any personal experience with this.

Harbeth Compact 7 ES 2 used OR P3 ESR new
I can't decide which is best, both in terms of use and value. Concerning Use: The system will be setup in a small cubed room with less than ideal

J A Mitchell TecnoDec vs Clearaudio Emotion CMB
- Naim CD5i-2 - Pro-Ject Tube Box II - Harbeth P3ESR So, based on my requirements, which TT would you recommend and why?

Harbeth hl5 vs Dali Euphonia SM4
I would love to hear some comments and opinions regarding the Harbeth Hl5 speaker vs the Dali Euphonia SM4. I play mostly electronic music at low volumes (

Nearfield Upgrade
a fantastic trade-in deal on the Harbeth compact 7, which would be my dream choice--only it's so big compared to the Spendors. It's hard to see them as anything

Harbeth or Coincident
Hi All, I'm down sizing but want to keep the quality of my music. Room is small and not ideal but has to do. 4M x 4M. Presently Im looking at

Bookshelf speakers for a bedroom
I've been looking at speakers like the Harbeth P3ESR & the new LS3/5a . And most importantly I want to get a speaker that will match very well with my amp and the

Harbeth P3SER
This is a speaker I have been dying to try, but there is no convenient dealer near me to audition them. In the meantime, I notice that several pairs

Does the NAD 326 Bee Integrated amp run hot
I keep it well ventilated. It's driving Harbeth P3ESR's quite nicely.

Harbeth 7es3/HL5 or Usher Dancer Mini 2
Hi! I feel like I'm asking you all to help me kick the tires here, but as my speaker search extends and narrows, any feedback would be appreciated.

Most Engaging Monitor
mounted monitors. Narrowed it down to Harbeth P3ESR, Reference 3a Dulcet and Jean Marie Reynaud Twin. Looking for musical and engaging speakers that will pull me in

Rack for System and CD player recommendations
LE IV Signature integrated amplifier Harbeth P3ESR Speakers Musical Surroundings Phonomena II phono stage Rega RP6 Turntable Exact II Cartridge Cambridge Audio

Harbeth owners and fans
I am considering Harbeth speakers for my LR remodel. Their placement needs to be in openings/built in bookcases on each side of a fireplace. The areas are

Totem Rainmaker vs Dynaudio Excite 12 shelf spks
nd mine would be to find a used pair of Harbeth P3ESR's. Read John Atkinson's review on the Stereophile web site from August 12, 2010.

creek classic 5350se
I own a pair of harbeth p3esr and looking for a decent intergrated amp. How would the creek 5350se match up with the harbeths? Any input would be

speakers for Classical in v small room
initial shortlist are as follows: 1} Harbeth P3ESR ,( with possibly a small subwoofer/s) 2} the new Magnepan mini's with two of the accompanying bass panels or

Cary 300SEI w/Harbeth P3SR or Spendor SA 1
Yes, I know everyone says these great minimonitors need lots of juice! But my Cary drives my Spendor 1/2s in my well-damped small office (10 x 12 x 8) near-

Proac 50 Tablette vs Tablette 50 Sigs
e vocals, you might want to explore the Harbeth P3ESR. In my opinion this speaker excels in these types of music more than the Proacs. Of course, everybody hears

Naim XS speaker recommendations
Harbeth P3ESR, have that combo myself. About as good as monitors get. Spendors work well too. Lots of others within your price

NAD D3020 vs NuForce DDA 100
second system. It's driving a pair of Harbeth P3esr's. It does a decent job on them and is competitive with a Musical Fidelity M3 integrated I used to have. On

Music player vs server; Auraliti vs Sonore vs W4S
energy. I have two systems: one with Harbeth P3ESR and the other with Compact 7 speakers, both with tube amps and Lightspeed passive volume control. Plan to use

harbeth p3ers or dynaudio excite x12
I just purchased a simauduo 250i and I listen to a lot of Dianna krall and Nora Jones. I am to far away from a harbeth and dynaudio dealer so I can not

My Harbeth system
I finally got around to set-up my bedroom system, using stuff set aside and accumulated across many years.

Matching Speakers for NAD C326
but looking into spending big bucks for Harbeth P3ESR's. I listen to mostly indie rock but also some classical and big band. What are your opinions if

Plinius SS or Cayin SET
2. Plinius 9100 amp driving either the Harbeth P3ESR or compact 7's Thoughts please. I know I should audition but Australia is so backwards, no one carries these

Jumper plates vs bi wire
just auditioned the new Harbeth P3esr speakers against my LSA Statement 1 Monitors and although I was blown away by the mid range and overall sound I am

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